Could The Amityville Horror Work as a TV Show?

The Amityville HorrorOver the Christmas period I got The Amityville Horror book for Christmas and it took me about two or three weeks to read it and it got me thinking. Could the story make good more a mini-series for television?

I do think that it could make a good show for the way that the book is built since there is a lot of things in the book that would make good elements for a show since that there could be a lot adapted for longer scenes. For instance, there is a lot of the story that revolves around Father Mancuso who is dealing with the slight possession that happened to him through the book and seeing him deal with those problems. From what I remember of the film I don’t even think that he even got that much screen time. He was just annoyed with his diocese, losing faith and going blind. Yet in the book it is more different since that he can recuperate and get a lot healthier and moves on from his life for the better of his health.

Another thing that they could do better would be being able to build up the suspense more over a number of episodes. The downside of the film was that since that it was only for a roughly two hours there really isn’t that much time to really build up that much suspense over time as what a series would do. Having some sort of threat or event happening in the last act of the episode would want to bring more people into being intrigued in what has been happening or is going to happen.

With the history that this franchise has had over the past few decades I am surprised that there hasn’t been a television series been made yet. Plus, with the past few attempts that I have seen of them trying to get the latest film out it hasn’t been done rather well. Maybe with a series been made it could be more interesting towards fans and since that are many different forms of media where people can watch it, Netflix, Amazon Prime and the countless of other channels that are available.


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