September Update 

Hey guys Daniel here, I’m just going to do a slight update for what is coming up I have a lot of changes to what I was going to be posting.

First is that I am still going to be doing my top five Pokémon battle lists, however they are taking a bit longer to go through but they should be out. The only thing that has changed is that I am no longer going to be covering the Universal Monster movies since that the boxset has been a little hard for me to find around where I live. But if I can find it in the future I will be covering them when I end up getting it.

To replace it I am going to be covering a film blog on four films that I am going to be seeing in October. Then for the rest of the month I will be covering a lot from the horror genre since that it is the month of Halloween and it seems like a running theme for other people. 

Hopefully I’ll have one blog out tomorrow which will be the movies I’ll be possibly seeing next month. 

Thanks for the support. 


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