Top Five Worst Films of 2016

So last year I saw a lot of really bad movies and I get the feeling that this year that it could easily be the same.

5: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: So I watched this a few days ago and I got to say I was rather disappointed about this since that it was not really as good as the original and that is probably due to the amount of changes that they did to it. I’m not against films adapting the original material but this is one of the times where it is done rather badly. rhpsldtwaI didn’t have that much of a problem with the casting for the film and actually having a transsexual for Dr Frank-n-Furter was a good way to adapt it for modern audiences. Other than that I thought it was rather boring. One of the main things that really bothered me about it was the opening song that in the original was done just with a set of red lips on a background but with this it was an actual person that sings the opening number whilst handing taking ticket stubs, serving customers and ushering them as the film starts in the cinema. I think that it was rather stupid that they did this but that is my opinion. I would rather watch the original.

4: Suicide Squad: Out of all the films on this list this is the one that I liked the most since that it seemed that it was more similar to what the Suicide Squad was like in the comics, but taking out the ARGUS soldiers, but they were there mainly for the plot. My problems with the film come from a few places, the first was that I found that Jared Leto to have had one of the worst portrayal of the Joker and that he was pretty much could have just been a cameo character like Flash and Batman were instead of being a really loose thread. susqThe second problem that I had was with the design for Harley Quinn, it was a really bad costume and I do think that I call bull when I heard apparently that all the outfit choices that Margot Robbie had for the character didn’t look right. The weird thing that I found was that a few months later when DC did the relaunch for their comic book series and that the Harley Quinn there looks a lot better in that then she did in the film. The cast over all I thought was okay and that there dynamic was rather okay but I think that it was rather overkill since that there were way too many people to actually identify with and I think that this is going to be a problem with future superhero movies. The villains of the film seemed to be rather boring and their backstory is pretty much none existent in the film. Hopefully the sequel will be handled better.

3: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: I had some hopes for this film when I went to see this but in the end it was a rather disappointment since that it had a lot of problems like the first film had. The first main problem with this is the casting, you have Stephen Amell playing the role of Casey Jones which I thought it was going to be cool however this ended up being rather disappointing, a lot like the fourth season of Arrow. It didn’t really seem like the Casey Jones that fans know since that Casey was a vigilante that wanted to take down the gangs that worked well with Raphael. tmnt2But in this film I don’t think that he and Raph even have any scenes together and that you only see Casey with his iconic mask only once through the entire film. It seems to be a rather waste of bringing in a good character. The second thing that does ruin the film is that during the very beginning of the film you have Shredder escaping and helped out by Kraang, who gives us a large exposition dump instead of padding in throughout the film which did make the film rather weak with story. The third problems that I had with the film was the ending for the fact that it seemed to be incredibly rushed. You have Kraang bringing in the Technodrome from Dimension X but we aren’t able to see it in all of its glory since that the Turtles manage to send it back. Also I found it rather stupid and curious that Kraang double crossed Shredder when he froze him and added him to his collection of other frozen playthings. The third problem I had with the ending was that they changed the design for the Man-droid suit that Kraang wears since that in the trailer for it the costume looks the same that of the original yet when the film came out it showed that the Man-droid without its head cover. Hopefully in the next few years they will remake the series since that with the bad box office outcome and reviews made sure that a sequel wouldn’t happen.

2: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: This is one of the worst superhero films that I could have seen since that this was really handled rather badly. I found it to be rather dull and long winded of a film since that a lot of the elements that didn’t work well with it. My first problem is that Superman seemed to be a non-entity in this films since that it appeared to be more focused on either Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne returning to the mantel of Batman, if the writers even cared about a film called Batman vs. Superman there should have been more scenes for Superman as well.BvSDoJ The second problem was the dream sequences that Batman had, in the long run they didn’t make much sense for the film since that there was no explanation to why he was having them and that they really didn’t accumulate for the story and seemed to be more setting up for Justice League and whatever is to come afterwards. These scenes could have easily been taken out of the film and the only problem that there would have been would be the shortened run time. The third problem that I have with the film is that Luthor and Doomsday are some of the weaker villains for the film. I am not a really big fan of the acting of Jessie Eisenberg and that the origins for Doomsday was the worst idea that they ever came up for since that Doomsday was meant to be a Kryptoinan monster and not a hybrid unlike the villain for Superman 4. I think that I would have liked this film a lot better if they did sort of went down the way that Marvel did their films and that was to have the one shots first and then a joint film. So since that we already have Man of Steel in the books it should have then been a Wonder Woman and Batman film to then build up on their lore, which we will be getting later this year and in few more for Batman, then have the joint film of Trinity that way you then have a reasoning for bringing in multiple characters to take down a large threat. But unfortunately only in a perfect world that could happen.

1: Blair Witch: I was rather confused and disappointed about this film and even more than Batman vs. Superman which could surprise a lot of my friends. The start of the film a film student and her friend are watching a video that was given to him of somebody going through a dark house saying that he spotted his sister in the footage. The sister in the footage was that of the original people that went to track the footage of the Blair Witch from the first film. They decided to head to the woods with two more of their friends and meet up with people that found the footage who ask if they can go with them to help find the Blair Witch.blair-witch After a long time, they get lost in the woods and they try to find a way back to a foot path or trail but no luck there and they then manage stumble on the Blair Witch house where inside they discover that the witch is there and I got to say from the scenes that we see of the witch it was really bad and it would have been a lot better if they used an actual person for the witch instead of CGI. The ending was confusing as all hell since that apparently the footage that we see at the beginning of the film was the footage that was captured with our main character. It really made no sense but at least that this film was a lot better than the second Blair Witch film that featured wiccans and really weird scenes. The acting was rather mixed at best and it seemed that they were also just college students that were making a film on a high budget since that they even used Go-Pro camera’s as well as having a drone that also gets caught in a tree. However, like I said with the design for the Blair Witch is that the special effects that they are rather bad and boring. I think from a camerawork standpoint this is a lot better than the original film, but it was pretty much the same film but on a bigger budget.


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