Top Ten Best Sequels That I’ve Seen

Continuing off from a list I did a few months ago of the worst sequels that I have seen, naturally there is going to be a list of the best sequels that I have seen.

10: The Purge: Anarchy: The Purge films aren’t good when you look at them, but the second film that they made I thought was a lot better than what the first film was. The films focus makes a lot more sense since that it takes place with viewpoints of different people on the day of the purge and how they survive the night, whereas the first film came off as more of a home invasion film. The view points for this is what makes it a good film since that in the end they all end up coming together through the film to act as a ragtag group trying to survive the night, except for one person. Leo Barnes, who is out there acting more as a vigilante and is also out to avenge the death of his son after the guy that killed him got off. The next part of the story gets rather interesting as the group is gathered by security forces that are gathering people in the street to be put into a theatre for the entertainment of upper class purgers who hunt them for sport. But then support appears in the form of the Anti-Purge group who manages to kill the purging team and Barnes uses this to leave and tries to get his vengeance, but that doesn’t happen as a Big Daddy shoots him but Big Daddy is then killed and Barnes manages to get rushed to hospital as he returns to the Purge in Election Day.

9: Friday the 13th Part 2: Set two months/ Five years after the events of the first film we get our introduction to one of the most recognisable horror icons, Jason Voorhees. The first introduction that we have of Jason is him getting his revenge on Alice who killed his mother, from the events of the first film. We then cut to the new batch of camp counsellors and we slowly get more information about the surrounding areas and what has happened, even with Crazy Ralph who warned them about Jason and he is also Jason’s second victim in the film. The next death comes to one of the sheriff who spots Jason and tries to follow him but instead discovers a shack that Jason lives in and he gets hammered. But then we get a good part of the film where we get to see what counsellors are going to be on the chopping block as the rest of them with Ginny and Ted head to a bar and then Jason starts his killing spree. Ginny and Paul return and find the place in disarray but then Jason attacks and Ginny is chased into the woods where she stumbles onto Jason’s shack where he tries to beat Jason psychologically but that ruse fails and Paul arrives for the save, but he gets overwhelmed. Jason goes to kill Paul bit Ginny stabs him in the shoulder ‘killing him’. They return to the cabin but an unmasked Jason appears out of nowhere and grabs Ginny for her to then wake up being loaded into ambulance and she calls out for Paul but there is no answer. I like this film since that I am a big fan of Jason and the way that they built up the kills seemed to be rather interesting.

8: Shrek 2: I think that there has always been the theory that a sequel is better than the first and third film and Shrek 2 is one of the reasons why. In this Shrek, Fiona and Donkey are invited to Far, Far Away after being invited by the King and Queen, Fiona’s parents, to meet Shrek since that they never went to their wedding. When they get there, the King seems to be rather displeased with what Shrek is since that he thought that he would have been at least human and not an ogre. This then leads the King to seek help from the Fairy-God Mother to woo Fiona and hires Puss in Boots to take care of Shrek. Shrek is convinced to take a potion that makes him turn into a human and the King manages to get Shrek imprisoned along with Donkey, who is now a horse, and Puss whilst Prince Charming is now posing as Shrek, but Fiona gets a feeling that something is off. But the most awesome part of the film is when Shrek and co gets broken out of prison and they construct a giant gingerbread man to help them storm the castle. In the end, Fiona manages to find out the truth and manages to hold off Charming, however when Fairy-God Mother shoots a spell aimed for Shrek but the King jumps in the way and take the shot turning him into a frog, God Mother then gets hit with a spell and disappears. It is a nice ending for the film since that the King realises that it isn’t looks and wealth that make the man but how much he loves her.

7: The Naked Gun 33 1/3: I love the Naked Gun franchise and this is one of my favourite instalments from the franchise since that it was also the last film. The film is based around Frank Drebin who is now retired from Police Squad but he feels now that unhappy now that he can’t take on criminals, legally, anymore. But his wife Jane tries to push him into having a child but Frank keeps putting it off and is then interrupted by Captain Hocken and Nordberg when they ask him to help with their investigation. Drebin agrees to help them as he goes undercover to gain the trust of Rocco Dillon, who plans to blow up something in the film and the first part of the mission ends up being a total fluke. But Jane becomes frustrated with Frank and leaves him where as Frank is placed in jail to help Rocco break out of jail. They manage to break out of jail and they are introduced to Rocco’s mother but Frank must wait a while to learn the plans of what they have planned. Meanwhile Jane goes on a road trip with a girlfriend and she realises that she misses Frank. Rocco then reveals the plan to Frank that they are going to attack the bomb is set to go off at that year’s Academy Awards for Best Picture. Frank and Jane reunite at the awards and they try to find the bomb but it was too late and Rocco and his mother recognise what happens and they kidnap Jane but he manages to save them with a lot of classic Police Squad hijinks including Nordberg assembling a helicopter. They manage to stop the bomb from going off and arrest Rocco and to top the cake, Frank and Jane have a kid. I like this since that it is a pretty stupid film and I love it.   

6: The Dark Knight: The second film in the Dark Knight trilogy sees the Batman face off against The Joker. In this film, we start out with a group of clowns robbing a bank where we find out that the lead clown is in fact The Joker who has been stealing mob money. This then leads Harvey Dent, Gordon and Batman to form an alliance to get rid of organised crime and it manages to work until the remaining gangs align themselves with The Joker and he starts his plan. Dent manages to arrest the mob and Batman goes and drags Lau back from Hong Kong to stand trial, but The Joker starts his threats to kill people unless Batman reveals who he is. He starts his killing by killing Commissioner Lobe, the judge presiding over the mob trial and tries to kill Mayor Garcia at a ceremony but Gordon takes the bullet for him ‘dying’ in the process and Dent finds out that Rachel is the next target. Bruce decides to reveal that he is Batman but Dent reveals that he is Batman and gets put into protective custody and transported where Joker attacks but Batman makes the save. Gordon, who is alive, manages to arrest Joker and interrogates them to find out that he has both Dent and Rachel and bombs are set to explode. Batman gets the location of one of them who he thinks is Rachel but it turns out that he has been sent to Dent’s location where the bombs go off and Dent gets disfigured and Joker manages to escape from jail with Lau but then kills him. Joker manages to convince Dent to seek vengeance and blows up a hospital killing hostages. Batman manage to find Joker and has him arrested but Joker says that with Dent’s rampage going on so Batman and Gordon go there to try and talk sense into Dent, but he isn’t listening to them. So, Dent shoots Batman but Batman knocks him off a building apparently killing him and Batman tells Gordon to make sure that Dent’s memories are kept intact and that he was the one behind the killing spree. I like this film since that the story was intriguing and that it seemed something that The Joker would do, destroying buildings and holding people hostage with insane deals.

5: Ghostbusters 2: I think that Ghostbuster 2 is a more interesting film than what the first film was. In this we get a more complex villain that Gozer since that we get to see what Vigo wants. The story for it is also interesting being set years after the events of the first film and that a lot has changed since that the Ghostbusters have been forced out of business with them starting new lines of work. But the team are reunited when Dana comes to Egon and Ray to help her and then this manages to drag Peter in as well where he starts to have a connection Dana’s child. They team then find that where the baby carriage went off the rails, Ray discovers a river of pink slime in where they manage to get a sample of it and Ray also accidently causes a city-wide blackout. The team gets arrested and put on trial for what they are doing and just as they are getting taken away, two ghosts get released after reacting to the outburst of the judge, the Ghostbusters manage to capture the ghosts and the charges get dropped. Later in the film Dana’s child gets kidnapped by her boss and the team go to take him down, by using the Statue of Liberty and the slime being positively charged to break into the museum. They manage to beat Vigo but he does try to possess Ray but the team blast him and they manage not only to save Ray but they also changed the portrait of Vigo into that of an image of the group protecting Oscar, Dana’s child. I like this above the first since the villain has purpose and I find the jokes and character development to better.

4: Aliens: I’ve went on a lot about why I like this film and I am going to keep this one more on the short side. I like this since that it is set years after the events of the first film and the main development of the film is about Ripley trying to become the surrogate parent to Newt since that during the beginning of the film she finds out that her daughter is dead, due to the passage of time, and it’s to fill the void that she couldn’t have done with her own. I also find the Space Marines getting killed by the aliens to be rather fun since they are going in blind. 

3: Star Wars Ep 5: The Empire Strike Back: Out of all the Star Wars films this is my favourite since that it had a good opening battle scene with the Empire assaulting the Rebel forces of Hoth with them bringing out their latest weapons the AT-AT Walkers and manage to force the Rebels to flee. This then sets up the rest of the film with Luke going off to seek Master Yoda after getting a vision from Obi Wan Kenobi to get trained. But not all things are going good since Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C3PO are trying to escape from the Empire but their hyperdrive system malfunctions so that they had to hideout in an asteroid field where Han and Leia grow closer together. On Dagobah, Luke manages to find Yoda and he starts to train him. Over with Han’s group they head to Cloud City where we are introduced to Lando Calrissian who has the tech to help repair the hyperdrive, however this turns out to be a set-up with Lando being aligned with the Empire and handing them over to Vader. Whilst training, Luke gets a vision of Han and Leia in pain and against Yoda’s wishes he heads to Cloud City. This then leads to three things, the first was Vader freezing Han in carbonite and gives him to a bounty hunter, Boba Fett, who plans to give him to Jabba. Second Lando turns on the Empire and rescues Leia and Chewie since Vader changed his mind on keeping the prisoners. Third, we had the first proper showdown with Luke and Vader and it was a nicely built up fight, for the time, and then the reveal at the end was one of the most historic in the franchise with Vader revealing himself to be Luke’s father. The film ends on a sad note with the Empire being on the upper hand and the Rebels retreating.

2: Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Out of the majority of the films that have come out of the Marvel Universe there have been only a few of the sequel films that have actually been good and for me Winter Soldier is one of my favourite sequels and films in this franchise. The film takes place after the events of Avengers with Captain America working for SHIELD and starts with a scene with Rogers and a STRIKE team rescuing hostages aboard a boat where he discovers Black Widow on a mission for Fury where Rogers confronts Fury and he gets read in to a secret SHIELD project called Project Insight. But the project seems have a lot of controversy since that Project Insight is three Helicarriers being linked together with spy satellites to take down threats, but since that SHIELD works for the government that means that they would tell SHIELD who their enemies were, which displeases Rogers. Fury then goes to one of the SHIELD officials, Alexander Pierce. We then find Fury being attacked by the titular Winter Soldier and is presumed dead when he gets to Rogers apartment and gives him a flash drive. Pierce confronts Rogers about any information Fury had gave him but he remains that he knows nothing and Pierce brands him as a fugitive and has STRIKE set out to get him. This then leads Rogers and Widow as fugitives against SHIELD to a secret bunker where they discover Arnim Zola who informs them that there have been HYRDA operators in within SHIELD and different governments wanting to take over the world. Later in the film we see Rogers and the Winter Soldiers first fight and Rogers then finds out something rather chilling and that is he know who the Winter Soldier is, being his best friend Bucky who died in The First Avenger. Rogers, Widow, Falcon, Hill and Fury, who faked his death come up with a plan to take down Pierce comes into action with them each going after a different Helicarrier and taking their systems down one at a time. But in the end, it comes down to round two between Rogers and Bucky but Rogers doesn’t want to fight and tries to talk it over but the Helicarrier that they are on starts crashing into the Triskelion and Rogers is thrown out, but Bucky manages to rescue him and disappear leading on to Rogers and Falcon to find him, in the next film. I love this films since that it was different to previous films for Marvel, with it coming off more political and dramatic.

1: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan: This is one of my favourite Star Trek films of all time since that it was one of the most dramatic films of the series as well as being linked into the show. Set after the events of the Motion Picture, Kirk gets promoted to Admiral and oversees the Kobayashi Maru and wishes to be back in command. Later that day McCoy joins Kirk on his birthday when he advises him to get a new command and not be stick behind a desk. Meanwhile on the USS Reliant, they are looking for a planet to test on with a device called the Genesis Device, something that is designed to reorganise matter to create habitable worlds to colonise. Chekov and Captain Terrell head onto Ceti Alpha VI but they are then confronted by Khan Noonien Singh, who was marooned on this planet by Cpt Kirk fifteen years ago and ever since then he has been plotting his revenge with his other supermen and the first stage is implanting small creatures into mind controlled slaves Khan then finds out about Genesis where he then attacks Regular I where the device is being developed by Kirk’s ex-lover and her son David, who is also Kirk’s. Kirk receives a distress call from the space station and takes command of the Enterprise but on route they are attacked and crippled by the Reliant leading to death and injuries of the trainees and Khan reveals himself to Kirk. Khan gives Kirk an ultimatum where he will let them live if they give hive all information on Genesis but Kirk uses this to remotely lower the shields of the Reliant and manage to get off a counter-attack. Kirk, McCoy and Saavik beam down to the station and find Chekov and Terrell, but Khan tells them to kill the team but they able to stop themselves but Terrell died in the process. Khan teleports the Genesis device onto the Reliant and manages to have Kirk trapped on the planet below, with Khan delivering his Shakespearian line and Kirk shouting KHAN. They manage to get off the planet and onto the Enterprise where they lure the Reliant into a nearby Nebula and they have a fight where Khan gets mortally wounded and he activates the Genesis device and tries to kill Kirk and the Enterprise in the process. But there is a problem and that the ships warp drive in which Spock sacrifices himself for the crew and restores the power. The explosion of Genesis creates a planet and we see that after Spock’s funeral his pod lands on the Genesis Planet. I love this film since that Khan is a brilliant villain for the film and the way that Ricardo Montalban comes off is so amazing and chilling that I was rooting for him in the film.


Top 5 Films 3-2

So here we go with the second part of the list and where I did have some problems deciding what to put down but here’s the next batch.


3: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods:

I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid but for a long time I just fell out of the loop for long time. But for the past few years I have been getting back in and reliving some really good shows and film and the first new Dragon Ball Z film, which got adapted into the first part of Dragon Ball Super.

The first film introduces a few new characters to the series. One being a God of Destruction called Beerus and the other called Whis who is a person that is Beerus teacher where it is revealed later in the film that Whis is actually stronger than Beerus. Whis informs Beerus that Freeza has been defeated by a Super Saiyan and Beerus recalls that he stated 35 (possibly 39) years ago that he would in fact meet a Super Saiyan God, Whis finds out that a Saiyan is currently on North Kai’s planet and they travel to it. On North Kai’s planet Goku is training when King Kai tells him to go inside since that he can somehow sense Beerus approaching. Beerus is wondering why King Kai hasn’t introduced Goku and then Goku challenges him to a quick spar where Goku shows Beerus all of his different Super Saiyan forms and they begin fighting and Beerus pretty much owns Goku knocking him out of SSJ3, which was the form that he used to take out Majin Buu.

Meanwhile of Earth Bulma is celebrating her birthday along with the different alums from the show. Vegeta is then contacted by King Kai warning him that Beerus is coming and that he was able to take out Goku in SSJ3. In addition to this Pilaf, Mai and Shu have sneaked into the party looking for the Dragon Balls but Trunks walks in on them. He then calls over Goten where Pilaf and co think that it is actually Goku. They escape taking one Dragon Ball, and when Yamcha realises that there are only six and Mai holds Trunks hostage with a gun. Gohan turns into Saiyan-Man and asks Mai to shoot him but then two bullets then hit Videl, Gohan’s wife (I think from this version) and also Beerus. Dende heals Videl’s wound and notices something about her that she wants to keep secret. Beerus does get annoyed by this but then Vegeta manages to calm him down. But when Beerus wants to try some pudding Buu doesn’t share any with him and starts fighting with pretty much everyone there. They all try to do their best but are no match, even Trunks and Goten fusing into Gotenks wasn’t any good. Bulma confronts Beerus yelling at him for disrupting her party and then slaps Beerus and the Beerus slaps her back causing Vegeta to be in a fit of rage, possibly out powering Goku, but he didn’t stand up to Beerus but lasted longer than the others. Goku then appears causing Beerus to stop his rampage and asks Bulma if he can use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenlong to find out about a Super Saiyan God, where in the images that they were showing showed SSJ4 the form used in Dragon Ball GT, and Shenlong said that five Saiyans of pure heart can transfer their power to become a God.

They try this for the first time with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Goten but he was only to gain more strength and had no form change. Piccolo points out that they understood it wrong where they actually needed six Saiyans with the sixth being given the power. Videl then reveals something that was brought up quickly before and that is she is pregnant with Gohan’s child, and that means that the child she is carrying is one quarter Saiyan. They retry the ritual and this time it works with a blue aura essence coming from each person and Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God. Goku tells that he is ready to fight Beerus and they start fighting. The most interesting thing to come from this is something that I have never noticed that much from Goku and that he seems really disappointed with himself for not being able to reach this form on his own and that he needed others to help him. I expected this more from Vegeta than I did Goku and it did make me think more about Goku’s character. But then after about 10 minutes of fighting and the God form drops reducing Goku to a Super Saiyan form where he manages to actually keep up rather well. They then head out into space where Goku realises that he has dropped God form Beerus then unleashed a destruction blast that Goku tries to block but he starts to become weaker. He then has visions that he has a lot of people counting on him and then manages to access God form and manages to destroy the blast. Beerus gets Goku to admit that he is defeated and then reveals that Goku was the second strongest person that he has ever faced noting that Whis is stronger than him and is also is Beerus teacher. When they get back on to Earth Beerus goes ahead with the destruction by blowing up a small rock and they leave.

Bulma’s party continues on and discover that Goku was on Earth when Bulma got slapped. Meanwhile back on Beerus planet he reveals that he was only facing Goku with 70% and then the film pretty much ends there.

It is a really good film and it is a definite recommendation to people who like watching Dragon Ball Z back in the day. Also with the current animation design all the characters look pretty much amazing. I am on the other hand looking forward to when Dragon Ball Super gets an English dub from FUNimation since that there is going to be more content for it.

 2: Aliens:

This is a good case of when a sequel can be better than the original and all in some of the best ways I freaking love watching Aliens. It’s a strong sequel and it was the total opposite of what the original Alien film was but still kept a lot as well from it.

So the film takes place pretty much as how Alien had ended with Ripley being rescued after being drifting through space for what turned out later to be 57 years. She then gets debriefed by Weyland-Yutani Corporation over what had happened with the ship she was on in Alien, where they were all sceptical that a ‘Alien’ had killed the crew can she was forced to destroy the ship. Meanwhile on LV-426 the Alien eggs are then found by the people that are terraforming the planet then loose communication with them afterwards. With this a W-Y representative Carter Burke and a Colonial Marine Lieutenant Gorman asks Ripley to return to the planet with them but she refuse but then starts having nightmares about the ‘Alien’ and then accompanies them to the planet, only for them to go and destroy the ‘Aliens’ and not return them two earth. When they arrive on the planet they discover makeshift barricades and signs of a struggle, but there were no bodies. In a lab that they have set up it is discovered that they have two face-huggers in containment tanks and discover a survivor called Newt. The crew uses the computers and finds out that the colonists are located beneath the Fusion Powered atmosphere processing station where they then discover Alien secretions all over the walls. They discovered the whereabouts of the colonists and they are cocooned, what turns out to be incubating hosts for the Aliens offspring. When the Marines killed one of the offspring the other Aliens that were around ambushed and either killed and captured several of the Marines. Ripley takes over the vehicle that dropped them in, which looks like a really large version of the Batmobile from The Dark Knight Returns, where they manage to save three of the marines. Hicks calls in the drop ship for them to evacuate them, yet a Alien that stowaways and kills the pilots. The survivors then all barricade themselves in the colony.

Ripley then discovers that Burke had deliberately sent the colonists to the planet where the ship had been to harvest the eggs and use them for biological weapons and become wealthy. But then Bishop intervenes and informs them that the power plant was damaged during the battle and it will soon detonate with a force of a 40 megaton thermonuclear device. He then goes on to volunteer himself to go through the piping conduits so that he can remote pilot the final drop ship from the Sulaco. Meanwhile Ripley and Newt fell asleep in the medical lab where they find themselves locked in the room with the two face-huggers that were in containment, Ripley raises a fire alarm where the Marines broke them out and Ripley accuses Burke straight away. He admits his back-up plan that he had in mind that being having the Aliens impregnate Ripley and Newt and getting them past Earths quarantine and then killing the Marines in hyper sleep so that no one can contradict them. Before the Marines can kill Burke the electricity is cut and then the Aliens then make another attack this time killing three more of the Marines and capturing Newt. Ripley and an injured Hicks manage to make their way back to the second dropship but Ripley refuses to leave since she wants to get Newt back. She equips herself with the film’s most infamous weapon, the flamethrower and rescues Newt, where they discover something rather shocking, an Alien Queen in the Egg Chamber. Ripley and Newt manage to get back to the dropship and reach a safe distance and see the colony being enveloped in a nuclear blast.

On the Sulaco the group feels relived that they survived this only for the Queen to make an appearance and tears Bishop in two. The Queen tries and goes after Newt but Ripley manages to stop her in an Exosuit and expels the Queen into space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop into hypersleep and the film ends there.

This, again, is one of the best sequels that I have ever seen from any franchise may that be Star Wars, Marvel, DC and so forth. The connection between Ripley and Newt is so well done since the fact that when Ripley had returned to Earth 57 years had passed and by that she had missed the chance to see her daughter grow up and seeing Ripley go all the way through a Alien infested compound to go rescue a kid that she has know for only a few hours to have a second chance at motherhood. I on the other hand was really devastated what they had then done for the sequel to this and just ruined the whole motive for Ripley for the film and that was killing off Newt, I was so disappointed and I hope that with the Prometheus 2/ Alien Covenant that will be coming out in the next few years will rectify this.

Top Ten Horror Movie Icons

As many people who either know me or have read a number of my posts here I love watching horror films and I really don’t know why I do like them. Maybe it is for the story of them or maybe I need to get a good fright once in a while. But for this post I am going to count down my personal Top Ten Horror Movie Icons.

10: Jigsaw: For me I was never that much fan of the Saw franchise, mainly because it seemed like the same shtick in every film where there would be people that would get kidnapped and put into a death match to see who wanted more to live. Jigsaw was a pretty good villain for the series since the fact that through the films we get more of a story built up that makes his decisions that he does seem more plausible. I would go into more detail with Jigsaw, but I have only seen a couple of films and not that many to give that much detail.

9: Pennywise the Clown: The main villain in the series of It, Pennywise the Clown was the nightmare of both the book and the mini-series from the mind of author Stephen King. For some reason a lot of people that I know when I’ve talked about horror films that scared them was always Pennywise the Clown. I never knew at that time what It was until a few years ago and I got to say I have no idea why it seemed to be rather a scary film. The character of Pennywise the Clown was clown that used his persuasive abilities to kidnap and kill children to keep his powers going. This then leads to a group of children to then team up and defeat Pennywise in his clown form leading them to think that they have killed the evil entity, but this then leads to years later to them finding out that It has returned and they go back to the cave where they had killed him decades ago they then find out that Pennywise was still alive and then transforms into a giant spider. I think that it is a rather genius concept for a villain since that it combines two different fears that people have and that was clowns and spiders. Other than that I think that the mini-series seemed to just drag and had a repetitive tone to it with a present day scene and then a flashback. Hopefully the new film that is being made, or is currently in production, will do a better story telling device than this.

8: Zombies: For the horror genre, zombies are a large part of the horror series with many different version of the film ranging from the George A. Romero series where zombies were more slow and seemed more creepier and was really good for the times that it had came out then we have other films such as 28 Days Later and World War Z where they end up being the total difference towards the classic version since these one’s seemed to be more faster and seemed to be more of a threat to people since they were faster and able to get more people. But the first film that I ever watched that had zombies in them was actually an animated film and that was Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. This was one of the very first actual Scooby Doo movie series and was one of the first movies that made me scared as a kid, but I always liked watching it. But in the current past years I have been really enjoying The Walking Dead and I really like the story for it so far as well as the explanation of why people turn into zombies is that ‘Everyone is Infected’ so it doesn’t matter that if you get bit by a zombie or die from natural causes you end up getting turned into a zombie. So far I don’t know if there is any explanation in the spin off series to Fear The Walking Dead if there is an excuse to how the infections actually started.

7: Aliens: Aliens are one of the most divergent icons in the horror universe. Mainly for the fact that there are all different designs and features that aliens can have but for this I am going to focus mainly on one species of alien and that is the popular franchise started by Ridley Scott and that is called Alien, With this the Alien they come from eggs that are dispatched through a Queen and for the majority the way that the aliens evolve is through the bonding themselves through another person such as a human or even in on instance a dog by using Face-Huggers that have smaller eggs inside of them and then send them into the target. After a few hours or so the target is then subjected to a creature exploding from their chest leading to a small version of the Alien to hatch out and then starts to grow larger. The main thing that I really like about these Aliens is that they are actually smarter than we lead them on to be since in Alien Resurrection they were able to escape from a containment cage where they were being studied to take out one of their own to make their escape since their blood is highly acidic to melt through metal.

6: Werewolves: I remember the first time that I watched An American Werewolf in London and it was one of the first times that I enjoyed watching the Lycanthropic species. The film was a great thing to watch and seeing the transformation of the character into the werewolf was an amazing thing to see since that it looked like it was done with special effects and not a obviously computer generated mess. But over the past few years there hasn’t seemed to be that many decent films that do use werewolves and some use werewolves, but they just seem to be badly done as in some sort of B-movie way. I do hope that there is going to be some sort of resurgence in the classic Universal monster movies because I think that it is a really good trend that the studio can get back into because it would be a good money maker.

5: Demons/ Ghosts/ Spirits: Ever since The Blair Witch Project was released there have been many more films that have more and more to do the evil spirits and spawned this sort of PG-13 horror genre that has spawned many different films including the Paranormal Activity and Insidious series that have made them popular. For most of these sorts of film it seems like that it seems to be the same shtick over and over again and one of the main problems that I have with these sorts is with the B-Movie films which really just seem to use reused plots but also seem to be a rather big homage to paranormal television shows such as Ghost Adventures. Though I do like most of the films that actually do have at least real paranormal and actual recorded demons such as Zozo and Mama. Hopefully over the next few years there will be less of these films since there seems to be way too many of these films.

4: Dracula: From Christopher Lee to Luke Evans or Leslie Neilson to Adam Sandler there have been a mass amount of different people that have played Count Dracula, with people preferring more of the classics than to the regular. For me I have been rather used to all the different Draculas and I like them all for their differences. For instance with Luke Evans portrayal in Dracula Untold is that we see a more realistic version of the man that Dracula was based upon. He was a ruler and a warrior and would try and do the best for his people. Yet in Hotel Transylvania the version of Dracula in this is really totally different to version that we have seen in the past. Played by Adam Sandler, this Dracula has created a hotel for monsters to get away from humans who they still all believe are evil and want to kill them. This leads Dracula to raise his daughter Mavis that he thinks that she would be safer in the hotel than venturing out into the world exploring. This then leads Dracula to learn that a human called Johnny, who has managed to find his way to the hotel. Dracula tries his best to try and sneak Johnny out of the hotel trying to avoid him making contact with people but that manages to blow up in his face at the end where Johnny and Mavis fall for each other until everyone finds out that Johnny is a human and says that he didn’t love Mavis. This then leads Dracula to the realisation that maybe not all humans are that bad and ventures out with his friends to go and find Johnny to bring him back to the hotel and that he can be with Mavis, even up to the point where Dracula even nearly kills himself by flying in is bat mode to the plane to apologize to Johnny. So this does show a lot of contrast to between Dracula’s, some can be evil creatures on the hunt for fresh blood or some just want what is right for their believes and resolving that the right way is not much the correct way.

3: Michael Myers: When you think of Halloween for me there are a few words that come to mind and two are Michael Myers. So far there have been two incarnations of Michael Myers and both have a different take on him. The first is the original John Carpenter’s Halloween where Michael Myers killed his sister on Halloween and then was put into a institution and then gets free and manages to get all the way back to his home in time to find his younger sister and try to kill her to. Then you have the mid 2000 remake by Rob Zombie, which I actually do prefer since it has a rather more given back story that you see been developed over a 30 or so minute period where we see what his upbringing was like, what his parents were like and what his life was like before he put on the mask for the first time. This was something that was majorly missing for me in the Carpenters film, it was only exposited through Doctor Loomis on what happened to it but with Zombie’s version you got something different and what I thought was a better version. But as a villain Michael Myers seems to be really methodical and patient a lot of the times, until you get so far into the series and it just seems really pointless of a series.

2: Jason Vorhees: At least once every year you will find that there will always be a Friday the 13th and I always on that day decide to marathon the series the best I can and I always like watching them. I’ve seen every film from this series and most of them didn’t seem like that they are even necessary for instance the general plot of Friday the 13th was a basic revenge film with, in the original film, Jason’s mother was killing camp counsellors since that she blames them for killing Jason when he was a kid for him to then appear in the end to then set up the sequel where Jason repeats the same on what his mother did and was to kill the counsellors for murdering his mother then technically it should have really ended there but no instead it went on for another eight more sequels where even one film being not even actually focused around Jason. I think that one of the things that I do really like about Jason is that he is a focused killer and is has been able to make a lot of unique and rather cool kills as well as being put through a lot of really cool deaths. One of my favourite kills that Jason has made was in part 8 where one of the teenagers on a trip to New York on a boat goes down to the engine room and kills her with a guitar. Jason for me was always rather a good villain and I hope that in the new game and film that are going to be coming out in the next couple of years are going to be good.

1: Freddy Kruger: This spot was actually going to be the spot for Jason, but I then got into some realisation after a few days of watching films and that was that Freddy was a better villain. Freddy is a better because one he can only be confronted in the dream world which means that he has an easier time to go and kill people. But then through the third, fourth and fifth film they decided to have their characters evolved to learn more how to defend their dreams from Freddy and he always manages to get around them and manages to increase his kill count. But there is only so much that Freddy can do to continue his killings since apparently being able to forget Freddy is easily enough to weaken his powers and then this is why I also like Freddy v Jason and that he was able to trick Jason into going to Freddy’s home and killing people there and making them remember who Freddy Krueger was reigniting himself and becoming a villain. Also by exploiting somebody to do something makes me think that there is a lot more to Freddy than meets the eye and that makes me think that he is a better villain than Jason.