Top Ten Favourite Fictional Women

A few weeks ago, a YouTube friend of mine released a video of his top 10 women for International Women’s Day and since that this is a month also dedicated to women as well I think that I will throw my two cents in and do my own list.

Buffy Summers10: Buffy Summers- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I’m a 90’s kid and this was one of my favourite shows that I watched and the reason was, Buffy was a bad ass. Buffy is a high school girl who has to balance school work, being a cheerleader during the day and also having to kill vampires and demons at night, that is Mighty Morphin Power Ranger levels of over accomplishments there. But Buffy was something that hadn’t been much around in the 90’s and that was a strong female lead and that’s what she was, dealing with new threats from season to season.

Kate Beckett9: Kate Beckett- Castle: I am big fan of the Castle television series and one of the reasons why is because of Kate Beckett. She is a no-nonsense cop who lands a case that links in with a slightly wacky and outlandish writer and then from there he ended working with the NYPD on cases that they got. The reason why I like her is that she is dedicated to her craft and that she even has her reasons why she became a cop and that was because of her mother’s and then we see the best of her through the series when more and more information unravels we see her wanting justice to be done.

Chloe Price8: Chloe Price- Life is Strange: One of the game that I wasn’t sure about getting was Life is Strange but after I got the first episodes I was hooked and one of the reasons I was hooked was because of Chloe Price. For the time frame when this is set she is your rather typical alternate type teenager who used to be good and kind to becoming a different person after her father died and she ended up getting a tight arsed step father who seemed to have a rather creepy pass time. Chloe on the other hand is an interesting character as the episodes continue since that it in you find out what happened to her since Max moved away and that she even found a new friend but she disappeared one day and she seemed to go off the rails a bit more but when she finds out what happened to her it was rather sad. But that’s just all, in the game you end up also travelling to an alternate timeline where her dad didn’t die but something worse ended up happening and it was something as a player that seemed to be rather hard to do and I think that I am going to leave that there since that I don’t want to put spoilers since that it is a rather touchy subject with a lot of people.

Gone Home17: Samantha/Kaitlin Greenbriar- Gone Home: So, I am slightly cheating with this one for a good reason, the game revolves around you playing the game as Kaitlin who returns home after a gap year where she went traveling around the Europe, but when you arrive home there is nobody around at all, no parents and no sister too. In the game, you have to go around the house and find clues to what has been happening from finding out to things about your mother and also some really weird stuff including what appears to be that somebody communicating with spirits through a Ouija board. But the main thing that happens through the game is that you find items that belong to your sister, Samantha, and hear about her story on what she has be doing since moving and how it has affected her life, including finding out that she is also romantically involved with another girl and this is pretty much her story and it is rather sad to hear what happened to her through the audio tapes but in the end it has a happy conclusion and is also a game that I highly recommend for people to go and play.

Lara Croft6: Lara Croft- Tomb Raider (2013): I pretty much played the rebooted Tomb Raider game on a whim since that all I watched was a walkthrough but I didn’t see that much. But after playing through it I really loved this incarnation of Lara. The game is pretty much a new origin story for the character with her being a part of a researching crew that is being filmed also for a project about finding a lost island where apparently, Sam, Lara’s friend, is a decedent of the Sun Queen who’s island they try to find. But shit turns sideways and it turns out that the island is full of followers of a crazy cult that kidnaps several of the crew and kills anyone that escapes. But Lara ends up taking up a lot of responsibilities to help get off the island including rescuing Roth’s pack from a wolf, dealing with the crazy cultists and fighting off against Oni’s as well as going through tombs and natural hazards. In the end, she manages to rescue Sam from the cultists and get the remaining survivors to safety. I am currently playing through the sequel and so far, I have been enjoying it.  

Princess Leia5: Princess Leia- Star Wars: For a lot of fans Princess Leia is usually in a top place for favourite Star Wars characters and it’s rather easy to see why, she is a another no-nonsense character since that her role in that she was in possession of information that needed to be given to the Rebels, but the most badass that we see her in is Return of the Jedi where she infiltrates Jabba’s Palace to rescue Han from imprisonment and then being part of the ground attack on Endor taking out the shield generator. But that’s not only when she has shown her badass credentials, in the Star Wars series by Marvel, Leia was willing to sacrifice herself to take down Vader when they had a chance of defeating him. But hopefully in the future for the Star Wars films Rey will be just as much of a badass as what Leia was.

Barbara Gordon4: Barbara Gordon- DC Comics: Barbara Gordon is one of my favourite members of the Bat-Family even more than Batman. The reason why is because she has had a lot to deal with over the years. The most was during The Killing Joke where Joker attacked her in her apartment and shot her, paralysing her for many years up to the New 52 when they brought the character back to her Batgirl persona. But she also wasn’t just shot and by the Joker it also seemed slightly exploited her by removing her clothes and taking pictures of her naked… that is pretty messed up and rather sickening. But since then she changed her persona to Oracle who pretty much became Batman’s support and helping him get information about people and places. But my favourite thing about her had been in her first volume in the New 52 run, where I said before, she returned to the Batgirl costume after receiving surgery that helped her walk again. It pretty much seemed that she was getting back to her basics when she was training as a rookie with Batman and Robin and that during the time in the arc there is a lot of her re-teaching herself how to be Batgirl and a lot of this happens mainly from the amazing writing that Gail Simone did through her run of the series.

Nancy Thompson3: Nancy Thompson- A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): I am a big fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and the main reason why I do like it is because of the lead of the film. Nancy is quite possibly the best lead in any of the films for the fact that she was pretty much a normal teenager who had a pretty much normal life, until the evil spirit started invading the dreams of teenagers and killing them in said dreams then that’s when it became more downhill for her. When she tells people what is happening everyone blows it off and her parents try to medicate her which then causes more problems in the film but this is also where Nancy learns something really important. When she encounters Freddy for the second or third time she grabs a hold of Freddy’s hat and when she wakes up she has the hat in the real world which then gives her an idea. She starts to booby trap the house Home Alone style and decides to confront Freddy for the last time. She pulls him into the real world and manages to defeat him by turning her back on him and forgetting him since that Freddy gets his power from fear, but when things turn out okay it turns out that Freddy was still after them but that ending seemed to be vetoed since that Nancy returns in the third film in the series.  

Bulma2: Bulma Briefs- Dragon Ball – Super: Bulma has to be one of the most important people that is in the Dragon Ball universe that isn’t a fighter and that is why I do rank her so highly. For instance, during the Dragon Ball portion she had created a radar that traced magical balls that could grant you any wish that you wanted and that is pretty much all I know from that point since that is all I have seen and read from the series. But from Z onwards she has done a lot that has helped the team. She piloted Kami’s ship to Namek to go and use those Dragon Balls to resurrect their friends on Earth and fighting Giant Crabs under water. But most importantly she helped through the Android saga since that she was the one that noticed that Android 20 resembled Doctor Gero and gave the Z-Fighters the location of where is lab was located so that they could find the new androids as well as then having Krillin and Trunks going back and killing the Cell embryo. She also created new Saiyan armour but she also created a detonator for Android 18 so that it was a way to make sure that Cell couldn’t reach his Perfect Form. But the most important thing that she ever created was something that debut in Z and that was the Time Machine which ended up being the point in the Android saga but then more recently in Super when Trunks returned to get help. But outside of creating new things to help her friends she also did something rather amazing and she giving Vegeta a reason to stay on Earth and started to give him some human qualities.

Ellen Ripley1: Ellen Ripley- Alien/ Aliens: Ellen Ripley is quite one of the most badass female action heroines of all time and the best films that shows this is first in Alien but even more in Aliens. In Alien, we see her dealing with a trying survive from being killed by the Alien and then at the end we see her drifting away in space after surviving the attack. In the sequel, she is a lot wiser than what the rest of the cast are since that she knows what they are dealing with. Also, another thing that I like about Ripley in Aliens is the fact that she pretty much became a surrogate mother to Newt since when she arrived back on Earth she found out that her daughter had died when she was in stasis and never had the chance to see her daughter grow up and this felt like a chance for Ripley to have it and why she spent all her time protecting and rescuing her in the film. The only sad thing about this was that in the sequel they killed Newt and pretty much had her back at square one which was a rather disappointment for the series for me.

And that is my list of my top ten fictional females and I wonder who are your favourite women fictional or even real.


One thought on “Top Ten Favourite Fictional Women

  1. Cool list and I know most of these people which is neat! My top 10 off the top of my head would probably be

    1. Dorothy (MAR)
    2. Slur (Megaman NT Warrior: Stream)
    3. Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box)
    4. Android 18 (DBZ)
    5. Tifa (Final Fantasy)
    6. Selena (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V)
    7. Yuuki (Sword Art Online)
    8. Mikasa (Attack on Titan)
    9. Black Lotus (Accel World)
    10. Harribel (Bleach)

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