October Films

​So with the next month quickly approaching I realised that there are quite a number of films that are coming out and I’m going to cover the three that I am going to see plus a honorable mention.

Inferno: Tom Hanks is back in his familiar role in the third role in the franchise and it looks as good as the previous installment’s. I am a big fan of Tom Hanks since the last batch of films he’s been in has him in amazing roles and this could continue it. Plus I loved watching The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demon and they were both good. 

Rings: A few weeks ago the trailer for Rings came out and I have said this a lot about films recently but I really am looking forwards to it. For the one fact is this it does look like that it is a sequel but it doesn’t look like it rips off the original which I am really glad about. So far from what I know about the film it does have a slight presence from the original and that is looking for Samara and trying to break the curse, but the big differences this time is something different. It shows the biggest what if scenario being what if hundreds of people saw the video at once and it does and its something that I’m looking forward to see on how that scene goes on in the film.

Honourable Mention: Doctor Strange: When the news and trailer dropped for this film I was really excited at the time however I started having a lot of doubts about it but I have no idea why. I think that one of my problems with the film is that it is going to be more focused on the SFX more than other installments from the current MCU. Another problem that I see with the film that it does seem a bit similar to a DC movie that being Green Lantern since, from the trailers, it seems like to me. You have a guy going to a place that no one would believe would be real, a mentor like figure that hides what he really is, a love interest in the same profession thinking will they won’t they and then a villain that doesn’t seem to be a real threat. I know I’m likely to be totally wrong when it’s out but that’s how I do see it.

Ouija, Origins of Evil: Round about this time last year, I think with my luck it could have been this March, I bought a copy of Ouija and I did like it since that it felt more structured than other movies of this genre when they were out. Then around late Spring I heard that they were bringing out a prequel for the film and I was rather sceptical about it since that sequels or Spin offs from franchise’s tended to be rather disappointing in a lot of ways. But when I saw the trailer for it before Blair Witch it did have me more excited then what Blair Witch did. In this film we see what happened to the previous occupants of the house which was exposited in the first film. I’m a big fan of good prequel ideas and I do think that’s what they have right here and hopefully it can be a good hit. 


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