My 2017

Looking back to 2016 I always found this to be one of my more of my rockier years, but 2017 I think must be one of my better years.

The first thing is that after what felt like a dozen of attempts I have finally got a job and I do enjoy working there as well as the people that I do work with. It has been a fun 9 months and I look forward to seeing what the year brings me there.

This year will also be a rather big milestone for the site since that it will be the sixth(?) year that I have been blogging and I have a lot on my plate for the rest of 2016 with a lot of theme months coming, with the first theme month coming in June in which I will be doing some comic book reviews of the Netflix Marvel-Verse characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I may do a Heroes for Hire comic for Cage and Iron Fist, that depends on when Netflix release the Iron Fist series and I might do a Good/Bad review on all four shows.

I also am considering on making a return to something that I changed in my previous years and that is bringing back predictions for WWE PPV’S. A while ago I found them to be a lot of a chore since that it meant keeping up a lot with stories and see where that would have taken me. Sometimes it paid off but there were times where I felt that a lot of it was wasted, but I have a new take on wrestling again and this year I will be doing a predictions blog for each PPV for each brand and Big 5 events.

Another big thing that has happened this year has been the abundance of films that have came out and I got to say there have been a lot of good, a lot of bad, but there have been a lot of mixed bag. But I think that the same is going to the same about this year. We have a lot of sequels, a lot more superhero movies and I get the feeling that when it is going to comes to the superhero movies for this year I’m not going to go into them with a good state of mine since that a lot of them are going to be repeating a lot of the same things over and over again and I’m not looking forward to them. I am looking forward to other films this year, but there will be a list for that coming in the following week.

Hopefully this year I will be able to achieve more and be able to do more than what I did this year.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Mini Comic

Last year I decided to finally go and play Star Wars The Forced Unleased 2 since that I had played the first game (on the PS2) and I was in a slight Star Wars kick. But since that I got it second had I was rather surprised to find that the game came with a micro comic book. So since that I was rather disappointed by the game is the comic that came with it any good?

The cover for the comic is pretty boring since that all we have is a picture of Starkiller posing with two lightsabres with force lightning enveloping his arms and across his body and that is pretty much we see of him since that he is not in the majority of the character. The rest of the story is from the point of Boba Fett.

The issue opens up with Boba Fett and Zasha arriving at Cato Neimoidia, where Fett fills her in on their mission. Their target is Starkiller and that all that he knows is that he is a strong force user and Zasha asks how strong. Fett points out how strong he is when they see the smoke from the ruins if Tarko-se, they head to the ruins and start searching.

On the ground they see that there are dozens of dead Stormtroopers and Zasha wants to take some of the gear for the black market but Fett tells her not to. Fett then notices that there is something else out there and we see the giant corpse of the Gorog, which is one of the bosses you get to fight in the game, and Zasha says that whoever killed this is out of their league but Fett says nothing is out of his league. Zasha asks Fett on what he thinks that Starkiller is after suggesting that he might be doing it for revenge or an imperial weapon but Fett says he’s looking for his woman, Juno, but then Fett starts picking up something on a scanner where the Gorog awakens.

They both try to get out of the way of the creature and Fett uses his scope to find a weak spot for the creature and notices that it has two hearts. The Gorog knock Fett out of the sky and manages to stand back up and fires a rocket right back at it and then punches a hole right through it, like Goku against King Piccolo, and kills it. Zasha tells Fett that this is the end of the road for her and asks Fett to go with her. But he declines saying that he took the job and Zasha asks him to make sure that the job doesn’t take him.

Meanwhile at Kamino where we see Darth Vader looking at the hologram of the confrontation between him and Starkiller. Starkiller asks what is happening to him with Vader saying that the accelerated cloning process is imperfect but this time it has seemed to have improved since that Starkiller seems to be more stable but Vader thinks that he is going to suffer the same fate. Starkiller asks what is he going to do with him and Vader reaches for his lightsabre but Starkiller blasts Vader with force lightning and the hologram ends. Vader asks if the person with his if he has seen enough revealing that he is talking with Boba Fett. Fett questions on how a clone was able to do this more damage. Vader says that he is a failed experiment and that Fett would be well paid if he can bring Starkiller back here. Fett says that he already has a head start and Vader tells him to bring Juno to act as bait and Fett then demands that he wants a squadron of Stormtroopers to act as fodder which Vader accepts and he also gives him some new Troopers, which are also in the game.

Overall this micro comic is all right and it also does seem that it could fill in some plot holes that the game has and the only way that I could figure out is by buying the graphic novel which I may end up doing at some point.

Superior Spider-Man: No Escape

Back in 2012 I started reading the series Amazing Spider-Man, which is the first series that I actually picked up, then I started reading through the changing point in the series, Superior Spider-Man where there was a complete tonal shift in the series since Otto Octavius had exchanged bodies with Peter Parker since that Octavius was dying. But for this I am not going to be starting at the beginning but a few issues in covering one of the stories that started to have some points that started pointing in the way that lead up to the end of the series with No Escape.

The first issue has something that is rather good for people who either picked up on the series late, like me, and the usual recap page that Spider-Man titles have had for a while. The recap covers that Otto is now Spider-Man, he managed to discover that there was a fragment of Peter Parker in his mind that he apparently got rid of and something that happened before Otto was Spider-Man. During a previous storyline in the Amazing Spider-Man titles Alistair Smythe, The Spider-Slayer, killed J. Jonah Jameson’s wife during a storyline, which I have forgotten the name of, when she saved him from being killed. Since then Smythe has been a prisoner on the Raft waiting for the day of his execution.

The first part begins with Peter Parker sitting in a class listening to his teacher talk about the Negative Zone. But also with this he is also narrating about having dreams like this and a flashback panel where a young Otto and his teacher in what appears to be the same seats with Lamaze saying that he doesn’t know what the teacher is saying and has Otto to help him. Otto continues to narrate by complaining about he is only here because Peter never bothered to get his doctorate. Anna Maria, a new character introduced in the Superior Spider-Man series asks why Peter even bothers about taking the classes since that he pretty much gets the highest score in all of the tests and replies that he is pretty much there to annoy Dr Lamaze. Peter then gets a call on his secure line and walks out of the class where Glory Grant, Jonah’s assistant saying the Jonah has an important call for him. Jonah informs Spider-Man that Smythe is going to be executed tomorrow and that it is scheduled for noon at the Raft. Jonah wants Spider-Man there tomorrow since that he has a feeling that Smythe may have an escape plan in place. Spider-Man replies that by then end of tomorrow it will be all over but Jonah says ‘not for me’ after he hangs up and turns down the picture of his wife.

The next day Jonah arrives on the Raft and he is greeted by the head of security there called Shipley who wonders if he has had a chance to review his resume but Jonah shredded it since that during Shipley’s time there he hasn’t had a good record since there have been a number of escapes from the prison.superior-spiderman5 Jonah then says that he is surprised that the Raft is still here since having a super-villain prison near a major city is a rather bad idea, he then asks Shipley to do a walk through on what is going to happen before the execution. But what they didn’t notice coming from the boat that is transferring prisoners to other facilities, small robots disembark. Inside the prison Shipley informs about what prisoners are left inside which are the three characters that were more of victims of Spider-Man. You have Boomerang who nearly died at the hands of Spider-Man, Scorpion had his jaw knocked clean off and Vulture who was now made blind with his fight with Spider-Man. Jonah asks why the Lizard is still here since that he killed a child but Shipley says that he has been a model prisoner and is quieter than others prisoners and will be moved out tomorrow. Then we finally see Smythe in his prison with them saying that he will be leaving in a body bag.

Back at Horizon Labs Peter is transferring some of the Spider-Man tech somewhere in truck where Max Modell asks him what he is doing and that he also needs to come up with some new tech since that he hasn’t in a while and it is coming up to the end of the quarter. Peter replies that he’ll make a new invention and it’ll make him weep. But Max gets annoyed with Peter since that Peter has been coming off more disrespectful, mainly with the fact with Otto taking over his body. Peter starts to change into his Spider-Man costume and narrates about his new life and how that in some aspects has limitations but then he goes on to say how he has made himself better since taking him over since he had created thousands of Spider-Bots to patrol the city where Peter was a one-man operation.

Spider-Man arrives on the Raft where the same boxes that Peter was dealing with are now there and he met by Shipley who is surprised by the Spider-Bots arriving at the prison. Shipley says that they should coordinate but he cuts him off saying that he is a failure of a man and head of security. Inside the Raft Smythe notices that Spider-Man in the Raft where he makes the quip of the Spider-Man supervising the slaying of the Spider-Slayer. Spider-Man replies with that he takes no pleasure in the death of any human being but is going to relish that Smythe is going to die in the Raft. Smythe tries to get under his skin again by bringing up Marla Jameson but Spider-Man ignores him and walking over to the empty cell of Otto Octavius, Spidey then tells him that he is done playing games and is free to leave.

Jonah arrives back on the island along with his assistant Miss Grant as well as Norah Winters, a writer or the Daily Bugle. We then cut over to the viewing room where they are sitting waiting for the Smythe to be executed but Smythe’s lawyer objects about Jameson’s presence since that he believes that he had Smythe’s execution moved earlier with his mayoral power. But Jameson states that he isn’t here as mayor but as a widower and that he had this litigated. He then goes on to say that he is going to watch the guy that killed his wife die and the he is going to enjoy it. Smythe interrupts their conversation by saying thy he doesn’t hold malice towards him or anyone else, he was a changed man and is confident that he will be saved when he dies. superior-spidermanSpidey says that he has heard that saying before but stops what he saying when he says ‘A murderer doesn’t suddenly become a different- ‘when Norah asks him why he stops he reply saying that it doesn’t matter and that they should start the lethal injection. Smythe smiles and says let’s and a bunch of Mini-Slayers start pouring out of the vents and he is set free and armours up. Spidey activates one of his programmes and has his Spider-Bots deal with the Mini-Slayers and the he will go after Smythe. Smythe says that his priority today is freedom and that he is going to use the weakness of the Raft to his advantage by trying to punch a hole in the wall and when he does it just leaves a small hole and an impact area. Spidey then tells him that he actually reinforced the walls with a gravimetric field that increased the mass of any area that takes damage. Smythe then tries to go through the vents but that way is also covered with lasers.

Meanwhile with the villains in the medical area, the Mini-Slayers make their way into their room and they start to bond with them and start to repair them, including the Vulture being able to see again.superior-spiderman7 Smythe only wants one thing from them and that is to kill Spider-Man and everyone on the Raft and then they will be free. On the final page we see the new designs for Boomerang, Vulture and Scorpion in a more enhanced armour and they look menacing ending part one.

Part two opens up with a page flashbacking to when Smythe killed Marla and at the very bottom of the page, Jameson states that Smythe is not getting off this island alive. Smythe’s lawyer blames Jameson for what has happened saying that his presence upset his client and Jameson whacks him across the face. Norah notices that there are still robots around but Miss Grant, I think that’s who said it since the word balloon for it is nowhere near anybody. One of the Spider-Bots then emits a hologram of Spider-Man which must be a protocol when Smythe escaped. Norah then makes a Star Wars quote that Princess Leia but the hologram keeps on going saying that he has a protocol to have the Spider-Bots protect them in a force field so that Smythe can’t use them as hostages. Just as the force field starts deploying Jameson jumps out of it with the shock especially to Miss Grant who says that the force field is there to protect them and that there is nothing to protect him from Smythe, when Jameson replies that there is nothing to protect Smythe from him. In a hallway Jameson takes a gun from a dead guard and says that Smythe is going to pay for what he has done.

Cutting over to the fight between Smythe and Spidey has now spilled to outside of the room and now into some corridor. Spidey notices that Smythe seems rather annoyed since that he is able to counter his attacks with some ease, but Smythe says that he isn’t having any trouble since that his death is the reason that he exists. Spidey then insults Smythe saying that was a better scientist than what he is since that he used his brain whilst Smythe flails around like a bull in a china shop.superior-spiderman4 Spidey then says that he has informed the Avengers about what has happened and then Smythe says that he has his own reinforcements as we see Boomerang, Vulture and Scorpion coming down a corridor. Spidey admits that his strategy was rather smart using the Mini-Slayers and having the self-replicate using the tech from the Raft as it was being shut down, but then shows that he is more superior being able to lock down the entire prison and he was using Raft’s generators giving Smythe an idea and taking advantage of Spidey, Smythe then says that he will get rid of his gadgets after he watches him die, but before he can say die somebody else says is and a laser blast goes across Smythe’s shoulder. It’s revealed that a guard shot him that catches Smythe off guard since that he thought that he dealt with the rest of the guards in the Raft. Smythe throws Spidey at the guard and the guard asks what was wrong with him since that he seemed to be more of an amateur, Spidey replies on why he should be taking orders from the guard when it turns out that it was actually Jameson, Spidey says that he can’t protect him and fight Smyth but Jameson says that he doesn’t need his protection. Jameson says that he brought Spider-Man to ensure that Smythe was executed and to make sure of it. Spidey replies that he wants to be absolutely certain of what Jameson was saying and Jameson pretty much states that Smythe will die for his crimes today and to do whatever is necessary to make that happen. Spidey understands what needs to be done and tells Jameson to go back to the other since that staying around won’t be safe.

Spidey is on the hunt for Smythe through the Raft and he manages to track him through the communications from the Mini-Slayers but Smythe realises what he has done and he managed to trace the frequency of the Spider-Bots and gave Spidey’s location to his friends. superior-spiderman-2Boomerang, Vulture and Scorpion crash through a wall and ganged up on Spidey. Spidey tries to get the offence on the three but it seems to be of no use since that Scorpion is easily able to block the webbing with his tail, Vulture manages to throw blades into him and Boomerang throws exploding boomerangs at him (technically shouldn’t they go back to Boomerang?). Spidey manages to web up all the villains rather quickly and easily and tells them that Smythe is using them and will take the weapons back when he gets what he wants which is the generators. Smythe is in the generator room and blows up a box which causes the power to go out, including letting the Lizard to escape. Smythe thinks that he has got a way out but he forgot one thing, which was the back-up generator. Spidey says that he got him to go on a fool’s errand since that the Raft has multiple back up sources. Smythe then tells Spidey that he knows that he can see him through his robots but Smythe can do the same and he also notices that the civilians are together and that Jameson is wandering the halls alone. Scorpion says that he wants revenge on Spidey for punching off his jaw but Smythe brings up that Jameson is a target and he goes off to go after Jameson. Vulture wanting to keep the tech heads off to the people in the bubble whilst Boomerang was given task of handling Spidey. Spidey is able to web Boomerang who tried to throw one of his bomb-a-rangs but it explodes in his face. Smythe then gives Spidey an ultimatum since that Scorpion is out for Jameson and Vulture is going for the others in the bubble. But Spidey doesn’t choose either to go after and goes after Smythe instead stating that he has only one thing to do, slat the Spider-Slayer ending part two.

Part three opens with a flash back of Spider-Man looking over the dying body of Otto Octavius and Spidey narrating about what he has done and what he has become. He then starts swinging through the corridor of the Raft saying that Smythe is the one that dies today. superior-spiderman3Smythe says that he is not out to kill Spidey but he just wants his freedom. He comes up with another chance by asking him to drop the defences and he will halt the attacks. Spidey replies saying that there is only one way that Smythe is leaving and that is in a body bag and they engage in a fight with Smythe saying ‘To the death’.

Meanwhile with the civilians they see that the Vulture is there and that he has some tech that can help pinpoint the weaknesses where he can disable the force field and attacks the points with his feathers. The clergyman that is with them tries to come to his scenes but that fails. Norah asks if that this is the legacy that he wants to have for his family and he replies that it is too late to change that. Miss Grant then asks if he could help them and turn a story into a man overcoming his past history, but Smythe’s lawyer ups it even more by saying that he can get him acquitted since that his entire defence for Smythe was due to the technology causing mental impairment. The Vulture contemplates his offer whist Shipley whispers to a guard saying to shoot him once the force field goes down. Elsewhere in the Raft Scorpion has found Jameson who blasts a few shots at Scorpion but to little effect. Scorpion goes to hit Jameson with his stinger but it manages to be blocked by an unlikely ally that being The Lizard. Scorpion tells the dumb monster to get out of his way but Lizard replies saying that he is not a monster and that he is Curtis Connors and he will never let the monsters win again. Jameson tries to get away but is stopped by Scorpion, then we see that the force field dissipating.

Spidey rips off one of the tendrils off Smythe’s suit and then says that Spidey has the upper hand and he surrenders and starts to negotiate with him to start saving the lives of the others in the Raft. But Spidey replies that Smythe had been locked up for far too long and that things have changed but he did have an opening offer when he stabs Smythe with the tendril. He goes on to day that he didn’t want to kill him but he was left with no choices, there were innocent lives in danger with Smythe’s robots and enhanced being around and that he didn’t trust him to disarm them and that permanently shutting them down was the only solution to save them.

Back with Scorpion, Lizard and Jameson, Scorpion says that he can still get to Jameson whilst fighting Lizard with the upgrades. But then Scorpion realises that something is wrong and the enhancements start to shatter and fall off him. Lizard notes that the enhancements have failed and that he needs medical attentions, Jameson agrees and he and Lizard walks away from him. Boomerang, who is not actually dead, is webbed back up by a passing Spidey. Then back with the civilians Vultures enhancements fail and he is now back to being blind and Shipley and the guards shock him. Shipley then notices that Lizard is standing behind Jameson telling him to hold his fire with Shipley saying that he is a killer. Jameson retorts saying that the Lizard is a killer but he has the mind of Curt Connors and that he saved his life. Spidey interrupts them saying that the situation is under control and that he is going to get the doors open so that they can get out. Back up top Jameson says that it is an outrage that since that Connors is in control but Shipley couldn’t care, Lizard says that it is all right and that it is okay to be cautious.  Jameson goes up to Spidey asking if Smythe was dead and he notices a Mini-Slayer coming out of a vent and then a Smythe coming out of a vent and he attacks the people including Lizard, saying that his body is dead and his consciousness will soon follow. He stabs Shipley with a tendril and Spidey starts webbing him up and Spidey knocks him into the river. Smythe wanted Spidey to do that so that he can transfer his consciousness but it doesn’t appear to be working and the reason why is that Spidey has a metal plate on the back of his head. Smythe had been planning this for months and the reason why Spidey knows what he was going to so and revealed to him that he is in fact Otto Octavius. Spidey calls him an imbecile since that his final act as the Spider Slayer and he wasn’t beaten by his true enemy.

Spidey brings Smythe’s corpse back up and Norah asks if he is dead and Spidey replies that he is, but unfortunately Shipley died and Jameson says that he died bravely and that helping the Rafts last break out and it is a legacy that man would honour. Spidey says that it’s true what we leave behind is something we each determine.  On the way back to the mainland Spidey takes Jameson aside and saying that he has an idea on what to do with the Raft instead of destroying it. Spidey’s plan is that he wants to turn it into his personal superhero headquarters. Jameson if against the idea but Spidey shows him a hologram of the complete recording that they had in the Raft when he told Spidey to kill Smythe. If Jameson didn’t give him what he wanted, he would release the footage to the media and have him incriminated. At the press conference Jameson informs the press that Spider-Man is going to be given the Raft and that it will now be renamed Spider Island Two. In the final page Otto narrates saying that his is no longer bound by Peter’s past life and is creating something new and wonderful. He is on the phone and we discover that he is hiring seventy ex-military men from somewhere and that he will have uniforms for them and he goes back on to working on a giant metal mech and that is how the issue ends.

Overall I do like this part of the Superior Spider-Man series. Dan Slott does a brilliant job in writing this series since that he has been writing Spider-Man for a while. I like the way that he writes Peter and Spidey since that they both have a darker tone to them since that it’s not hero but a villain it works really well. The artwork throughout is really good as well and the designs for Vulture, Scorpion and Boomerang’s enhanced form do bring out the elements of what there characters are.

The rest of the series is handled rather well and maybe in the next few months I may do a few more reviews since that the Superior Spider-Man series is rather interesting.

Top Five Movies of 2016

So this year I have watched a lot of films in the cinema as well on demand and on DVD and there have been some that I liked and there were some that were rather bad. This was meant to be a top ten list of what I was going to put down for my favourite films but I wanted to get this out earlier and doing a top ten would have taken more time. However, I am also going to do a top five for worst films that I have seen and that will be out on the same day as this.

5. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story: So this is the most recent film that I saw this year and I got to say for a majority of the film it was an alright film. rougeoneThis film is the basis of how the Death Star was built and the group of Rebels that went and tried to get the plans to find its weakness. I did like this film but it seemed to be rather over hyped with critics giving it five star reviews but it seemed that it was about as good as most films that came out this year. I only found it to be more enjoyable when it came to the final act since that is where all the action came full circle and it was really awesome. The space battle was one of the best scenes that I have seen in Star Wars since the space fight in Return of the Jedi. Plus, seeing the idea of a Rebel ship designed to ram into other ships was something new and different since that in the end it helped them get the information about the Death Star from the planet below. Then when you think it’s all over a Star Destroyer comes out of warp and destroys several Rebel ships and starts attacking them with one of the most awesome Vader scenes ever in Star Wars. But there are a few problems that I have with the film, the acting seems rather passable and the direction for the characters seems to be rather bad too. Then we have something that has a rather mixed reaction with people and that is the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia. The CGI looks rather passible and that it is rather equivalent to what the CGI used in the Battlefront games for their trailers. For Tarkin I think that it would have been better if he was used more for a hologram than it was to be an actual person since then it would make a better choice. For Leia on the other hand I think that it would have been better if it was just seen from the back and that it was just her voice. Overall it was a good film and something that is rather different since that it brings more lore into the Star Wars universe for people who prefer media over the fictional lore that I believe has change since that Disney have the rights to Star Wars.

4. The Jungle Book: Usually I am not a big fan of when movies get remakes but since that Disney really has no new ideas since that they have stated to remake a majority of their animation films and turning them into live action. the-jungle-bookOn the other hand, this film is my exception since that it is better than what the previous films have been. My favourite thing about the film is that the cast is rather well balanced. For instance, you have Bill Murray as Baloo and he is a rather perfect fit for the role since that he plays the laid back buffoon role rather well, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera is another good choice since that he is a knowledge factor for Mowgli about the jungle, then you have Idris Elba as Shere Khan and this is a really good choice since that he makes a really good villain. One of my favourite things about this films is that I am glad that the elephants don’t talk in the entire film which is something that I did find rather annoying about the original. In this they are pretty much the most respected animals in the jungle. Another thing that I really liked was Christopher Walken as King Louie and singing I Wanna Be Like You since that it was rather weird but it was really hilariously good. However, there are somethings that I found rather stupid about the film and that was having Scarlett Johansson playing Kaa since that it is rather pointless since that she was only in it for two minutes and that she was mainly there for a seductive voice and that was pretty much is. Overall it is another good film and that I hope that the next film that Disney are bringing out, Beauty and the Beast, will be as good, even though from the trailer it looks pretty much a copy and paste of the original movie

3. Doctor Strange: I was really hesitant about seeing this film and that it looked rather like the Green Lantern film. But I saw it and I thought that it was a lot better than it the Green Lantern film. The story revolves around the origins of Dr Stephen Strange that is I was surprised since that it was adapted from the comics on how he became crippled and then on how he learned about the mystical arts.drstrange Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Dr Strange in this film and I got to say that this was a really good call since that when people started to do mock up images of when it came to hearing that it was being made that it was a rather spitting image of the comic book counterpart. My favourite thing about the film is that it is has a lot of good comedic moments and that it does have a bit of a sinister feel to it. But there is something that I do rather find annoying about the film and that is mainly down to Dormammu and that he looks nothing like what he was meant to be since that he looked like a badly CGI head instead of a fiery skull. I think that this film does have something really good about it and that is being able to blend mysticism and CGI together, I really wasn’t interested with the CGI since that it looked like that in the trailer that it was going to be heavily just a CGI film, but I was wrong and I really did like the blending that they did in the film. But there is something that I really did like about the film and it came at the very end of the film in the infamous post-credit scene and that sees Dr Strange talking with Thor talking about bringing Loki to Earth and seeking his help to find out what had happened to Odin since that in The Dark World Loki was disguised as Odin. So that is something that I am going to be looking forward to see next year.

2.Deadpool: I found this film to be rather enjoyable, even more so if the repeated sexual scenes were taken out of the film during the beginning since that is why it most likely got it desired R rating in America. I was glad that we finally did get a good Deadpool movie since that his ‘appearance’ in X-Men Origins really did suck, but in this incarnation for Deadpool is better.Deadpool With this we have a twin time line story going on with the current time line with Deadpool in costume trying to find the person that stole his girl and trying to find out where she was and the past story line tells his origins and how he became Deadpool. The comedy in the film is really good and it is shown well in the film, Ryan Reynolds has actually shined out in this film since that the jokes are well timed and also see to be a lot like the comic book counterpart.  I think of the things that did slightly hurt it was the fact that the villain wasn’t really that much of a threat since that he was rather forgettable and the second is that I think the film could have done with some more mutants since that just having two X-Men but I think that is down to Fox or the writers not knowing how popular knowing how popular the film would be. But with the sequel being made there is a chance that we can see more X-Men in the sequel and also the rumours that Deadpool could be showing up in the next Wolverine film ‘Logan’ makes me more interested in the X-Men universe now than ever more.

1. Captain America: Civil War: For me this is most likely my favourite comic book film from this year. The story is an adaptation of the Civil War storyline with some changes. The first being the Sokovia Accords replacing the Superhero Registration Act, Captain America choosing to align with his friend who was a brainwashed assassin that tried to kill him in his last film instead of seeing the fact that he thinks that working for the government since they would tell them who were villains and who weren’t. The film focuses around the Winter Soldier and a person possibly working with HYDRA discovering where a secret HYDRA facility is where it turns out that there are more than one Winter Soldier and that somebody has a book that has the password to reset the hypnotising programme inside Bucky.civilwar Captain America and his rouge team that consists of Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky, Hawkeye and Ant Man decide to head to this secret facility but before they can do that Tony with permission from a returning Thaddeus Ross to create his own team to take down the Cap’s team. This also leads into bringing in the new Spider-Man, who unfortunately is a teenager. They clash at an airport that seems to be rather deserted and we see a pretty awesome fight scene between the two including one of my favourite scenes that involves Ant Man reversing his shrinking tech and growing to become Giant Man and then Spider-Man using the best line in the film taking down Giant Man in the way the Snow Speeders took down the AT-AT in Empire Strikes Back. The film ends with Captain America and Bucky teaming up and fighting Iron Man, in a pretty good fight scene, Iron Man finding out that it was Bucky killed his parents and then Captain America breaks his team out of the Raft possibly creating his team of Secret Avengers team whilst Bucky gets Asylum in Wakanda to find a cure for his brain washing. This is a good idea that does follow in a lot of ideas since that it wraps up elements from The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron and then it leads into the new chapter coming in for Phase 3.

Top Five Disappointing Games

Over the years there have been many video games that for me have been rather disappointing to me for many different reasons. This could be the one that blogs that I will then end up making more parts since there are a lot of disappointing games that I haven’t played yet.


5: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: One of the weirdest things is I originally had this game on another list for games that I would like to see be remastered. However I finally got round to play this game after updating it and this is rather bad. I came into this game thinking since that you are playing as a clone of Star Killer and you got to break away and thought it may have been rather fun to see what happened after you break out. However that was the complete wrong assumption. All the missions are pretty much cut and paste and it seems to really lack any context of a story. When you break out of the cloning facility you end up on a planet looking for General Kota where you save him and start he asks you to come with the Rebels to come up with a plan to take out that facility but instead you complain about wanting to find Juno. This then leads you to Dagobah where you find Yoda in the most pointless scene in the entire game and it seems to be such a waste even on PS3. Right here they could have done a similar scene as in Empire Strikes Back when Luke battles with Vader but instead a bit of a boring segment where Star Killer witnesses a vision of something happening to Juno on a Rebel ship. You head to the Rebel ship and find out that the plan is in motion and Juno gets kidnapped by Boba Fett, unfortunately even he couldn’t save the game and is the only brief appearance that you see of him. In the end you have a fight with Vader and have the choice of either choosing to have Vader be taken in by the Rebels and arrested or to kill him, again. I went with the good ending and I felt rather disappointed by the outcome of the game and rather glad that I didn’t have to pay that much for a copy of the game. I do hope that there will be another Force Unleashed game that is in some continuity to the new films since that there are a lot of games nowadays that do have a lot of focus on how doing good and bad things can have a change on how the game will progress instead of having once choice in the end to make your choice.


4: LEGO Jurassic Park & Marvel Avengers: I am a big fan of the LEGO game series but ever since when Jurassic Park came out I started to lose faith in this side of the franchise. I do sometimes have a big problem when it came to these games when they came out and that was they were both just rips from the films that take place. With the Jurassic Park game the biggest problem for me was the fact that the audio transfer seemed to be one of the worst things that happened. The second thing that bothered me was that it seemed to be rather buggy when it came to activating some of the Red Brick bonuses where it wouldn’t show the location of certain items. My biggest problem however is with Marvel Avengers for the main fact could have easily made a sequel for Marvel Super Heroes instead of doing this. I don’t know if there were any legal issues that they had since the fact that one of there was a lot of missing characters but everything was the same from the first game especially the layout of the Helicarrier. What they could have done would to have done was a follow up with Thanos starting to conquer planets and you have the Inhumans requesting the help of the Avengers to help them with Thanos. With this we could have a rather similar design as what LEGO Batman 3 had where you could go to different planets. Hopefully they will be going back to the idea of using a creative story instead of movie re-dubs.


3: Watchdog: I waited a while to get this game and even though I watched a walkthrough before-hand and I thought it was still rather good. But when I started playing more of it, the game did seem to be rather of a lacklustre game. You take on the role of a hacker trying to find the person that killed your niece, in all honesty this does sound on paper and maybe even for a film a good premise however playing through it was more than a rather boring sequence of events. The game is sent in a open world environment, like the previous Assassins Creed series that they made and has the same set up where you have to go to towers and unlock sections of areas where you can see what challenges there are such as Gang Areas or VR challenges. This does rather take out a lot of the exploration of videogames which I am glad that I believe that they added in for the sequel that they are taking that out so the exploration is in for the game which hopefully would make it a lot better. Another problem that I had with the game was the fact that you would need to be connected to the internet to interact with other people to do challenges that need to be done as part of tutorial which if you have your console away from the internet then that means either not doing it or moving your console nearer to where it can connect or boosting your connection, either way it can be rather irritating. Another problem with this game is that it seems to be rather repetitive once you get a third of the way through the game. Basically it’s looking through security cameras for your target, hacking mini-games, using environments to help you and so forth and it does get boring after a while. Hopefully with the sequel coming out in soon they might make it more better since that this felt more like a late PS3 game even on PS4.


2: Elder Scroll Online: So I am going to keep this section rather short since that I already talked about this game last year when I did my review of it and man I wish it was a better game and I currently do have a better game than ESO currently and it is called Neverwinter. I started playing this when it came out and then around about late September I stopped playing it since that there were a lot of problems that it had such as really annoying issues. One of the main problems that I had with the game was that there were badly constructed dungeon areas. For instance one of the main quests that you had to do was going through a dungeon where you have to evade a dungeon filled with ghosts, which sounds rather easy right? The biggest problem is that it was a open dungeon and you have about eight or nine other people doing it at the same time. So every time that you ended up progressing, another person can easily screw you over to progress themselves then you have to start over again from the beginning. Then the counterpart to it is that there were a few campaign dungeons where when having a group is rather helpful since that there are a lot of rather annoying creatures that you can easily kill you especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Other than that it is a rather okay game but it since that it has been out for a year they may have fixed this but I’ll never know.


1: Star Wars Battlefront (2015): Like with ESO, I have already did a review for this but I still find this to be one of the most disappointing games that has came out in recent years especially from one of the biggest franchises in the world. When Battlefront came out I was rather hesitant about it since that it was mainly a MMO shooter game which I really don’t like playing that much. Plus also when the game was in production there was suppose to be a offline mode which they did add on, nine months later which did really annoy me since there the only one a few modes that you could do offline but that was mainly tutorial modes and weren’t that fun to do. Another problem that I had with this game was that there were a lot of problems and bugs that the game had that I and a lot of people that I played with also commented on. For instance one of the bugs that we found was the invincibility bug where if a person crashed in a fighter they could take no damage whatsoever even when EA said that they had fixed the bug it was clear that they hadn’t. Another problem was that when you went to load in to the game when coming on it would change your weapon to what the first weapon is in the game which is rather strange since there were times where it would stay the same. The main problem that a lot of people saw with this game was that of the ridiculous pricing for the season pass. In the UK the season pass was £39.99 the game was £49.99. A £10 difference between DLC and the actual game is a rather annoying thing to see for a gamer like myself and I think that season passes should be half the price of the game. With LEGO Batman 3 I paid around £12 for the season pass and I got six DLC packs with all new content and more characters and I found more enjoyment out of that then I did for Battlefront. Another problem that I have with the DLC that makes it disappointing is the fact that if you have the season pass you can have advantage over your friends who don’t have it since that they get a two week head start. I think that unless it has console advantage like C.O.D all the DLC should be kept to the same time slot nonetheless.

So that is what I have got for this list make sure to stay tuned for the next blog coming up where I am going to be covering my top five games that I want to see be remastered,

2015: My Review

Well with it being the first official day of 2016 coming to a close I’ve spent most of the day remenissing about all the good parts of my year and so far its been a bit trying to remeber the first actual good moment.

But one of the one that comes instantly off my head happened in March and the second Newcastle Film and TV Comic Con in where I really did have a great day. I got to see some of my favorite wrestlers, Bob Holly and David Hart Smith, and it was great to hear them tell tales when they were on the road. Another person that I got to meet was Robert Maschio who was The Todd in Scrubs and he was hilarious and I got a high five from him as well. Another good thing about the day was being able to hang around a few of my friends, Jake, Ashley, Amie, Gavin and Sarah who were all dressed up in costumes and they all looked really cool and great.

The next good thing I can think of is having the chance to be the Dungeon Master for our games and giving Michael, our usual DM, and gave him the chance to play a character for once. I took me about three or so weeks to come up with the concept for the story where I based it much on The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the new starter set and from the first outing it went rather well. Currently we are up to starting our third act in the story and something wicked this way comes for them.

Next a lot of my memories come from the cinema and the many different films that came out this year and since I’ve seen at least two or so films each month this year and here’s my top 5 films.

5: Avengers Age of Ultron: I got to say there seemed to be a lot going on in this film. You had the Avengers reclaiming Loki’s Sceptre from HYDRA for five minutes then facing off against Ultron for the rest of the film and it just seemed it was missing something special about it. It seemed it took a slight shuffle back from how good the first film was. Hopefully Civil War this year will be better.

4: The Last Witch Hunter: I went to see this film the same day as Spectre and I enjoyed this way more than I did Spectre. Vin Diesel plays a immortal witch hunter after having a curse placed on him. Another thing that I enjoyed was the acting in it, Vin plays his character really well wishing he could have one more day with his family and solve what happend to his friend and liaison with the church, played by Michael Caine who had more of a minor role was really good in it. The twist in this was really well done and not to spoil it much did make more interested in the film.

3: Insidious Chapter 3 & Crimson Peak: I’m doing this as a double mainly because there both horror films and I enjoyed both really well. First I really liked Insidious Chapter 3 for the fact that from the trailers I thought something different was going to happen and it was nice to see the origins of the paranormal investigation team from the first film, quite a few good visuals used throughout and I enjoyed seeing it alone. Crimsom Peak was a film when I went in was going to be horror film similar to Insidious, but In was totally wrong. This is Del Toro back to his routes of Gothic horror and is handled a lot better than say The Woman in Black. Both films are really great with their visuals and story and are both worth a viewing.

2: Ant Man: I didn’t know what to expect going in to this film, like I did with Guardians of the Galaxy. But this seemed better than Avengers. You have Paul Rudd playing a ex-con trying to start his life anew to get to see his daughter more often and is then recruited to do one last score which was actually devised by Michael Douglas wanting help to retrieve a weapon that he helped create and wants back. It has action, comedy, great use of CGI and had many great moments including the Thomas the Tank Engine scene which was a great use of the technologies we have in film today.

1: Star Wars Ep7: Even though this was a revamped version of A New Hope I really enjoyed this film. The characters in this film, the focused ones at least, are really well done and really liked. Rey and Finn had really good chemistry when they were on screen and BB8 is a more enjoyable doid in the film. The story is similar to New Hope where a droid is given a map to help locate where Luke Skywalker is at, this leads to a chase between the Finn, Rey, Han and Chewie to get the droid back to the Rebels and away from The First Order led by Kylo Ren, who turns out to be Han and Leia’s son. Rey gets catptured by the First Order since she knows the map fragment and Kylo Ren tries to get the information out of her only to find out that she to has the force. The film ends with Han Solo dead by Lightsabre, Rey and Kylo fight and the Death Star Mk3 getting destroyed. In all I enjoyed it and it’s going to be now a long wait to see the outcome of it.

There was also one other thing that was really good that happened to me this year. I finally got my first job after many months of different interviews. Even though I started in late November and finished at Christmas Eve, it was the best thing that ever happened to me and I would like to thank the staff and management at Poundworld Durham for the opportunity.

Let’s hope that this year I can get a actual job and possibly something’s even more greater than money.10984269_612871445479231_5033715248242163191_n

WWE Night of Champions Predictions

wwe-night-of-champions-carousel-20140920-youtube_3A002D4EB0FA436EB57C9AA647512EA3So this month’s predictions are going to be for Night of Champions, a PPV dedicated to having only title matches on the card to now evolve out to now feature rivalry matches with this one having three non title matches.

Pre-Show: Neville & The Lucha Dragons v Stardust & The Ascension

This seems like it was a pointless feud between Stardust and Neville spiralling off the outcome of last month match at SummerSlam where Stardust and King Barret lost to Neville and Stephen Amell. I think that this is going to be a win for the Neville and Lucha Dragons, it’s going mainly for the speed aspect and that there could be a altercation that causes all six to be in the ring at the same time and then the win comes out of that with Neville hitting the Red Arrow on Stardust, hopefully ending this rivalry.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The New Day v The Dudley Boyz

Since returning to WWE in the past few weeks the Dudleys have shown a lot of domination by beating teams like Los Matadores and even sending a I think one member of The New Day through a table. On the other hand I don’t think that the Dudleys will win the titles in this match mainly because of one thing and that is the man advantage that New Day has the one man advantage on the outside and this could be easily the way that they win the titles, unless the Dudleys have a man in the back pocket such as oh say Spike Dudley though unlikely that being, it would be nice to see Spike back in WWE. But in the end New Day win by a distraction but somebody will be going through a table leading to a Table match at next month’s PPV.

Dolph Ziggler v Rusev

I hate this rivalry so much mainly for the fact that this should have ended last month and had both of these wrestlers move on. I think the original concept of this match was that it was going to be a mixed tag match but I think that those plans were nixed after Lana got injured a few weeks ago requiring surgery and she would be out for a few weeks. I really don’t care that much of the outcome since its probable is going to continue over the next week’s but to say a name I think Rusev will win leading to the rubber band match.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Mystery Partner v The Wyatt Family

This match does seem that it looks rather interesting on paper. You have the Wyatt Family who have been rather dominant over Ambrose and Reigns since Battleground and I think that this could change especially with this match for one, we don’t know who the third person in for Ambrose and Reigns especially since one person was Jimmy Uso who had been doing commentary on Smackdown was going to be the third man, but the Wyatts took him out and they then kept their mouths shut on who was going to be their third partner and the only thing I could guess is that the third person is going to be pulled from the NXT ranks since the third member of the Wyatt Family was brought up to the main roster as a replacement for Luke Harper. If I had to guess who they are bringing up I’d say either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor, for the outcome I’d say that Ambrose and Reigns will get the win with the help of their third man again like the Rusev/Ziggler leading to a third and final match at the next PPV.

Divas Title Match: Niki Bella v Charlotte

This match seems rather interesting especially with the stipulations that being if Niki gets disqualified or counted out she loses the title. But there is a good way for Niki to get out of this is to have somebody on her team to get Charlotte disqualified. But if this is going to be a straight forward match I think that Charlotte can actually beat Niki, especially since she’s already beat Brie so that’s a plus. Also Charlotte has a lot of fury in her after the outcome of the match that happened on Raw where Niki and Brie did twin magic and the match was nixed causing Niki to become longest reigning champion, overraking AJ Lee and the worst  thing is that WWE should have had her defend the title more that 5 times at a PPV instead of holding the title up in boring tag matches that seem to go nowhere. Winner Charlotte.

Intercontinental Title Match: Ryback v Kevin Owens

This match just seemed to come out if no where. You have Ryback who has been defending the title successfully in not it a triple threat match against two former WWE champions but also in single matches on Raw and Smackdown showing that he is a defending champion. Then we have Kevin Owens who has came of a win/loose matches against John Cena and a win over Cesaro at SummerSlam. Owens has a load of potential to actually win this match since he is used to the big title matches especially fighting Cena for the US Title and Finn Balor for the NXT Title. But for going for a winner I am.going to pick Ryback, he’s been on quite a winning streak so far and I see him keeping the title for the next few months.

United States Title Match: Seth Rollins v John Cena

With Cena initiation his rematch clause for Night of Champions after being screwed by John Stewart for him not wanting Cena to overtake/tie Ric Flair World Title reigns. I think that Cena can win this match especially since that Rollins has to do double duty by defending the WWE title against Sting. The only way that I could see Rollins getting a win is if there is either a disqualification or Rollins just books it and waits for his match with Sting. But of that doesn’t happen Cena will get the title back and we could probabalies see the return of the US Open challenge since I do like that segment on Raw since it did showcase a lot of good matches such as the matches Cena had against Sami Zayn and Cesaro. So I would like to see Cena win just to get that segment back.

WWE Title Match: Seth Rollins v Sting

So this is a really weird match, one it’s Sting in only his second WWE match and that it is for a World Title after one segment on Raw. But I think that it’s going to be a rather decent match between the two since its two different styles facing off, however I think that Rollins can have the upper hand depending on the outcome of his match with Cena and if he has any other aces up his sleeve such as Triple H interfering in the match. But overall I still think that Rollins will regain the title. However I think that WWE made a real mistake with the booking if this match and what they should have done was have a triple threat match, Rollins v Cena v Sting, and have both titles on the line in a two fall match, such as what they did at WrestleMania 16 with Angle/Jericho/Benoit where they had a triple threat two fall match for the European title and Intercontinental title. That way you could at least have a good 25-35 minute match and a higher chance for a person to walk away with a title.

Nevertheless I think the show will be an okay one and fans will get a thrill for the mystery partner as long as nobody has spoiled through internet articles.