Pokémon Sun and Moon Expectations

So were nearing that time when the newest Pokémon game is coming out in November and I am really looking forward to playing it even though I do have a few worries about it as well.

Pokemon: So with this being a new region for Pokemon you know what that means we’re are going to have a tonne of new Pokemon to catch. To me there are a lot of rather interesting looking Pokemon and I look forward to try and catch them all (minus version exclusives since I am currently getting Sun), yet I do have one problem that I did have with Pokemon XY and that was the fact that there were more Pokemon from other generations. I think that this was to fill out the Pokedex since that there was about 60 or so new Pokemon added and if that is the same reason why I will take that into consideration

Alolan Form: So the newest thing for this game is the introduction of Alolan Form Pokemon with the theory around this was that Pokemon that lived he evolved in a different way compared to in other regions like Kanto and Johto. This means that we do get some really cool looking Pokemon with new types and with that new ways to beat them. So far my favourite Alolan forms that have been revealed have been for Sandshrew/Sandslash and Marowak they both do look really cool with the designs that they to go along with where they are from but then we do have some rather ridiculous looks forms such as Raichu and Exeggutor since they both do look rather silly and type coverage makes rather little sense especially with Exeggutor being Grass/Dragon type. Hopefully with the changes the Alolan forms have a lot better chance in-game then they do on paper.

New Format: So with this game there is something rather different to what previous games have done and that is it doesn’t appear to be an actual gym system in the game instead we have the Island Challenges that the player takes. Now I don’t have an actual clue on what the outcome of doing the Island Challenges does but it is something that I am looking forward to do since that it is nice to finally have a change. Another cool thing with this challenge it seem that in the challenge is that you get to fight actual Pokemon in battles which I think is really cool.

New Features: With this new game we also get a lot of new features as well including the ability to ride Pokemon in what appears to be a much larger area now when they introduced it in XY. With this it appears that you can use Pokemon to get through places in the game by using abilities that the Pokemon have such as with Sharpedo where it can smash through large boulders that are in the sea to reach new areas. Another new feature in the game is something that looks like they are bringing back in what they used in Black2 White2 and that was an area where you can interact with different trainers and buying items. Finally another interesting thing that they brought in was something for Pokemon to do when they are inside the storage system and that is the Poke Pelego where Pokemon are put into doing tasks such as finding new Pokemon that could join your team, gathering evolution stones (which is a really big help), training and gathering berries. This does seem like they are trying to make Pokemon into something more advanced and using previous elements from previous games since this weirdly does seem like the Dream World function in Black and White but since that was done more online on computer this seems to be a large step forward into making it a better version.

Ultra Beasts: There is something that I do rather think that looks rather stupid since that it seems something more out of a sci-fi flick. With the Ultra Beasts it looks like that in this game the Aether Foundation are in fact Bio-Pokemon and I think it just seems rather weird going off especially since that with the Island Challenges which seems to be more along the lines of a tribal journey. Hopefully this is something that is going to be explained more logically along the next month or to explain what they really are.


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