Top Five Movies of 2016

So this year I have watched a lot of films in the cinema as well on demand and on DVD and there have been some that I liked and there were some that were rather bad. This was meant to be a top ten list of what I was going to put down for my favourite films but I wanted to get this out earlier and doing a top ten would have taken more time. However, I am also going to do a top five for worst films that I have seen and that will be out on the same day as this.

5. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story: So this is the most recent film that I saw this year and I got to say for a majority of the film it was an alright film. rougeoneThis film is the basis of how the Death Star was built and the group of Rebels that went and tried to get the plans to find its weakness. I did like this film but it seemed to be rather over hyped with critics giving it five star reviews but it seemed that it was about as good as most films that came out this year. I only found it to be more enjoyable when it came to the final act since that is where all the action came full circle and it was really awesome. The space battle was one of the best scenes that I have seen in Star Wars since the space fight in Return of the Jedi. Plus, seeing the idea of a Rebel ship designed to ram into other ships was something new and different since that in the end it helped them get the information about the Death Star from the planet below. Then when you think it’s all over a Star Destroyer comes out of warp and destroys several Rebel ships and starts attacking them with one of the most awesome Vader scenes ever in Star Wars. But there are a few problems that I have with the film, the acting seems rather passable and the direction for the characters seems to be rather bad too. Then we have something that has a rather mixed reaction with people and that is the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia. The CGI looks rather passible and that it is rather equivalent to what the CGI used in the Battlefront games for their trailers. For Tarkin I think that it would have been better if he was used more for a hologram than it was to be an actual person since then it would make a better choice. For Leia on the other hand I think that it would have been better if it was just seen from the back and that it was just her voice. Overall it was a good film and something that is rather different since that it brings more lore into the Star Wars universe for people who prefer media over the fictional lore that I believe has change since that Disney have the rights to Star Wars.

4. The Jungle Book: Usually I am not a big fan of when movies get remakes but since that Disney really has no new ideas since that they have stated to remake a majority of their animation films and turning them into live action. the-jungle-bookOn the other hand, this film is my exception since that it is better than what the previous films have been. My favourite thing about the film is that the cast is rather well balanced. For instance, you have Bill Murray as Baloo and he is a rather perfect fit for the role since that he plays the laid back buffoon role rather well, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera is another good choice since that he is a knowledge factor for Mowgli about the jungle, then you have Idris Elba as Shere Khan and this is a really good choice since that he makes a really good villain. One of my favourite things about this films is that I am glad that the elephants don’t talk in the entire film which is something that I did find rather annoying about the original. In this they are pretty much the most respected animals in the jungle. Another thing that I really liked was Christopher Walken as King Louie and singing I Wanna Be Like You since that it was rather weird but it was really hilariously good. However, there are somethings that I found rather stupid about the film and that was having Scarlett Johansson playing Kaa since that it is rather pointless since that she was only in it for two minutes and that she was mainly there for a seductive voice and that was pretty much is. Overall it is another good film and that I hope that the next film that Disney are bringing out, Beauty and the Beast, will be as good, even though from the trailer it looks pretty much a copy and paste of the original movie

3. Doctor Strange: I was really hesitant about seeing this film and that it looked rather like the Green Lantern film. But I saw it and I thought that it was a lot better than it the Green Lantern film. The story revolves around the origins of Dr Stephen Strange that is I was surprised since that it was adapted from the comics on how he became crippled and then on how he learned about the mystical arts.drstrange Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Dr Strange in this film and I got to say that this was a really good call since that when people started to do mock up images of when it came to hearing that it was being made that it was a rather spitting image of the comic book counterpart. My favourite thing about the film is that it is has a lot of good comedic moments and that it does have a bit of a sinister feel to it. But there is something that I do rather find annoying about the film and that is mainly down to Dormammu and that he looks nothing like what he was meant to be since that he looked like a badly CGI head instead of a fiery skull. I think that this film does have something really good about it and that is being able to blend mysticism and CGI together, I really wasn’t interested with the CGI since that it looked like that in the trailer that it was going to be heavily just a CGI film, but I was wrong and I really did like the blending that they did in the film. But there is something that I really did like about the film and it came at the very end of the film in the infamous post-credit scene and that sees Dr Strange talking with Thor talking about bringing Loki to Earth and seeking his help to find out what had happened to Odin since that in The Dark World Loki was disguised as Odin. So that is something that I am going to be looking forward to see next year.

2.Deadpool: I found this film to be rather enjoyable, even more so if the repeated sexual scenes were taken out of the film during the beginning since that is why it most likely got it desired R rating in America. I was glad that we finally did get a good Deadpool movie since that his ‘appearance’ in X-Men Origins really did suck, but in this incarnation for Deadpool is better.Deadpool With this we have a twin time line story going on with the current time line with Deadpool in costume trying to find the person that stole his girl and trying to find out where she was and the past story line tells his origins and how he became Deadpool. The comedy in the film is really good and it is shown well in the film, Ryan Reynolds has actually shined out in this film since that the jokes are well timed and also see to be a lot like the comic book counterpart.  I think of the things that did slightly hurt it was the fact that the villain wasn’t really that much of a threat since that he was rather forgettable and the second is that I think the film could have done with some more mutants since that just having two X-Men but I think that is down to Fox or the writers not knowing how popular knowing how popular the film would be. But with the sequel being made there is a chance that we can see more X-Men in the sequel and also the rumours that Deadpool could be showing up in the next Wolverine film ‘Logan’ makes me more interested in the X-Men universe now than ever more.

1. Captain America: Civil War: For me this is most likely my favourite comic book film from this year. The story is an adaptation of the Civil War storyline with some changes. The first being the Sokovia Accords replacing the Superhero Registration Act, Captain America choosing to align with his friend who was a brainwashed assassin that tried to kill him in his last film instead of seeing the fact that he thinks that working for the government since they would tell them who were villains and who weren’t. The film focuses around the Winter Soldier and a person possibly working with HYDRA discovering where a secret HYDRA facility is where it turns out that there are more than one Winter Soldier and that somebody has a book that has the password to reset the hypnotising programme inside Bucky.civilwar Captain America and his rouge team that consists of Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky, Hawkeye and Ant Man decide to head to this secret facility but before they can do that Tony with permission from a returning Thaddeus Ross to create his own team to take down the Cap’s team. This also leads into bringing in the new Spider-Man, who unfortunately is a teenager. They clash at an airport that seems to be rather deserted and we see a pretty awesome fight scene between the two including one of my favourite scenes that involves Ant Man reversing his shrinking tech and growing to become Giant Man and then Spider-Man using the best line in the film taking down Giant Man in the way the Snow Speeders took down the AT-AT in Empire Strikes Back. The film ends with Captain America and Bucky teaming up and fighting Iron Man, in a pretty good fight scene, Iron Man finding out that it was Bucky killed his parents and then Captain America breaks his team out of the Raft possibly creating his team of Secret Avengers team whilst Bucky gets Asylum in Wakanda to find a cure for his brain washing. This is a good idea that does follow in a lot of ideas since that it wraps up elements from The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron and then it leads into the new chapter coming in for Phase 3.


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