Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Mini Comic

Last year I decided to finally go and play Star Wars The Forced Unleased 2 since that I had played the first game (on the PS2) and I was in a slight Star Wars kick. But since that I got it second had I was rather surprised to find that the game came with a micro comic book. So since that I was rather disappointed by the game is the comic that came with it any good?

The cover for the comic is pretty boring since that all we have is a picture of Starkiller posing with two lightsabres with force lightning enveloping his arms and across his body and that is pretty much we see of him since that he is not in the majority of the character. The rest of the story is from the point of Boba Fett.

The issue opens up with Boba Fett and Zasha arriving at Cato Neimoidia, where Fett fills her in on their mission. Their target is Starkiller and that all that he knows is that he is a strong force user and Zasha asks how strong. Fett points out how strong he is when they see the smoke from the ruins if Tarko-se, they head to the ruins and start searching.

On the ground they see that there are dozens of dead Stormtroopers and Zasha wants to take some of the gear for the black market but Fett tells her not to. Fett then notices that there is something else out there and we see the giant corpse of the Gorog, which is one of the bosses you get to fight in the game, and Zasha says that whoever killed this is out of their league but Fett says nothing is out of his league. Zasha asks Fett on what he thinks that Starkiller is after suggesting that he might be doing it for revenge or an imperial weapon but Fett says he’s looking for his woman, Juno, but then Fett starts picking up something on a scanner where the Gorog awakens.

They both try to get out of the way of the creature and Fett uses his scope to find a weak spot for the creature and notices that it has two hearts. The Gorog knock Fett out of the sky and manages to stand back up and fires a rocket right back at it and then punches a hole right through it, like Goku against King Piccolo, and kills it. Zasha tells Fett that this is the end of the road for her and asks Fett to go with her. But he declines saying that he took the job and Zasha asks him to make sure that the job doesn’t take him.

Meanwhile at Kamino where we see Darth Vader looking at the hologram of the confrontation between him and Starkiller. Starkiller asks what is happening to him with Vader saying that the accelerated cloning process is imperfect but this time it has seemed to have improved since that Starkiller seems to be more stable but Vader thinks that he is going to suffer the same fate. Starkiller asks what is he going to do with him and Vader reaches for his lightsabre but Starkiller blasts Vader with force lightning and the hologram ends. Vader asks if the person with his if he has seen enough revealing that he is talking with Boba Fett. Fett questions on how a clone was able to do this more damage. Vader says that he is a failed experiment and that Fett would be well paid if he can bring Starkiller back here. Fett says that he already has a head start and Vader tells him to bring Juno to act as bait and Fett then demands that he wants a squadron of Stormtroopers to act as fodder which Vader accepts and he also gives him some new Troopers, which are also in the game.

Overall this micro comic is all right and it also does seem that it could fill in some plot holes that the game has and the only way that I could figure out is by buying the graphic novel which I may end up doing at some point.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Mini Comic

  1. Hi IronDan13, Nice coverage on the Force Unleashed 2. Do you have the first Force Unleashed mini comic by any chance?

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