Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 Review

Last year it was revealed that DC Comics and Boom Studios announced that they were going to be doing a cross over between two of their titles for a six-part miniseries title Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When I heard that they were doing this series I was over the moon since that I am a fan of Power Rangers and I have been reading the current run of MMPR from Boom, which I should get around to reviewing the second volume.

The cover for this issue is rather good with the cover spilt into two parts with the Justice League on one side and the Rangers on their side.jlpr1 Another good thing about it is that it seems that the reflection symmetry does match off well with Superman and Jason in the middle since they are the main face of the team, Batman and Billy being the more deductive of the team, Cyborg and Trini being the technology translators, but Flash, Wonder Woman, Tommy and Kimberly I can’t think for the match up and the you have Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Zack are together for another unknown reason.

The issue opens up with a narration box saying ‘Angel Grove. Home to the Power Rangers’ with shots of the city and cutting over to a house and then to the high school. The narration continues on to say ‘Over jlpr5360,000 people live in Angle Grove… or did they?’ and then cutting over to the next page to reveal a giant crater where Angle Grove used to be. We then see the Rangers looking at the crater shocked about what they see with Zack kneeling saying that this is all of his fault but when he tries to repeat the line somebody cuts him off and it is Superman who tells him that it is not his fault. Zack says that they’re gone and we argued but Superman retorts saying that it isn’t on him and that they know who did this.

 36 hours before that we see the Rangers in the command centre where Zack teleports in and Jason asks him where he was and he replies that he got into an argument with his parents about him disappearing too often. This is something that is actually a good point in the series since that I don’t think that around the era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that there was ever a time where the parents complained about their disappearances before. Zack asks Zordon what has happened and he replied that Alpha Five has gone missing. Billy says that he went to do a check on the perimeter defences and Zordon lost the signal, he sends the Rangers out via the teleporters to find where Alpha had gone to. Zack manages to find Alpha in a forest and he asks Alpha what had happened to him with him just replying with Aye’s and Yi’s. Zack teleports back to the command centre where Zordon asks him what happened and he replied that he isn’t sure since that he looked like that when he arrived. Zordon points out that there is something wrong and tells him to teleport Alpha away with Zack getting a shocked expression on his face. Alpha Five explodes and blasts Zack away, Zordon tells him to wake up and then sees something that says to him ‘Oh yes’. Lord Zedd appears in front of him with an army of putties behind him.jlpr2

First of this is something that I am rather curious about with the canon for the Power Ranger series from Boom for the main fact is that they have only had two villains so far in the series. The first is Rita Repulsa since that the beginning of the story is set after the events of Green with Evil and the Mysterious Ranger who remote piloted the Black Dragon. It does make me curious if they do plan on adding Lord Zedd later this year for the series.

Zedd starts talking to Zordon and Zack cuts him off by saying no. Zedd tells him to stay down but he gets up and morphs in to is Ranger mode and tries to attack Zedd but he manages to whack him with his staff. Zedd says that he is stubborn or has a head injury to think that he can beat him, however Zack knows he can’t beat him so instead he decides to teleport him away. But Zordon chimes in saying that the Transporter is damaged but it’s too late. Zedd tells him to let go and Zack thinks that it is a good idea and he dumps Zedd somewhere but where that is we don’t know until possibly the next issue. Zack on the other hand crashes out of the teleporter landing somewhere.

Back at the command centre the other rangers arrive where they see the Putties are there and they morph and take them down. Trini picks up the head off the decoy Alpha and Zordon fills the team in on what has happened. Kimberly asks what happened to Zack and Zordon replies that he teleported him away but with the teleporter damaged in the blast all he knows is that Zack is far, far away and Trini asks where in the world he is and Zordon replies saying ‘that’s the thing…’. jlpr4Back with Zack he is beating up some Putties where headlights appear to then see Batman appearing telling Zack to put the axe down. Zordon finishes his line from before saying that Zack is not on their world. Zack replies to Batman saying that he knows what he is, whacking a Puttie in the process. He says that Batman is one of Zedd’s monsters but Batman says that he doesn’t know what Zedd is and that he can tell that he has a number of injuries and that he may have a concussion and again asks him to put down the weapon. But Zack replies with a no and jumps up to whack Batman with his axe, even though in the panel before they were standing in front of each other. Batman blocks the axe attack and manages to grapple Zack down onto the ground when in a splash page the Rangers appearing with Tommy saying ‘let go of our friend’.

Batman communicates to somebody asking for assistance and they reply being curious since that Batman usually doesn’t ask for help. He tells them that he is fighting enhanced beings that have increased durability, speed and strength. He asks where he is and he replies that he is in Illinois, then Ohio and closing in. Tommy asks Zack if he is okay and he gives him a run down in what happened to him. Billy tells him that Batman is not one of Zedd’s creatures and that he is unique to this world and that with the teleporter damaged he was transported to another world. But when Billy says that they are in another dimension a red blur passes straight through them taking their weapons revealing the Flash has taken them. Batman jumps into thejlpr3 Batmobile fires a missile towards Rangers and Kimberly tells then to get Zack out of there but Zack says that he can’t leave. Trini says that it is hard to rescue somebody if you leave them behind but Zack says that it is his fault since that he brought the fake Alpha and that he also brought Zedd to this dimension to as well and that they can’t go home without Zedd. Kimberly then replies saying that we have to deal with whatever this is and then summons the Pterodactyl Dinozord and plans to take out the Batmobile. Flash contacts the Watchtower, where Cyborg is stationed, Flash says that they need the big guns informing that they are dealing with enhanced beings and says that Batman has been taken by a Flying Pink Dinosaur Robot ending issue one.

For a first cross over issue this is pretty good beginning. We see the reason why the Power Rangers ended up in the DC Earth and the idea that the team thinks that Batman is evil creature that could be working for Zedd is rather interesting. It since that it is this is a first issue there is only so much story that they can have without it being bogged down in exposition. But there is something that I am rather curious about and that is how does the morphing grid still work when they are in a different dimension. I know that in MMPR season 3 they were in a similar incident when the Rangers went to another world to help Prince Dex and start off the Masked Rider series and Zordon said that there would be a strain on the morphing grid, but in the end there wasn’t any shown in the show. I am curious on what they are going to be doing for the next five issues since there is a lot of story that is still left to go as well as whatever devious plan that Zedd can come up with from the help of DC villains.


2 thoughts on “Justice League/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 Review

  1. The art looks fantastic and I’m liking this start to the crossover. I’m a big fan of the Power Rangers as well and this is a crossover that I had not been expecting. Hopefully the new film ends up being good as well, then it’ll be a true revival to mainstream for these guys. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle fighting Superman and the others in the coming issues.

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