Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

So I already a little bit late to the game here but I thought I decided to put in my two cents for this game.

Story: For this game the story follows off from the first game, which I didn’t play, where you can play as a Time Patroller (from five different races) and partake in restoring history points in the Dragon Ball Z and beginning bits of Super that have been altered by the villain Towa. But things are more different this time, Towa has brought in villains from a different canon in the Dragon Ball universe and that was bringing in the movie villains like Turles, Lord Slug, and Cooler etc. This does seem to repeat a lot of elements from the first game such as repeating some stages such as fighting the Great Apes on Earth and the Ginyu Force on Namek. But they did add some rather cool what if and new battles including Ginyu taking Trunks body and something that was missing from the first game and that was being able to fight Imperfect Cell and Androids 16,17 and 18 in the time line as well as fighting with Future Gohan. In and around the game the story follows through the disappearance of Trunk’s Time Patroller partner, who could be imported from the first game or a preset character from the game.xenoverse-2-3 It then turns out in the end that Towa had captured them and turned them evil with a controlled mask and when that plan fails she goes back in time and destroys the Dragon that granted the wish at the beginning of the first game. In the end of it Towa manages to steal Tokitoki’s egg and has Mira battle your character. However Mira goes rouge and merges himself and Towa with the egg into a altered form and you have to take him down with the help of everyone’s ‘favourite’ character Goku. In the end there are two post game missions that you can so that features Bardock and Future Gohan but it just seems more filler than anything else. Overall the story is rather decent play through but getting up to the fight with Frieza and Cooler requires pretty much a lot of grinding since that it can be quite annoying.

Characters: So with this game, like the previous instalment, you can bring along two AI’s with you on Parallel Quests. This ranges from having characters like Goku and the usual Z Fighters to the villains through the game. But there are also some characters that you can only unlock by doing specific quests as well as wishing for characters from the Dragon Balls which does seem that it could be rather long winded to get. But overall it does seem like a rather good range of characters and some of them do have rather interesting ways to unlock them such as a really cool PQ where you have to fight Yamcha who goes rouge and you unlock his super-villain form by just beating the game. But there is something that I wish that could be added for characters and hopefully something that could be done if they do make Xenoverse 3 and that is to have more villains from either Dragon Ball and GT or the films. But since that DB Super will likely still have a few years left we could see characters like Zamasu and Goku Black (with Super Saiyan Rose) in the future.

Quests and Expert Missions: Now here we come to a rather annoying and something that should also be rather fixed about the game. First the quests are pretty much copied and pasted over from the first game such as the missions for the story. This does seem like a bit of a letdown but it is rather disappointing that they did this. But this is mainly the 6&7 Star missions that are copied and pasted mission the rest of them seem rather repeated but there are new missions in it such as battling against the three main Androids and Imperfect Cell or fighting against the Z Warriors in the Cell Games, it is really fun. But here comes one of my problems and that is the Expert Missions.xenoverse-2-4 First this seems, from what I have played from it as well as watching streams from it was that there are many connection problems that it has and that is mainly due to what Bandai Namco’s severs. If they had serves dedicated to host online matches since that apparently it affects more of your broadband connection and from people that try to stream expert missions it does cause a lot of problems. Second is that if you try to do these missions offline then you are stuck with computer AI and that is pretty much worse since that they seem more sporadic and more of an annoyance.

Problems: Of course there are problems with this game. The copy and paste missions and problems with the Expert Missions online are rather annoying. Yet I do find more problems with this game, the first being something that should be available to do and that is being able to have the imported/pre-installed created character and being able to play as them or use them as support AI for PQ’s which does seem that it would be easy to do since that the move sets are in the game and the model is already there but there is no way that you can do it. It just seems rather weird that you can’t do it.xenoverse-2-2 Second problem is one of the story missions and that is the fight against Cooler and Frieza. This is one of the most annoying fights that is in the game, I had a easier time fighting against Mira at the end than I did with that fight. I basically had to grind to, I think, level 30 or 35 when I went back and done that mission. I don’t think that it should have taken me that long to get through that mission. The third is something that in the main world and that are the vehicles and the fact that you don’t get to fly in the main world until getting through the Frieza/Cooler mission. But I don’t see the reason at all why they did this in the first way since that when you start in the game you fly from whatever rift world you’re in and then being able to fly through the missions. It just seems rather a weird thing that they do and I hope that it is something that they fix when and if they do Xenoverse 3.

Overall Score 7/10


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