April 2017 Update- Fate of the Site

So over the past weeks a lot of good things have happened to me with the biggest being that I now have a job.

But the thing that I am more concerned about is how this is going to affect the site since that I am trying to start saving up money and I wanting to do more things this year such as trying to get to SunnyCon this year in June and possibly Newcastle Comic Con in either May or November but for them I am unsure. Plus, I want to save up to start travelling as well since that I have always wanted to go abroad and explore new cultures.

However since I do a lot of pre-planning for what I write I don’t know how much of it I would be able to get out since that I like to get them out on a specific date, usually being a Monday. But for some of my blogs I may start putting back on random days, especially for the next three issues of Justice League/ Power Rangers since I don’t know when I would be able to get to my nearest comic book store to pick them up so there are chances that those reviews could be coming out later than usual. I will try to get my blogs out on time but at this time I am not really sure.

Hopefully these next few weeks and months good things can happen since that I have a lot of personal things that I also want to do like being more sociable with since that it is something that I am rather lacking for the past few months since that I haven’t spent a lot of time around groups of people and I have always seemed to be much more of an outsider or a watcher then socially active. 

If anybody wants to get more updates for this site there are two ways that you can now do it. The first is my Facebook page and the second is Twitter just search IronDan13 and you should find it.


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