The Muppets Christmas Carol Review

One of my favourite Christmas movies of all time is the adaptation of A Christmas Carol by the Muppets since that it was one of my first films I watched that was based on the book.

The film starts off on Christmas Eve with Gonzo the Great playing the role of the Charles Dickens and along with Rizzo they act as the narrators for the film. muppets-christmas-carol-3We see out Scrooge of the film, played by Michael Caine, where he dismisses two Muppets (Dr Honeydew and Beaker) who are looking for charity and declines his nephews offer to celebrate Christmas with him. Bob Cratchit, played by Kermit, and the other book keepers ask Scrooge to have Christmas Day off since that there wouldn’t be any business and Scrooge agrees.

Scrooge heads home where he ends up being confronted by the ghost of his old business partner. But with this incarnation they did something rather different. For this they decided to make Jacob Marley into two different people, brother’s in fact called Jacob and Robert Marley (Waldorf and Statler). They warn Scrooge to repent his wicked ways or be condemned in the afterlife and that three spirits will come to him during the night.

muppets-christmas-carol-2The first spirit arrives at 1 o’clock and says that is the Ghost of Christmas Past and has a childlike look and takes Scrooge back to his childhood and early adulthood. Gonzo and Rizzo also manage to get hitched along for the ride as well. The first place that they visit is lonely school where we see that one of Scrooges teachers was Sam the Eagle wondering why Scrooge wasn’t going home for Christmas and then it cuts to a few years later where we see Scrooge working for Fozziwig (Fozzie Bear). Fozziwig and his wife throw a party where Scrooge meets a young woman named Belle and he falls in love with her. However years later we see that Belle leaves Scrooge after he chooses money over her. This is rather sad since that present Scrooge seems to be rather emotional about it and possibly even have regrets about not being able to be with the woman that he loves.

The second spirit arrives at 2 o’clock and says that it is the Ghost of Christmas Present, who is quite a tall and jolly spirit and he shows Scrooge the joy and wonder of Christmas day. Scrooge and the ghost visits Bob’s house with his family with his wife Emily, played by Miss Piggy and a mix of frog and pig children. They notice that the family seems content with their small dinner and Scrooge takes pity on Tiny Tim who is ill. The ghost abruptly ages and says that it is highly unlikely that Tiny Tim will survive till next Christmas. Scrooge and the ghost then head to the cemetery where Scrooge it is revealed that The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come will arrive.muppets-christmas-carol-4 A fog fills up the cemetery where the third spirit appears as a tall, silent cloaked figure where we also see that Gonzo and Rizzo abandon the audience since that they are scared and the ghost takes Scrooge to the future.

Scrooge and the Ghost witness a group of people discussing the death of an unnamed colleague where they would only go to the funeral if lunch was provided. Scrooge recognises his laundress and the local undertaker is trading stolen possession to a fence called Old Joe. However they end up back at the Bob’s house where it is revealed that Tiny Tim has sadly passed away and Scrooge is then escorted back to the cemetery where the ghost points to a grave with the tombstone revealing Scrooge’s name etched on and that he was the one who died. With this Scrooge decides to repent and change his ways.

Scrooge wakes up in his room and asks a passer-by in the street asking what day it is and it is Christmas Day. He throws money down to the passer-by telling him to by the largest turkey that the butchers have and to bring it with him. Scrooge then heads out through the streets with the charity workers, Gonzo, Rizzo where they spread the Christmas joy around London. Scrooge heads to Bob’s house first putting on a stern demeanour but then changes his tune when he tells Bob that he is giving him a raise in salary and that he would pay off his mortgage. Scrooge then heads off to his nephews house and asks if he still had a place for him at his Christmas table and he says that he does. Dickens narrates on how Scrooge then became a secondary father to Tiny Tim and they celebrate Christmas the end.

 I really do love watching this films since that it is a really good adaption. There are a lot of good songs that are made for the films such as the opening song where people on the streets a singing about Scrooge who walks through them and we don’t see who Scrooge is until the end of the song. Michael Caine does make quite a decent Scrooge and during the Christmas Past part does show that Scrooge still has a lot of regrets about his past, especially when he chose greed over love and it is something that people can relate to, including myself.

So with the Christmas season nearly over and done with I know what I am going to be watching this Christmas Eve and hope that I don’t get visited by three ghosts.


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