WrestleMania 33 Predictions

So, this year’s WrestleMania just seems to be rather O.K

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle RoyalAndre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: This battle royal so far has been more and more of a good stepping stone for the past winner (minus when Big Show won but who cares). But this years I think could be up to anybody from Raw, SmackDown or possibly even NXT and the winner of this will have a pretty good year. Winner: Braun Strowman/ Mojo Rowley

WWE Championship MatchWWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt (C) v Randy Orton: So the build-up for this match has been a giant cluster-fuck for a lot of reasons. The first is AJ Styles getting screwed out of the main event after beating Luke Harper in a number one contenders match but then had to fight Orton in another match. But getting onto the match in general this match was pretty predictable for the build up with Orton turning his back on Wyatt but he went to some extremes. The major extreme is Orton BURNING DOWN THE WYATT COMPOUND, yet no kayfabe reason was brought up to get him into trouble. But for the match in general I think that it could be good but I think that the ending is going to favour Wyatt and gives him the win and it doesn’t make him seem like a transitional champion. Winner: Bray Wyatt.

Universal Championship MatchWWE Universal Championship Match: Goldberg (C) v Brock Lesner: Oh, boy this seems like it’s going to go be a pretty boring match since that their previous matches really haven’t been all that great honestly. Their match at Mania 20 was boring and their match at Survivor Series was… quick and I really don’t see this match being a masterpiece but if I had to pick a winner I’m going with the person that is going to be there ‘longer’ and that is Lesner since that it looks like that he is going to be there longer competing than Goldberg unless his contract got extended. Winner: Brock Lesner.

United States Championship MatchWWE United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (C) v Kevin Owens: Now I think that this match would have been better is it was title v title but that got nixed for the steaks for Goldberg/Lesner. This has been built up well since SummerSlam last year with Jericho and Owens being best buddies and all and I was glad that it took them longer to pull the trigger on the team that Y2AJ last year. These two are some of the best workers and I do expect a few good spots in the match and I also do think that Owens is going to win the belt off Jericho since that Owens is willing to do anything to win. That and Jericho is going on tour shortly so that could be another reason. Winner: Kevin Owens.

Raw Womens Championship MatchWWE Raw Women Championship Fatal Four Elimination Match: Bailey (C) v Sasha Banks v Charlotte v Nia Jax: Now this is quite the cluster of a match. First the match was going to be originally Bailey defending the title against Sasha since they do know how to tell a story well, looking back that their previous matches in NXT before Sasha got called up. This would have been fine but Charlotte wanted her chance to headline Mania again for the title and a triple threat would have been fine. But then Nia stepped in and won her match against Bailey and got herself into the match and made it more difficult for Bailey to retain her title and it seems that the title is in jeopardy of being hot potato again. But this time it could be something rather fun as the match has now been changed to elimination rules and that means that we defiantly going to have a better match than I originally thought. But for this I think that for eliminations it is going to be Nia to be eliminated first with a group effort, then Charlotte is next to be eliminated and leading down to Sasha and Bailey in where we could also see Sasha turn on Bailey to get the win. Winner: Sasha Banks.  

Intercontinental Championship MatchWWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (C) v Baron Corbin: I’m just going to make this rather quick and predict that Corbin is going to win the title. Ambrose has held the title for a few months and I don’t think has defended it in a while, plus it is something to add to Corbin’s accomplishments since that it has been a year since he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Winner: Baron Corbin.

Smackdown Womens Championship MatchWWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Alexa Bliss (C) v The SmackDown Women’s Locker Room: So, it’s Alexa Bliss pretty much against every woman in the locker room and the better thing is that it is currently unknown on what type of match that it could be, a battle royal, gauntlet match or maybe the return of the Championship Scramble. If I had to guess there are two spots left in the match possibly since that Eva Marie has been off television for a while and there could be a chance that Naomi’s knee injury that she had a few months ago, has healed up faster than what she anticipated and that would make for a pretty good return for her as well wrestling in front of a home crowd. Winner: Alexa Bliss

Cruiserweight Championship MatchWWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (C) v Austin Aries: Now this is a match that I am looking for. I am a big fan of Austin Aries and I am glad now that he is back wrestling on the Raw and 205 Live roster and I think that this is going to be one of the best matches that he can put on since Neville is another phenomenal wrestler as well and with his new style that he has been using it is going to be a lot of fun to see this match and to see what the highflying action that Cruiserweights can pull off. Winner: Austin Aries.

Raw Tag Team Championship MatchWWE Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: Gallows & Anderson (C) v Enzo Amore & Big Cass v Cesaro & Sheamus: The tag team scene on both shows hasn’t really been good in the past few months and I think that this match isn’t really going to do that much for Raw’s division since that it really doesn’t matter who wins the titles. But if I had to make an educated guess I think that Gallows and Anderson or Cesaro and Sheamus that could win the match since that I really Enzo and Cass don’t have that much experience when it comes to involving ladders into the equation. But I still think to some trickery I see The Club retaining their belts. Winners: Anderson & Gallows.

CenaBella v MizMaryseMix Tag Team Match: The Miz & Maryse v John Cena & Nikki Bella: Not going to lie but I do really want to see The Miz win this match. For the past few months The Miz has had a lot of better matches on SmackDown when Cena has been off doing whatever he does. The past few weeks on SmackDown the segments between the four of them have been rather well done. The Miz has brought up a lot of good points about all the bad things about Cena such as getting a title shot by returning after a brief break and how he got his girlfriend to sign a contract and that is rather bad. Winner: The Miz and Maryse.

Shane v StylesShane McMahon v AJ Styles: In all honesty this is a big step down for AJ Styles from his match that he had against Chris Jericho last year. I don’t see this being the best match on the card and I think that it would have been better if Shane was to use a proxy instead of wrestling the match would have been a lot better for me. But I think that AJ could bring Shane to have a good match since that there isn’t an added stipulation to the match since that AJ is one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet and he can get a good match out of anybody. Winner: AJ Styles

Reigns v TakerThe Undertaker v Roman Reigns: I don’t think that anybody really wanted to see this match for at least three reasons. The first is that this feud is one of the worst built for the card since that they have barley had any time together. Two, Reigns should have been going heel after his match with Braun since that there will be nobody wanting to boo Undertaker. Third is Taker should have retired after last year’s match since that he isn’t as fast as what he was and according to sources when he took the spear off Reigns he was in pain. I wish that this match would have been Cena v Taker since that we haven’t had a one-on-one match between them in over 10 years and it would have been a better passing of the torch than giving it to Reigns who is still rather green compared to his SHIELD brethren who have had experience with bigger fights. Plus, if Reigns were to win the match then they would be having a stadium full of fans booing. Winner: The Undertaker.

Rollins v Triple HNon-Sanctioned Match: Seth Rollins v Triple H: So this is going to be a fun match that I would have never thought to see since of the past few months with Rollins re-injuring his knee and putting this match into jeopardy till possibly SummerSlam. But it looks like that there has been a way by making this match into a Non-Sanctioned match which means that it will be easier for them to tell their story. I also think since that at least till now that Samoa Joe isn’t on the card he is going to interfere in the match to help Triple H but to help out Rollins I think that Finn Balor is going to return and help him win the match since that in the past few weeks on the House Shows Balor has been working in matches along with Triple H and it would be an amazing pop to see him return at Mania. Winner: Seth Rollins.


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