Top Seven Community Episodes

One day when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons at a friend’s house we took a small break and we watched some of Community since that everyone there had already watched most of the show but I had not yet. I watched an episode and I freaking loved it. So then I bought all five seasons (at the time since then the sixth season is out) and watched them all in the span of a week. One year later I have decided to make a top ten list of my favourite episodes. However, this isn’t an actual top whatever list but just a list of ten episodes that I like and going from series to series mainly since I think it would be hard to make a list of ten and then reordering them.(This was meant to be a top ten list but I got really tired and lazy trying to get this out.)

Spanish 101: One of the first episodes that I do like from Community is Spanish 101 for two things, the story with Jeff and Peirce and ending with Troy and Abed. The episode revolves around Jeff trying to spend time with Britta and plans on doing it by trying to work with her on an assignment but Pierce swaps with Britta causing Jeff to be rather annoyed. In the study room Jeff waits for Peirce who arrives late and Jeff just wants to get the assignment over and done with quickly, however Peirce has other ideas.spanish-101 He decides that they need put on a whole show that barely has anything to do with the assignment. Troy and Abed then come along and show off what they are doing for the assignment and Jeff then snaps at Peirce who then leaves to try and hit on Britta at the silent protest that is happening outside. The next day after Peirce’s drunken ramblings their teacher, Chang, gives Jeff a passing grade and Peirce to so the assignment by himself. But Jeff decides to stand up with Peirce and does the whole show with him and we get a montage of the different scenes they had cutting along with the images of the rest of the gang seeing the craziness that happens. They both get low grades and they start to have more of a friendly bond between each other. Now to the second part of why I like this episode is the rap at the very end where Troy and Abed converse in Spanish what they were saying and just start putting nonsense together since that’s what the subtitles translated.

Modern Warfare: For the first season I think that this is one of my favourite episodes. The episode starts off as any usual episode of Community but then things change quickly as Jeff takes a nap in his car to find that the whole campus is deserted and covered with paintballs. Jeff finds out that The Dean Pelton announced that the prize has students hunting each other down. Jeff nearly gets attacked by Leonard but Abed saves him and delivers an adlibbed Terminator 2 line. They arrive back with Troy and Jeff discovers what the prize is priority registration for next semester. The chess club then tries to attack them but the gang uses a trap to shoot them in the back, also Jeff takes off his sweater to have a Bruce Willis from Die Hard image. They head out of their safe room and find Peirce with Starburns who gets shot by him. They head into the toilets to have a pee break where they get ambushed by Britta, Annie and Shirley. They join forces and they head across campus where Troy and Annie get hit by the Glee Club, Jeff uses Peirce as bait and he finds out where the Glee club are and they take them out. Later that night in the cafeteria the remaining members go over what they are going to do with their priority registration and Shirley says that she is going to book morning classes so that she can spend more time with her boys and then the roller-skater troop attacks them and Shirley and Abed are taken out of the game. modern-warfareDean Pelton talks with Chang in his office where Chang asks for him to be put in the game so that he can take them out and gets enrolled in a class. In the study room, Britta patches up Jeff and they end up banging. Britta tries to get the jump on Jeff but he was one step ahead but Chang comes in wielding an advanced paintball gun and then gets into a slow-motion shoot off with Britta who gets hit but Chang also gets hit who starts to detonate a paint bomb that engulfs the entire room with green paint. Jeff goes to Dean Pelton’s office and blasts around the office with Chang’s paintball gun and Dean Pelton tries to give Jeff the blu-ray player but he shoots him in the head and asks that he wants the priority registration which the next day he gives to Shirley. I love this episode since that it pretty much is homage to 80’s action movies but most notably Die Hard and since they swapped from guns to paintball it was a really good touch.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and this is something that I really do like. The episode starts off with a voice over introducing a character called Neil who transferred there after being bullied but the same starts to happen at Greendale. Jeff observes him and tries to cheer him up with bringing up his interest in D&D. Neil gives Jeff all of his manuals that he has which has Jeff worried about him so he gets the group together play a game with Neil to cheer up his spirit and they didn’t invite Pierce since he is rather a bit of a dick. Abed acts as the dungeon master for the group and Chang start playing with characters whilst Neil plays as his own character and he manages to impress them by killing the first wave of enemies with one swing. Pierce arrives in the study hall and is rather pissed that he wasn’t invited to play and Abed plays him into the game where he plays himself. Neil gives his character his cloak and Peirce uses his turn to steal Neil’s sword and flees from the group.  Jeff and the group now decide that the group would hunt down Peirce and recover Neil’s weapon and Peirce goes off and gets some help from another student getting ahead of the group’s advancements. The group advance their story by heading to a town to acquire a Pegasus to pursuit Peirce and Annie seduces an elf to get the Pegasus.advanced-dungeons-and-dragons Peirce returns to the group and he uses his newly acquired amulet that controls Draconis to freeze time and transforms Neil’s character to be overweight. Peirce also uses his turn to tell Neil that it was Jeff who coined the term Fat Neil but Neil doesn’t seem to care and uses his turn to show pity on Peirce and the rest of the group does the same. Peirce gets frustrated with inactivity of the group and unfreezes time and he tries to go for another move but that uses up his turn and Neil attacks Peirce with the sword by throwing it at the amulet around his neck and Draconis eats Peirce and the dragon gives them some of the treasure that he has been hoarding ending the campaign. I mainly like this episode since that it does show up on how much of a dick that Peirce even for a fictional world. Also I like the opening credits for the show since that they have a more unique look since that all the actors had a more fantasy based images used for their pictures.

Critical Film Studies: This is a pretty interesting episode of Community since that it parodies two films, Pulp Fiction and My Dinner with Andre. This I did rather like since that looking at the promos for it showed that it was going to be a Pulp Fiction parody and this twist is rather good. The episode has Jeff and Abed having dinner at a fancy restaurant and Jeff notices something different about Abed and that he is acting social and normal. Jeff also wants to get through this dinner so that he can then take Abed to his surprise party that is, of-course, Pulp Fiction themed, where Britta was able to get the diner that she worked at booked for the party. In the restaurant Abed tells Jeff about his trip to the Cougar Town set where he played an extra in the show (which he actually did). Abed also manages to get Jeff to open up and have a real conversation where Jeff lets out his insecurities and recalls an incident where he had to dress up as an Indian girl.critical-film-studies Meanwhile at the Diner Troy seems to be jealous about the gift that Jeff had got Abed since it was a briefcase (copying from Pulp Fiction) and Chang tries to get Troy to open up the briefcase, which he does and discovers there is a lightbulb and a certificate of authenticity claiming that the briefcase is the one that was used in Pulp Fiction. The bulb ends up overheating and then causes the certificate to burn. Troy blames Chang for what happened and starts breaking things in the diner. Jeff gets annoyed with Abed when he finds out that what he was doing was all an act and the rest of the gang comes in revealing that they had a surprise party planned and Britta even got fired from the job because of the damages. Later Abed meets with Jeff at the diner and brings up the reason of the ploy and that is he feels that him and Jeff had feel like they were drifting apart and it was his idea to get them back together. I like this episode for the homages to Pulp Fiction and it works really good way and the plan that Abed came up was rather unique.

A Fistful of Paintballs: This and the sequel episodes are my favourite episodes of all time. The episode starts off with Annie saving Neil from a group of bullies but when he wants a gun he gets shot. Dean Pelton had come up with a new paintball concept since that last year’s contest was a failure. This time around he partnered up with Pistol Patty’s Cowboy Creamery, an ice cream company who ponied up $100,000 for the winner and that’s how the pandemonium starts. Annie finds Abed back at her camp and he asks for her to join him, Jeff and Chang. But back with them they have been trapped by the math club and Chang betrays Jeff but Abed makes the save but Chang gets away. Jeff informs Annie that he is low on ammo and they discuss whether or not to align themselves with Peirce who is held in the cafeteria or steal it, but they are interrupted by the Black Rider but they manage to evade him noting that he doesn’t look like a student that goes there. Heading to the cafeteria they run into Britta, Shirley and Troy who are working for Peirce who has set up safe zone named after himself Fort Hawthorn. Peirce says that they should team up and split the cash between themselves and tells them where the ammo stash is at. Whilst looking for the stash Annie rescues Chang from a group of cheerleaders, Chang gets away from her and Annie peruses him to find The Black Rider. a-fistful-of-paintballsAbed and Jeff arrive to save Annie and she discovers that Peirce had loaded Jeff’s gun with blanks and they head off the Dean’s office where he is hiding in the supply closet with the paintball stash where they stock up and Annie takes Chang’s paintball gun from last year and they head back to Peirce. They find the room trashed and they find Peirce and confront him, he says that he filled the gun with blanks because he was pissed that he didn’t get invited to a card game the group had but it turns out they weren’t playing, but in fact voting to see if Peirce would be allowed in the study group for next year. But it turns out that he is still in since that it had to be a unanimous decision and that Annie voted to keep him in but nobody else knows. The Black Rider emerges and gets into a stand-off with Jeff as Annie gets in a stand-off with Peirce. Pierce feigns a heart attack but when the Black Rider goes to help him he gets shot by Pierce, the Black Rider then reveals that he was only there since he worked for Pistol Patty so that they can keep the money, Peirce runs off vowing revenge. But here we come to the best part of the episode. Chang is seen looking for a new alliance when he is shot by a paintball machine gun from the back of Pistol Patty’s van where a group of people dressed up as a commando team disembark where Pistol Patty announces that it’s time for Plan B Operation Total Invasion. The good thing about this episode is that it starts out as a western film, parodying spaghetti westerns most notably the Dollars Trilogy but then at the end it completely changes leading into the second part.

A Few Paintballs More: This is a pretty good follow up to from the first part and then it turns into a Star Wars parody, but the first thing that I want to talk about is this, I am sure that this episode I’m sure inspired the Death Troopers in The Purge: Anarchy since there are a group that goes around with a machine gun in the back of a truck and this episode aired in 2011 which aired two years before the first film, but that could just be a coincidence. The episode begins with a text crawl going over what had happened before. Pistol Patty and a squadron of Troopers march through the halls of Greendale and arrive at the Dean Pelton’s office to then reveal that Patty is in face Dean Spreck, of rivals City College, and he tells Pelton of his plan which Abed and Troy overhear. Troy and Abed return to the surviving students and form a rebel alliance to defeat the Troopers and win the cash to repair the campus, but this also causes a problem between Jeff and Troy to see who would be the leader.  During the bickering Spreck sends in a robot armed with a paint bomb to get everyone in the room but Magnitude sacrifices himself for the rest of the rebels. Peirce gets captured by the Troopers but convinces them to take him as prisoner offering to give them information on Jeff. a-few-paintballs-moreAbed flirts with Annie going through a Han Solo impersonation and she is attracted to this personality. Troy and Jeff come up with two different plans to take on the Troopers with Jeff wanting to do an all-out attack to get the gun in the Ice Cream van whilst Troy says that they should lure them into the Library setting up the sprinkler system to cover them in paint. But Annie being the voice of reason suggests they do both by using Troy’s plan as a distraction to take the gun. Troy, Abed, Annie and Shirley draw some Troopers in the Library whilst Jeff’s group goes after the gun. Troy’s team manages to fortify themselves in the study room but when they try to escape through the vent but they can’t escape due to one of them getting stuck in the vent. So they decide to shoot their way out of the building and Troy is shot during the escape but Abed and Annie manage to barricade themselves in a room and Shirley is able to set off the alarm and they are able to take out the Troopers as well as Abed and Annie, who share a kiss in the raining paint and Abed snaps out of his Han Solo persona. Meanwhile with Jeff’s team the gun overpowers their team with Britta being the sole survivor from their team, but Shirley rescues her in a golf buggy and they shoot the remaining Troopers but Britta gets hit during their run. As Shirley celebrates she gets shot by two troopers but Pierce manages to feign a heart attack again and shoots the two remaining enemies and wins the fight for Greendale. He then announces that he is going to give the money to the school and the people rejoice. The next day the study group meets in the library minus Peirce (who arrives later) talking about what classes they are going to take next semester. Peirce arrives and starts telling them their story that he has been at Greendale for 12 years and that this is the only group that he has been a part of and is the only group that has ever wanted him. In the end he decides that he no longer is going to be part of the study group and the group just thinks that he is acting out but he doesn’t return ending the series. It is a really good ending for the series and the parodies for Star Wars are really good. Also from what I found (from Wikipedia) that after Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave the direction to Joe and Anthony Russo for Captain America: The Winter Soldier after watching the finale in which Joe directed.

Digital Estate Planning: One of the things that I do like about this show is that a couple of times they will do an episode that is rather unique and I think this is one of my favourite one. The episode consists of Peirce and the group being invited to a warehouse where they are met by Gilbert Lawson who is Pierces father’s assistant. He informs him and the group that in his father’s last will and testament it was is dying wish for Pierce and seven friends to play a game that he had in development for thirty years. The game is pretty cool since that they decided to go with the more retro designing of 8-bit gaming to modern day graphics. In the game they are greeted by Cornelius, Pierces’ father, who tells them that this is actually a punishment for him since that Pierce questioned the moist toweletees industry and that the first player that reaches the end of the game wins Pierce’s inheritance and Gilbert will take the position of the eight player. digital-estate-planningPlus, for a twist Gilbert knows a lot about the game and easily kills the group to progress further in the game.  After restarting from the game the group come across the first village where Abed falls for a NPC called Hilda. But whilst going through the town looking for a clue for the game, Britta creates a strength potion that Jeff believes is actually poison and during that time Annie and Shirley manage to kill the towns blacksmith and his wife (Hilda’s parents) and decide to burn down the entire town down to erase their traces there. Gilbert then arrives, levelled up and kills the group but when he kills Britta he drinks the ‘Potion of Strength’ and dies since Jeff was right and it was actually poisonous and Gilbert is sent back to the start of the game. Gilbert becomes frustrated and he decides to use cheat codes and turns his character invincible. Abed decides to stay with Hilda and rebuild her life and after beating most of the team they find the item they need to get to the last level, the white crystal. Gilbert confronts the group and when they try to attack they just reflect off him. Jeff and Peirce realise that he is cheating and confronts Gilbert out of the game where he goes on to give them his backstory where it turns out that he in fact Peirce half-brother since his father had an affair and says that he deserves Pierces inheritance and that he was more of a son than what Peirce was. They head back into the game and they find that Abed has built a large castle and an endless amount of resources to build up what they need. Gilbert arrives at the end where Cornelius congratulates him and says he worn stand for his lies and asks him to sign an agreement disavowing him from the Hawthorne bloodline, but he rejects it and Cornelius starts a war against him. The group arrives heavily armed at the castle and is able to defeat Cornelius but everyone has sacrificed themselves to defeat him and Gilbert is the only one left standing, who rejects it believing that he is not deserve it. Gilbert thanks the group and starts to bond with Peirce whilst offering drinks for the rest of the gang and Abed manages to get a copy of Hilda before leaving. I like this episode for quite a few reasons, I’m a big gamer and that something more different for a design it is well designed.


Top Four Animated Christmas Television Specials

If there is one that I like watching around the Christmas season it is the usual specials that shows do that are based or set around Christmas. Now since that there have been shows like The Simpsons that have the usual specials throughout its near thirty year tenure, I will only be putting in one episode for each show.

4: Family Guy: Road to the North Pole: In 2010 Family Guy continued with their Road to series that has had quite a few popular moments and this is possibly my second favourite episode. In this episode Brian takes Stewie to see a Mall Santa that is rather disappointment so Stewie decides to go and kill Santa in the North Pole, bringing Brian along with him. After a few problems later Stewie and Brian find their way to Santa’s Workshop where they find it to only be a dark and gloomy factory that seems to be heavily polluted and a lifeless waste land where they then find that Santa is sick and depressed. Santa reveals to the two that over the many years that with the world’s population growing he had became overwhelmed with the demand for fancier presents for each and every year. Santa starts to get sicker and Stewie and Brian decide to take up the mantle of Santa and deliver the presents for him.road-to-the-north-pole This then leads to Brian and Stewie realising that Santa’s job is rather difficult since that in their first house they ended up being seen by the family and then realised that it was the wrong house and that took a whole hour. On Christmas morning the whole town finds that they don’t have any presents and Brian and Stewie appear on TV bringing out the dying Santa and informs the residents that humanity’s greed is killing Santa and that they should only get one present a year so that Santa can start to regain his health. One year later everything seems to be back together and Santa is a healthier thanks to the less of a demand for presents. I do like this episode since that it does have quite a nice message to it since that the world that we do live in seems to be more commercial and a proportion of people wanting more and more presents each year making the meaning of Christmas rather moot. The beginning of the episode is what rather seems to be more of the downside for the episode and I would just skip forward to when they get to Canada.

3: American Dad!: For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls: In 2010 American Dad too continued with their Christmas series with this episode and for me it is a rather good one to. As usual canon in the show Stan rather despises Jeff since that he hasn’t done anything good in his life but Francine wants Stan to have Jeff be joined in on the family traditions. Stan then decides that it time that Steve has a gun and against Francine’s wishes he still gives it to Steve and they use some snowmen in a parking lot. But it turns out that behind one of the snowmen was apparently a Mall Santa and with this Steve decides never to use a weapon again. Stan convinces Steve to hide the body from Francine to see if he was in the CIA database but it turns out that the DNA doesn’t match anybody at all. Francine and Hayley discover what they have done and that they all go into the woods and bury the Santa and make a pact to not share with anyone what they had done. The next day they then get messages all with Christmas based puns that somebody knows that Santa was killed. The Smiths return to the site when they find that the body was gonefor-whom-the-sleigh-bell-tollsAn elf appears to them and says that Santa is rejuvenating and vows vengeance against the Smith family and they decide to hide out in the woods with Roger, who has his own side story looking for booze, with the help of Bob Todd. Jeff manages to find where the Smiths with Hayley telling him where they would be which also lead Santa finding them also to Jeff’s ignorance. It also is revealed that Bob Todd’s house is also an armoury where they all fend off the attack from Santa’s army that consist of Elves, reindeer and snow-trolls. In the end Stan gets injured and Santa gives a proposition for Jeff giving him the Relic from the Golden Compass. Jeff goes to Santa’s side but then heel turns stabbing Santa and dragging Stan away to safety. The two then start to see more eye-to-eye about things including their love for Hayley. The end of the war comes as Christmas Morning happens and Santa’s vengeance stops, at least until next year when Santa can get his revenge and now the Smiths now have a new tradition. I do like this episode since that it is written rather well with the continuity in hand, which I don’t think most shows usually have like this. Plus the lingering threat that Santa can strike again on Christmas Eve is something that does leave for a sequel which they do make.

2: Futurama: X-Mas Story: Futurama is one of my favourite animated series and this is a really good episode from the early days of the series. In this Fry celebrates his first X-Mas and the Planet Express staff decide to decorate the building to help him feel more nostalgic. Fry decides to go out and buy Leela a X-mas present since that she had a string of bad X-masses since that she grew up in an orphanage. The others inform Fry to be back before sun down since that Robot Santa Claus will come out and kill anyone who is outside then. They then give the back story of the Robot Santa that he was created to determine who was on the naughty and nice list but a programming error turned the robot into a killing machine when his standards set too high thus he would kill anyone that was on the naughty list which is everybody. Fry manages to find a present for Leela in the form of a parrot, but it flies away and Leela decides to go out and get Fry before Robot Santa arrives. Fry manages to find the parrot atop a large building and Leela manages to save Fry but it’s really too late, Robot Santa has arrived.xmas-story He hunts down the two chasing them around the city. Fry and Leela managed to get into Planet Express but Robot Santa manages to break into Planet Express through the chimney and he tells them that they have all been naughty, except for Dr Zoidburg for some reason who manages to help the team force Robot Santa back into the chimney and blow him into the stratosphere with his reindeer as well. In the end everyone celebrates by singing a song to then see that Robot Santa promises that he will be back next X-Mas. I do love this episode since that the chase scene through New New York is rather cool and interesting and brings in, at least one of my most favourable quotes; your mistletoe is no match for my TOW missile. It is always a good episode that I do like to watch whenever it is on.

1: The Simpsons: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire: I had a pretty hard time deciding on which episode that I would have picked but the reason why I picked this was that it was the first actual episode of The Simpsons that was made for television that wasn’t a short. The episode begins at Springfield Elementary where the school is doing a pageant for Christmas where we see Lisa’s year covering the different ways countries celebrate Christmas. This then leads the family writing their letters to Santa yet when reading Bart’s letter to Santa, Homer and Marge become enraged to see that he wants to get a tattoo and they forbid him to get a tattoo. Whilst Christmas Shopping the next day Bart slips off to a Tattoo Parlour and attempts to get a tattoo done with the typical Mother design. Marge finds out that Bart is getting a tattoo and pulls him out and drags him down to a dermatologist to have it removed. This leads to using all the money that they were going to use on for spending money on getting the tattoo removed. Meanwhile when Homer is at work he finds out that Mr Burns isn’t going to be giving them their holiday bonus and then discovered that there is no money for presents he decides to become a Mall Santa as suggested by his friend Barney.sroaop On Christmas Eve Bart finds out that Homer is a Mall Santa but even worse is that Homer finds out that he has been paid less than expected. But Barney then comes up with the idea to take his pay and bet it on the greyhound races. Homer decides to bet all of his money on a dog called ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ as some sort of sign but looses it all as it comes in last place and he then see’s the dog’s owner disown him for losing the race. Bart pleads with Homer to keep the dog which he agrees to them. When they get home, Homer comes clean about not getting his bonus but the family considers Santa’s Little Helper to be their present which they all accept into the family. Even for the very first episode this episode does still hold up rather well and is a rather good story since that Homer goes out of his way to try and get money for presents since of the problems that occur.

Game of Thrones: Was Season 6 Any Good?

So when it came to the end of season five last year I got to be rather admitting I didn’t really like that season but when this season started I was rather hooked on it.

GoTJSThe first thing that did have me rather hooked was the fact that they lingered a lot on Jon Snow and having him teased if he was going to be alive or dead through the first few episodes. There was a lot of information that came out when filming started that Kit Harrington was spotted on set so that easily started up the rumours that he was going to be alive. This ended up being true. Jon got brought back to life at the end of the second episode and from there a lot of things started to change for him. Sansa ended up travelling to Castle Black and was reunited and they decided to go and take back Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton. This was one of the stories that I did like rather more in this season above the other stories except for one which I will get to later.

GoTWWThe next thing that I did rather like was that we got more contexts on the White Walkers and on how they were created. We also learned a lot more on what they are like since that the main ones like the Night King aren’t affected by one of the main weakness that the grunts have and that is they aren’t weak to fire so I am guessing that their only weakness then could be Valaryian Steel which has killed other White Walkers. I do hope that in the next episodes that are left that that we can see more of the White Walkers and what they could be put up against.

Time to do a switch and there was one thing that I did rather find to be the most boring that the series is done. This is Arya’s arc that she had where pretty much every episode that she was just kept getting beaten up by a girl with a stick. I just thought that this was a boring repetitive sequence and I was glad that she decided to leave Bravos and come back to Westeros and had a really awesome scene where she finally got her revenge on the person that killed her mother and brother. Hopefully for the next thirteen episodes there will be a reunion between Arya, Sansa, Jon and Bran.

GoTDSSo at the end of last season Daenerys being surrounded by a load of Dothraki and we then find out that she is then taken by them for her to then reveal to them that she was married to Khal Drogo and then she was sent to the same place where Khal’s wives are sent to where she would live out her days with the other widows. But Daenerys being the rather awesome person that she was managed to round up all the remaining Khal’s and burned them all alive and preached to the remaining survivors that she is going to take back what is rightfully hers and forms a union of all the different Khalisars to form her own and then she managed to then find Drogon and then return to Mereen where Tyrion did manage to screw things up and had the people from Slavers Bay attacking the city and she was easily able to handle the remaining forces and managed to get peace for the city once and for all. But the best thing that has came from Daenerys this season is when she formed a union with Yara Greyjoy and her fleet of ships as well a Varys who seems to as well as united another two houses with the Targaryens that being House Dorne and Tyrell. With the amount of people, ships and resources at hand I can’t wait to see what Daenerys is going to be doing over the next remaining episodes.

GoTBOTBSo Battle of the Bastards for me was a really enjoyable episode from beginning to end. We finally got a lot of good action and most importantly Ramsey Snow (Bolton) got killed off in the most practical way ever, by his own dogs. But I am getting a head of myself. In this episode we saw something that we really haven’t seen that much of since season two and that was battle tactics. Ramsey’s forces had a really great offensive and defensive strategy which they use when they had Jon’s forces pretty much trapped between a circle of shields and a mound of dead bodies where more forces where coming over the top of the dead bodies. But Jon’s forces were able to be saved thanks to a mysterious message that Sansa had sent to somebody but there wasn’t a clue to who it would be, and since that there was somebody who apparently was able to see what she wrote I decided not to see it and be surprised if something was to happen in the show. It turns out that Sansa wrote a letter to Littlefinger and he and the Knights of the Vale rode up and helped win the battle in Jon’s favour. Ramsey then heads back to Winterfell but that turns out to be a waste of time since the only surviving Giant from the battle at Castle Black broke the door and gave them all a way to get into Winterfell but then got killed by Ramsey. But in one-on-one combat between Jon and Ramsey, Jon could have easily killed him but instead Jon knocked him out and then had him strapped to a chair and was then killed with his own dogs. This was possibly one of the best structured stories for this series alone and I look forward to see, like with Daenerys, what is going to happen in Winterfell with Jon and Sansa.

GoTSoBSo the beginning of episode ten was rather action packed and seemed to be completely different from the majority of episodes even from different seasons. We see the starts of the trial for Loras Tyrell where he confesses all of his sins and wishes to be part of the High Sparrow’s flock but then when it comes to the time where Cersei is supposed to be on trial she isn’t even there yet, however Lancel notices a child running from the Sept and decides to follow him where he then leads him down beneath the Sept and into a area where there appears to be casks of wildfire and a candle burning away in a pool of it. Meanwhile in the Sept, Margery wanted to leave but the Sparrows blocked anyone from leaving and then we cut to where the candle is and it reaches its lowest point and ignites the wildfire and blows the Sept up with everyone in it. The only other person that wasn’t there at the time was Tommen and he witnessed the explosion from his bedroom and realised what was happened jumped out of the window. Thus Cersei’s witch’s premonition came full circle and she then, somehow, became Queen of Westeros. I found this to be rather of a cool thing to see but the once scene that when Jamie returned from the siege at Riverrun and saw the destruction and green flames coming from the city and headed straight to the castle and saw Cersei being crowned. It was a well put together scenes and is a real memorable moment for the series.

GoTToJBut there is one thing that I haven’t talked about yet and it is a rumour that has been circling around for many years and that it R=L=J, R being Rhaegar L being Lyanna and J being Jon Snow. This was brought up in the series with Bran’s vision quest that he has through the series where he can see throughout time. There is one of his visions that take him to see a younger version of his father to a scene where he was facing off against remaining members of the Targaryens soldiers who were told to remain at the Tower of Joy and after fighting is finished Ned hears a woman screaming in the tower and runs off to it. But then we don’t see any resolution to this until the final episode when Bran re-enters the vision and see that Ned was reunited with his sister who was dying because of blood loss during child birth and from that point Bran realises now that Jon is a Stark and is his cousin as well. But that’s not also the confirming part, Lyanna then whispers to Ned the name of the father and promises not to tell Robert the truth and to protect him. Like with Sansa’s letter there was somebody who may have figured out who the father was but the more realistic theory is the fact that the tower is in Dornish territory, who have been a staple in the Targaryens houses for a long time, but the tower was also guarded by some of the best fighters that Rhaegar and Aerys had that weren’t at the Battle of the Trident and there must have been a good reason why they weren’t there and the only reason that I could think of would be the fact that Rhaegar would be Jon’s father.

So that is the end of this series and the fact that it is confirmed that there are only going to be thirteen episodes left of the series I am looking forward to all of them and what wars that are going to be coming since on one side we have a large fleet of ships with thousands and thousands of Dothraki as well as three large Dragons, a House getting back into ruling the North as well as the threat that is slowly coming down to Westeros from beyond the wall… Winter is HERE.

Top Five Dragon Ball TV Villians

Following on my lists this one I am going to be covering the villains of Dragon Ball and covering my favourite villains.

Majin Buu5: Majin Buu: When I started watching the Majin Buu arc I got to say that Majin Buu was one of my favourite characters, but less for him being a villain and more of being a misunderstood character. This was really brought more forward when Mr Satan went to go after Majin Buu and it showed that he wasn’t really a bad guy especially when he killed off Babadi and became more of his own person. I think that this could have been easily resolved if they Mr Satan was able to convince that Majin Buu wasn’t that really of a bad person then there could be a chance that Vegeta wouldn’t have died, Dende wouldn’t have had to travel to New Namek to resurrect the Earth and everyone there. But in the end they were able to have the Good Buu be able to stay and live with Mr Satan.

Androids4: Androids: The Androids are some of the strangest parts. For instance when Androids 19 and 20 appeared these were more likely to go with causing mass destruction and creating as much terror as they could do. But when they switched to Androids 16, 17 and 18 things seemed to be a whole lot more different since they weren’t out to create much terror as the previous ones did. I think that this is more to with the fact that they were going after 16’s main target being to go and kill Goku, which they can’t do since the fact that Cell got in their way and absorbed by him to then bring in one of the best arcs in the series. But I am rather glad that after the event we got to see Android 18 being brought back and then later 17 being resurrected but one of my favourite Androids for the series is 16. The fact is that outside of his programming of him wanting to kill Goku is that he seems, like Majin Buu, to be a rather innocent character. But my favourite moment is during the Cell Games where 16 tries to kill Cell by self detonating but he then finds out that his bomb got disabled and I did feel rather sad when Cell killed him. But I am glad that there was at least one Android survivor at the end of this.

Freeza3: Freeza: Freeza was one of the first villains that I can easily remember from when I remember watching the series back when I was a child and he had all these rather amazing transformations. My favourite design is his Final Form and even his third form since Aliens is one of my favourite films. Another reason why that I really like Freeza as a villain is the since that he is able to be rather powerful in all of his forms for instance that he was able to beat a Namekian rather easily in his base form and then he was able to beat Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan when he turned into his next forms and he still was able to stand up to Goku in his Super Saiyan form which I think was a pretty good feat since that Super Saiyan was a built up thing in that arc. I was then rather disappointed when Freeza showed up on Earth during the beginning of the Android Saga when he came back in a rather patched up robot mode and then got slaughtered by Future Trunks. Nevertheless I was happy when they brought him back for the Resurrection F movie but I am going to cover that on a different blog.

Super Buu2: Super Buu: Even though I do have Majin Buu down on the list, I decided to then to add Super Buu to this list as well and higher for one main reason. Evil Buu was a lot more challenging opponent and also had a lot more better fights than what Majin Buu had. Another reason why that I added him to the list is that he was able to absorb Piccolo, Gohan and Gotenks and Majin Buu. He also was able to learn their move sets as well when Super Buu absorbed then made him rather a deadly person to fight against.

Perfect Cell1: Perfect Cell: For me Perfect Cell was one of the best villains that they had faced in the entirety of the series since that he was able to hold himself rather well against pretty much everybody until the end where he gets beat by Gohan with a amazing Kamehameha where even Goku, who sacrificed himself to kill Perfect Cell, was able to destroy him. I think that the reason why I preferred Perfect Cell over the other is that instead of just going around killing people on the planet. He gave the Earth nine days to prepare for his own martial arts tournament where he would challenge anybody who came to his tournament. I really did like this since that it was then when we saw the debut on Mr Satan who went onto say that he saved the Earth against Cell. We also get to see Gohan prove himself more as a fighter since that it was Cell who managed to help Gohan push himself to SSJ2 with the use of Cell Jr’s who went and beat up everyone who was there and caused Gohan to basically snap. There is one thing that I do like about Cell was that he was the first villain to actually know the main attack moves from pretty much every fighter in the galaxy, somehow, as well as even some of the abilities of people as well since that Cell had the ability to regenerate because of the cells of Piccolo. He was pretty much the perfect killing machine that was created in the history of Dragon Ball Z.

Top Five Saiyan Dragon Ball Characters

As with my last post I am going to be covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters and with this one I am going to be covering the Saiyan race.

Gotenks5: Gotenks: One of the coolest ideas that Dragon Ball Z has and I got to say that I do really like Gotenks as a character. But at first when we see him I did find him to be much of a rather annoying character since that he seemed to be rather cocky both times that he appeared and just decided to go off and face Buu. But once he decided to pay attention was when I decided I liked him more as a character. Gotenks is really much a showman compared to either Trunks or Goten but either way Gotenks is pretty much the wild card since that he has some rather good attacks.

Future Trunks4: Future Trunks: I remember when I watched the first episode where Future Trunks appeared and I got to say he had an amazing opening episode. Not only was he a character that was able to turn Super Saiyan but he was able to make Freeza and King Cold look like a minor threat. Also seeing Freeza being cut up was a rather big deal since that it made Trunks look like a character that can be a good ally for the Z-Fighters. Ever since the end of the Cell Games saga I was wondering what had happened in his timeline and I got to say that I am glad that Dragon Ball Super started a saga where it was about the future timeline and it has been really good and has had good episode and we are now seeing a rather different side of Trunks since that he is now against a rival that is even stronger than what he is and this forces him to go back to the past to at least be safe. It is rather sad what happens to him in this arc and I am not going to spoil this to people who haven’t watched it but it is a well written story for Trunks in Super and I do recommend for people to watch it.


This list was originally going to be a Top 5 for just all of them but I changed it to be separate and this was the image I was going to use for Gohan then

3: Gohan: I think that there have to be some people that would agree with me is that Kid Gohan was a rather annoying but I was really glad that he managed to become a better character as each series went by. My most favourite version of Gohan is Teen Gohan during the Cell Games since that Goku had the most faith in him that he would be the person that could beat Perfect Cell and he did manage to do. He even was the first Saiyan that was able to progress to SSJ2 properly. I then do like his progression that he has through the Saiyan-Man arc onwards since that we finally got to see Gohan even start to be in a relationship and it was something that I really liked seeing. The chemistry between Gohan and Videl was well done in my eyes since that Gohan seemed rather clueless at first but I think then during more of the training that he realised something and then he started to have more feelings for her.


Goku2: Goku: Of course with a list that of top five Saiyan characters of course Goku has to be on the list but in my opinion I don’t think that he is the best Saiyan. I never had the chance to watch all the original Dragon Ball anime, but I do plan on rectifying this soon, so I can’t have much say on what he was like during this so I am just going with the Goku that I know from the DBZ series. For me Goku is a really good character but he managed for to be rather boring when we got into the Otherworld tournament and a bit onwards since that I wish that they had progressed more on with Gohan since that the rest of the series should have been more based on around him and his progression, yet it then seemed to be more about Goku as the series progressed. But I then started to realise more that it would have been better if they did then focus on Goku since that he is pretty much the face of Dragon Ball. However there is one thing that I did find rather weird when it came to Goku and that was in the Battle of Gods film and I thought it was rather weird how Goku did seem to complain that he wasn’t able to reach the form of Super Saiyan God, when I saw this I thought that it would seem more of a reason why Vegeta would be complain since that that he would complain that he is more of the person that would want to progress further as a individual than what Goku does.

Vegeta1: Vegeta: Vegeta for me is one of the most developed characters that actually in Dragon Ball Z. He started out as a villain and has progressed to a hero and now a god. Ever since the beginning of the Android saga I have enjoyed since it was where we saw more of his developments towards being more of a hero. But the most that does come with his character is during the Babadi and Majin Buu arc where Vegeta allowed himself to be taken over by Babadi so that he can reach his full potential and reach SSJ2. This was a really well done story and the ending for Vegeta was well done as well. He manages to actually overcome Babadi’s spell and manages to sacrifice himself and admit that Goku was going to be better than him. He did manage to get better after he died and was done in a great way when he was sent back to help the fight against Majin Buu with the help of King Yemma and then when Dende headed to New Namek where he used the dragon balls there and wished for everybody who was good to be brought back to life before the start of the World Martial Arts tournament and then it was shown that Vegeta no longer had a halo above his head. It was a fitting moment during the season. Another good moment that I do like about Vegeta is during the Universal Tournament where they ended up meeting people from another universe and where they found that in that universe was that they also had Saiyan’s. In this Vegeta went up against Cabba who’s race of Saiyan’s didn’t need to progress to Super Saiyan. Vegeta manages to unlock Cabba’s potential and turns him into a Super Saiyan. Hopefully there will be a time later on in the series where they are going to see more of Cabba and hopefully have the Z-Fighters head off into Universe 6 since that Cabba turned Super Saiyan more of them could be turned and then that way there could be a problem for them to solve.

Top Five Dragon Ball Characters

So for the next few posts I am going into a few blogs covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters but each list is going to be different. For this list I am going to be covering my favourite characters that aren’t with Saiyan’s or Villains. They are all going to be in their own lists that will be coming in the near future.

Krillin5: Krillin: For me Krillin was one of the most remembered characters from the series and he has had such many great moments from the show. But one of my most memorable moments from the series is when he ends up falling in love with Android 18. This is something that I really liked when I watched through the Android saga and it was rather amazing that Krillin had such a hard decision in front of him. Does he save the Earth by not giving Cell the chance to absorb her and killing her in the process but then not being able to tell her his feelings or the more difficult choice and not kill her and then let Cell to then absorb her. It is some of the best development during the Android arc for a single character and it all ended really well for Krillin in the end since that he ended up marrying Android 18 and having a child.

Mr Satan

One of my favourite scenes from the Martial Arts Tournament in Series 7

4: Mr Satan: The Saviour of the World who defeated Cell and befriended Majin Buu Mr Satan is quite possibly the only person that people can find rather annoying but he is a really good character. This is really more shown during the Majin Buu arcs where he goes to kill Buu but then comes to the realisation that Buu isn’t really much of a bad guy since that he seems to be rather of a sweet and innocent being. He then comes into his own later in the Kid Buu arc where he finally realised that everything he has seen has been real and there is possibility for people to possess great powers that can destroy worlds and defeat the true evils are possible.


Videl3: Videl: When I got to watching series 7 of DBZ there was one character that I really did like and that was Videl. For the one fact that it that she is Mr Satan’s daughter, yet when it comes to her fighting style, she is a more ample and better fighter than her father since that she seems to take it a lot more seriously. For instant she was one of the first people in the series to find out who Saiyan-Man was and also learned how to fly and started to trust Gohan more and more through the series and started to have feeling for him, which is something that I really like to see in this on how a person can change from thinking that people who use their energy in a fight as a trick to then learning on channel her own energy and learning how to fly in the process.

Piccolo2: Piccolo: From a former villain of the Dragon Ball series in DBZ we saw quite possibly the most change of a character. For instance in the first arc with the arrival of the Saiyan threat Piccolo managed to train Gohan so that he could at least be prepared for anything to happen since that Goku couldn’t teach him as he got killed. He managed to be pretty much a father figure for Gohan which is something that I really liked in a character. But the next time that we do really see Piccolo like this is during the Majin Buu and Fusion arcs where we see that he ends up back training kids again and this time in the form of Gotenks and Trunks and managed to train them in perfecting the fusion technique and managed to train them to face off against Majin Buu, they did then end up being absorbed by Buu but they did put up quite a fight against him and were some pretty good episodes.

Bulma1: Bulma: Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball stories Bulma has always been a fixed character who has something to do with pretty much nearly every story. For me the reason why she is at the top of the list is because she is one of the best people that have been around the series. In the Dragon Ball Z arc she did come into her own during the Android Saga when she helped a lot when it came to finding out about the androids and even creating a device to destroy them as well, this then backfires, but still it was good. But the most that I have seen when it comes to progression of her character was during the Battle of Gods film (but I do hope that there is more of her development in DBS during this arc) where she just became a badass and talk down to a God of Destruction and manages then persuade him to not destroy the planet by offering of food which I still find to be hilarious.

WWE Superstars That Are Badly Used

So with a large amount of WWE wrestlers being released from their contracts or negotiating to get out of their contracts early there are a lot of wrestlers that I think that WWE should put focus on some of these talents since that there is a lot of good potential that just keeps on getting screwed over by creative.


Goldust: I am going to be putting Goldust low on this list mainly with rumours going around for the past few days that he could be doing the same as his brother and trying to release himself from his contract. Goldust over the many years has been a rather mid-carder for WWE and when he returned in 2013 and won the tag team titles with his brother, Cody, I thought things might have went well for him. But instead they went rather badly, especially when they decided to have Cody dress up as Stardust. Ever since he returned after injury he has been used more as a comedic role and spent something in the span of three-four months trying to form a tag team with R-Truth which, some of it has been good, it has went on for far too long and then had them forming two other teams to then have their partners turn on them and then have Golden Truth be actually formed. Hopefully this does go somewhere. But I just realised something rather baffling to me, THEY ALREADY DID THIS. Years ago when Booker T was still a active wrestler he and Goldust formed a tag team where Goldust was trying to get Booker to join him in rather bizarre ways and this is just a repeat. 14 years later and WWE are reusing stories. Nevertheless I would have loved to see Goldust at least have one last run with the Tag Team titles if he is deciding to leave the company.

The Asencion

The Ascension: Ever since The Ascension came up to the main roster from NXT they haven’t gotten over well with the audience what so ever. Even though that they were over with the crowds in NXT which does rather baffle me as a fan. I think that a reason why they didn’t go over well with the audience is because of the terrible booking that creative did give to them. They should have booked them to be rather strong being able to take out most of the tag team roster. However due to the time that they were brought up the tag team division was pretty naff to begin with. There were not that many good teams then and they just then got pushed back into a corner then teamed with Stardust for a few months. What I think WWE would need to do would to be re-package them in a rather different to what they are. Have them be sort of like The Eliminators, since there finisher is rather similar to theirs, have them interfere in matches with whoever the tag team champions are at the time and then keep on booking them as good heels from then. Hopefully something good could happen to them when Konnor comes back from suspension.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler: How is it that a former World Champion can go downhill so fast? Possibly due to injuries that he has sustained. But when was the last time that we have seen Ziggler actually do something rather big and major? A very long time. He has been put in some of the worst story lines that WWE have had in the past several years and I think that it would be a good chance for him to actually win a title and become a credible wrestler yet again. He hasn’t had a title since cashing in Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio and that was quite a while ago. Currently he has been in a really long and boring programme with new NXT call-up Baron Corbin and that should have been over a while ago instead of still continuing on. I hope that something does happen good to Ziggler soon because he just seems to be in a rather rut when it comes to going anywhere currently in WWE, a title win (quite possibly US Title) could see him reignite his career as champion.

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder: What can I say, Zack Ryder is the one superstar that I can think of that gets screwed over time and time again by WWE’s creative. He had a great run in December of 2012 winning his first ever single title on the main roster beating Dolph Ziggler for the US Title, then going on to drop it to Jack Swagger, got assaulted by Kane in a storyline between him and John Cena and then finds his ‘girlfriend’ Eve Torres making out with Cena. From then there was nothing major that he was in until this year when he was a part of the Intercontinental Championship ladder match where he managed to surprise a lot of people and was able to win it, but then went on to then loose the title to The Miz on the next night. I think that WWE were stupid to have him not even have a legitimate run with the title. What they should have done was have The Miz win then have Zack going up against him and then when Maryse was brought in for Miz and then bring in Emma to be on Zack’s side that way it would be a good programme that they could do and could see Zack being a good mid card competitor. Hopefully he could be back as a contender to a title sometime this year.