Top Five Pokémon Battle: Games

I am a huge fan of the Pokemon videogames and to continue of the theme for this month I am going to be covering my favourite battles that partake over all the games. However it is only going to focus on the handheld series since that I have forgotten a lot of the battles that happen in Pokemon Coliseum and XD Gale of Darkness for the fact I no longer have my Wii.

5: XY: Lysander/ AZ: For a while I always thought that X/Y did have a rather boring but there was something’s that I did like and it came near to the end of the game and that was Lysander revealing his true intentions and that was to basically destroy the world. Even though that it did feel like a rather rushed ending for the game it was something that I did like. In this we saw that Lysander revealing what he was going to do and then you have the first battle with him and it just feels like the first battle that you usually have earlier in games when you usually face off against the enemy leader in earlier parts of the games. However my favourite part of the these battle was when you fight him after either catching or killing the legendary when he comes out and has his mega stone and a more interesting battle happens here. Since that there is a second person for this slot I did like the fact that you could also face off against Lysander’s prisoner AZ, who was the king once upon a time, and you get to fight him after beating the Elite Four and Champion. This was more for seeing the AZ finally getting repentance for what he had done and his Pokemon, Floette came back to him and it was a nice ending for the series.

4: ORAS: Delta Episode: Now for this I am rather cheating for this and this is more about the lore and some battles that happen in the section of the game. In the aftermath of the main story for ORAS you are put into a story that does have a rather intriguing theory that these new series of games are set in an alternate dimension. The idea is that they live in a universe where mega evolution exists and that there were going to create a wormhole that would take the meteorite that is coming towards the earth and send it to somewhere else where the antagonist for the story said that what if it went to a universe where mega evolution didn’t exists. It is a really cool theory that they made especially for the old school players for the games.

3:BW: N/Ghetsis: Black and White was one of the game that had one of the best stories that are in the game. When you arrive in the first town in Black and White you see Team Plasma preaching about Pokemon and that they should be freed. From that point you are then introduced to a mysterious trainer known as N. From there you are there you encounter N a lot of times but it doesn’t get interesting until you get through the Elite Four where you head to the Champions Chamber and find that N has beaten him and erects his castle from the ground. From there you go around the castle looking for N and finally encounter him where he gives you the opportunity to capture either Reshiram/Zekrom and then you battle him but then once you face him you are then thrown straight into the fight with Ghetsis but in the end of that fight N realises that what has been happening is wrong and he then ends his ties with Team Plasma. It is a really good ending for the game and the sequel is a rather good story as well.

2:GSC/HGSS: Red: When I played Pokemon Gold for the first time I never even got the chance to face off against Red at the top of Mt Silver, for the fact that I pretty much was terrible at the game and only got to I think facing off against either Brock or Blue but that was a really long time ago. Role onto when the remakes came along and I finally had the chance to face off against Red in Soul Silver and this was one of the toughest fights I have ever had in the game. This fight makes you grind away to become the strongest you can be since the fact that Red’s Pokemon are all levelled between 70-80 so that means that you would need to spend a long time grinding especially if your team is about mid 50s or 60s if you want a chance of survival. But in the end it is totally worth being a top contender just for the fact that it is pretty much the last real fight in the game and the biggest challenge faced.

1:RBY/FRLG: Rival: Back in the day of the first Pokemon games you only had two main enemies in the game Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, and Blue (or Nutsack or whatever you called him). But the main challenge was always Blue. He is the first and if you didn’t go into the Viridian Forest could be the second trainer that you can fight. A lot of the time he does have a really good range of Pokemon at his use and there are pretty good as well and that is where the challenge is, to make yourself a better trainer than him and this all comes to a end when you beat Lance in the Elite Four and face off against the Champion: Blue. This is pretty much the ultimate test that was in the original game (besides MewTwo or MissingNo) since that if you lose this match, unless saving before the fight, would have to go back to the beginning of the Elite Four and do the challenge all over again. But once you beat him you then do have the satisfaction of being the number one trainer in the Kanto Region.


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