Top Five Disappointing Games

Over the years there have been many video games that for me have been rather disappointing to me for many different reasons. This could be the one that blogs that I will then end up making more parts since there are a lot of disappointing games that I haven’t played yet.


5: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: One of the weirdest things is I originally had this game on another list for games that I would like to see be remastered. However I finally got round to play this game after updating it and this is rather bad. I came into this game thinking since that you are playing as a clone of Star Killer and you got to break away and thought it may have been rather fun to see what happened after you break out. However that was the complete wrong assumption. All the missions are pretty much cut and paste and it seems to really lack any context of a story. When you break out of the cloning facility you end up on a planet looking for General Kota where you save him and start he asks you to come with the Rebels to come up with a plan to take out that facility but instead you complain about wanting to find Juno. This then leads you to Dagobah where you find Yoda in the most pointless scene in the entire game and it seems to be such a waste even on PS3. Right here they could have done a similar scene as in Empire Strikes Back when Luke battles with Vader but instead a bit of a boring segment where Star Killer witnesses a vision of something happening to Juno on a Rebel ship. You head to the Rebel ship and find out that the plan is in motion and Juno gets kidnapped by Boba Fett, unfortunately even he couldn’t save the game and is the only brief appearance that you see of him. In the end you have a fight with Vader and have the choice of either choosing to have Vader be taken in by the Rebels and arrested or to kill him, again. I went with the good ending and I felt rather disappointed by the outcome of the game and rather glad that I didn’t have to pay that much for a copy of the game. I do hope that there will be another Force Unleashed game that is in some continuity to the new films since that there are a lot of games nowadays that do have a lot of focus on how doing good and bad things can have a change on how the game will progress instead of having once choice in the end to make your choice.


4: LEGO Jurassic Park & Marvel Avengers: I am a big fan of the LEGO game series but ever since when Jurassic Park came out I started to lose faith in this side of the franchise. I do sometimes have a big problem when it came to these games when they came out and that was they were both just rips from the films that take place. With the Jurassic Park game the biggest problem for me was the fact that the audio transfer seemed to be one of the worst things that happened. The second thing that bothered me was that it seemed to be rather buggy when it came to activating some of the Red Brick bonuses where it wouldn’t show the location of certain items. My biggest problem however is with Marvel Avengers for the main fact could have easily made a sequel for Marvel Super Heroes instead of doing this. I don’t know if there were any legal issues that they had since the fact that one of there was a lot of missing characters but everything was the same from the first game especially the layout of the Helicarrier. What they could have done would to have done was a follow up with Thanos starting to conquer planets and you have the Inhumans requesting the help of the Avengers to help them with Thanos. With this we could have a rather similar design as what LEGO Batman 3 had where you could go to different planets. Hopefully they will be going back to the idea of using a creative story instead of movie re-dubs.


3: Watchdog: I waited a while to get this game and even though I watched a walkthrough before-hand and I thought it was still rather good. But when I started playing more of it, the game did seem to be rather of a lacklustre game. You take on the role of a hacker trying to find the person that killed your niece, in all honesty this does sound on paper and maybe even for a film a good premise however playing through it was more than a rather boring sequence of events. The game is sent in a open world environment, like the previous Assassins Creed series that they made and has the same set up where you have to go to towers and unlock sections of areas where you can see what challenges there are such as Gang Areas or VR challenges. This does rather take out a lot of the exploration of videogames which I am glad that I believe that they added in for the sequel that they are taking that out so the exploration is in for the game which hopefully would make it a lot better. Another problem that I had with the game was the fact that you would need to be connected to the internet to interact with other people to do challenges that need to be done as part of tutorial which if you have your console away from the internet then that means either not doing it or moving your console nearer to where it can connect or boosting your connection, either way it can be rather irritating. Another problem with this game is that it seems to be rather repetitive once you get a third of the way through the game. Basically it’s looking through security cameras for your target, hacking mini-games, using environments to help you and so forth and it does get boring after a while. Hopefully with the sequel coming out in soon they might make it more better since that this felt more like a late PS3 game even on PS4.


2: Elder Scroll Online: So I am going to keep this section rather short since that I already talked about this game last year when I did my review of it and man I wish it was a better game and I currently do have a better game than ESO currently and it is called Neverwinter. I started playing this when it came out and then around about late September I stopped playing it since that there were a lot of problems that it had such as really annoying issues. One of the main problems that I had with the game was that there were badly constructed dungeon areas. For instance one of the main quests that you had to do was going through a dungeon where you have to evade a dungeon filled with ghosts, which sounds rather easy right? The biggest problem is that it was a open dungeon and you have about eight or nine other people doing it at the same time. So every time that you ended up progressing, another person can easily screw you over to progress themselves then you have to start over again from the beginning. Then the counterpart to it is that there were a few campaign dungeons where when having a group is rather helpful since that there are a lot of rather annoying creatures that you can easily kill you especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Other than that it is a rather okay game but it since that it has been out for a year they may have fixed this but I’ll never know.


1: Star Wars Battlefront (2015): Like with ESO, I have already did a review for this but I still find this to be one of the most disappointing games that has came out in recent years especially from one of the biggest franchises in the world. When Battlefront came out I was rather hesitant about it since that it was mainly a MMO shooter game which I really don’t like playing that much. Plus also when the game was in production there was suppose to be a offline mode which they did add on, nine months later which did really annoy me since there the only one a few modes that you could do offline but that was mainly tutorial modes and weren’t that fun to do. Another problem that I had with this game was that there were a lot of problems and bugs that the game had that I and a lot of people that I played with also commented on. For instance one of the bugs that we found was the invincibility bug where if a person crashed in a fighter they could take no damage whatsoever even when EA said that they had fixed the bug it was clear that they hadn’t. Another problem was that when you went to load in to the game when coming on it would change your weapon to what the first weapon is in the game which is rather strange since there were times where it would stay the same. The main problem that a lot of people saw with this game was that of the ridiculous pricing for the season pass. In the UK the season pass was £39.99 the game was £49.99. A £10 difference between DLC and the actual game is a rather annoying thing to see for a gamer like myself and I think that season passes should be half the price of the game. With LEGO Batman 3 I paid around £12 for the season pass and I got six DLC packs with all new content and more characters and I found more enjoyment out of that then I did for Battlefront. Another problem that I have with the DLC that makes it disappointing is the fact that if you have the season pass you can have advantage over your friends who don’t have it since that they get a two week head start. I think that unless it has console advantage like C.O.D all the DLC should be kept to the same time slot nonetheless.

So that is what I have got for this list make sure to stay tuned for the next blog coming up where I am going to be covering my top five games that I want to see be remastered,

Is Star Wars: Battlefront A Disapointing Game?

The short answer to this is that yes this is a rather disappointing game at times.


The longer answer is that it has a lot of problems with it such as the fact that there was so much of a disappointment when it came out. There was no story mode for it when the game came out which annoyed a lot of people including my friends who were all big fans of the original game.

Another thing that really made me disappointed about the game was that it was all online play which made me hate one thing in particular. Getting into games can be a pain the ass to do. For me I have spent a long time ending up in games that I have ended up playing just with my friends all on one team, rather easy way to earn experience but not really fun, or when I decided to play solo I tend to end up in a match where I am the only one playing a game. Even though that there is an offline element to the game I do find it rather boring and more suitable as a tutorial for the different modes that the game has. I would have preferred if there was an offline mode where you can play the same games that are in the multiplayer such as Walker Assault or Supremacy since when there are times that players may have connection problems or server problems, which can be a big problem with EA, to have the ability to play matches with AI that can be adapted to certain difficulties to adapt to how players would like to play.

SWBHAnother thing that makes me rather disappointed is the rather lack of playable heroes that they have added to the game. Even though that this game does take place during the original movies arc. They could have added other characters to the game, even though they seem to be adding characters them through overpriced DLC content that they should have us really pay for. First you have Luke, Leia and Han Solo with Nien Nunb for the rebels and Vader, Palpatine and Boba Fett with Greedo up to the point that this has been wrote with two more characters to be added in June that I think seems disappointing when you look at it. In Battlefront 2 you had a lot more characters to have such as Obi Wan, Jango Fett, Mace Windu and even the main heroes you get to play as in this one. Also another thing that has disappointed me when it comes to characters is for one mode in particular and that is Fighter Squadron. You only have two heroes to pick as and that is the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. It does make me rather disappointed since they could then have had a chance, at least by now to bring in more hero vehicles to the games.MilFal For instance they could have added in Darth Vader’s TIE fighter into the mix for the villains and Luke’s X-Wing. Overall I do wish that there were more playable heroes that could be put in the future DLC content.

The next thing that I do find more annoying about the game now is the over powered that some of the traits can be in the game. But most noticeably with the introduction of the Outer Rim DLC and Hutt Contracts and that is the Berserker trait. Its main problems is that more and more people seem to be using that trait since that it gets helps you deal more and more damage for every level that gets increased which is a rather annoying thing since that they can pretty much do a one hit kill with the most garbage weapon in the game. It does rather piss off a lot of people especially when there are people that can’t really defend that much against it and my personal opinion I think that it needs to be nerfed.

The final thing that does make me think that this is a disappointing game is the DLC content that they are bringing it out and the fact that it is a ridiculous price that you have to pay for it. As it stands to date, the season pass for it, which gives you two weeks early play of the maps, is £39.99. In what world is that even a good price for a season pass? Yes with the addition that you do get the two weeks on people who don’t have the season pass, it does then make it more difficult to then actually play with friends who just want to buy the content separate since there are people who can’t afford to pay £50+ for a game than an additional £40 on top for a season pass. It is rather stupid that they would charge that much and give us rather sub-par experience.

Overall is Star Wars: Battlefront a disappointing game, for me it is. There are too many times in the game where I think that there could have been a lot of chances of improvement and there way too many bugs that they should have already been fixed by now. The content is way too expensive for the disappointment that is surely to follow. Plus the lack of a story mode and its main online exclusivity does make it seem more and more of a turn off for me as a fan of Star Wars. In all fairness I would have preferred it there was a Star Wars game for consoles that was like Knights of the Republic series where it’s more of a MMORPG then just an online shooter. But a guy can dream can’t he…