A Small Family Business

It’s not often that I got to see plays or small productions but I was given the chance to see one of my friends in a production called A Small Family Business.


I thought that the story for it was rather interesting. It’s about a businessman called Jack McCraken who has started a new job working in his step-fathers company. He then stumbles on finding out that his company has had their products being shipped off and then rebranded putting them out of money, so he gets in contact with a private investigator, Benedict Hough, to find out who is behind it and he manages to get more information on the company’s entire operation. He and his family try to decide to bribe him but it turns out its more than they all thought. In the end though it did seem to be rather rushed with Hough trying to take the money from Poppy, but he is then killed off by Sammy in defence of her mother.

The acting from the cast was rather mixed. To get over the bad first I thought that the actresses playing Tina and Harriet seemed to be the most weaker of the cast. There were sometimes where I thought that Tina didn’t seem to project herself as much as the rest of the cast, and I thought that Harriet seemed to be slightly flustered with her lines. Next, we have Des who I thought had more of the sadder story for the production since that all he wants to do is cook and leave his wife, Harriet, to live his dream since that she really doesn’t like him. Cliff and Anita were a good couple in the show since that it turns out that they have a pretty open marriage. But out of the two of them Anita seems to be the more interesting one since that she is been linked with Rivetti Brothers, who she has been having affairs with and also revealing some kinks as well. Benedict seemed to be the one that seemed to be play off being a villain rather well and when he gets killed off in the end it seemed to be rather pleasing form the cast and the audience. The Rivetti brothers were alright with all of them having different personalities and all played by the same actor. Poppy was good in the show as she seemed to be more of the common ground that she wants to provide the best for her family.  But the best about this production were two characters, the first is Roy who seemed to be the more bumbling comedic character and the actor did an amazing job at the role. But the best was Jack who pretty much stole the show. For me he reminded me a lot of Rik Mayall, in the way that he looked, the way that he carried himself in scenes and more importantly the way that he put over his dialogue. It was a really good performance and could see the actor becoming rather popular in the future.

Overall I found this to be rather a new experience and it makes me want to experience more productions and I hope to see more this year.