Is Fallout 4 A Good Game?

Fallout 4_20160718172424

My character at Sanctuary Hills

It has been over a year since Fallout 4 was announced at E3 and I got to say I was originally just going to pass the game off since that I preferred the fantasy side of the Elder Scroll series (barring ESO because see old post) but when it came out I decided to watch a walkthrough on it and I was sold on the game and I ended up playing about five or so hours on Christmas Day.



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As of today I have spent a total of seven in game days playing it and I’ve completed the main story and done nearly everything on the DLC content that came out. But I really did like playing the story. The main concept is that your character starts on the day that the nukes drop in the start of the Fallout universe. You then travel your way to the nearest vault with your wife/husband and son. You then get but in a stasis pod and are frozen to then be woke up for one cut scene where your partner is then killed and your son gets kidnapped by a mysterious person and then get put back on ice. You are then woken up and then revealed that all the other pods have broken down and the only survivor of Vault 111. Then the main story from that is you are on your way to find out what happened to your son and this leads you in to a lot of different places throughout Boston. The main story is rather well done with the fact that I was glad when I stopped watching the walkthrough and that was when you find out that your son is in the Institute, a organization that makes Synths and there was a even bigger shock when you find your child to find out that he is now in fact older than what the character is and the chairman of the Institute. For my play through I was working with the Brotherhood of Steel and I decided to blow up the Institute. But that brings me to my next topic.

The replay factor for this game is rather good for the fact that you can play the game going down at least three different paths. The first path, the one I went down, Brotherhood of Steel is the military that the future has. They are the ones that tend to have more use the Power Armour and they are out to wipe out the Synths. It does seem of a rather idealistic thinking’s and deciding that people who align themselves with Synths are the enemy. The next line that you could go down is the Institute. This is where you find out more about your son and all the different things that the Institute since that they go out and hunt rouges and also for the fact that they are trying to make the world a better place since it looks more technologically advanced, for instance they were able to make synthetic gorillas. I really wish that I went down this line more but that is why you have replay. The third line that you can go down is the Railroad. They are a company that like during the times of the Civil War helped slaves escape and this is just the same. To reach the Railroad’s HQ you can head to the building if you already know where it is or following a red line that is near the Swan’s Lake and following that will bring you to there. I did do some of the missions for the Railroad but in all honesty I did find it to be rather boring tedious missions to do but it does seem more a ethical quest line to go down since your there to help out people.

Fallout 4_20160718184141

For all the good things that the game does have you then do have some rather downfalls to the game and that come in form of the DLC content. The first DLC that they brought in the Automatron where they added in the ability to play a new quest line and brought in a referenced character from Fallout 3, I think. I did, like the Railroad missions, to be rather tedious. But the fact is that I was able to do these missions since there was a way to exploit the Robotics Perk to disable robots from a longer distance so that you don’t get hurt. But they then nurffed the perk and you had to be closer to use the ability. Lucky enough I was able to finish the story before that update happened. The cool thing about the DLC was that you got to create your own companion based on what you could create and that is something that I do wish to improve on since that I tend to use the in-world companions more that the robots.

Fallout 4_20160718184616

The second DLC that they added the ability to capture creatures, tame them or send the people in your settlements to fight to the death. It was rather of a good idea to have but then it ends up just being a rather tedious task to gather materials and then wait for the creatures to come. The third of the first wave DLC that they released was Far Harbour. It was announced as Bethesda’s largest DLC that they have ever made and I got to say that after a while I was rather bored with it. It is rather a interesting story since that there is detective work to do and finding out all the clues that surround the mystery of the island and I have managed to complete it, except for one thing and that is telling the Brotherhood about them which I may end up doing in the mean time.

Fallout 4_20160718185024

I did find that there were a lot of problems when the DLC content came out and the most recognisable one was the fog design that they used and it really butchered the graphics for the game. It did make it rather unbearable to play through at times since that it was rather off putting but they did fix it but it still could have done with some improvement. There are more DLC content that is coming out but the one that I am looking forward to will be out next month and that being Nuka-Cola Land since that it seems that it is going to be another place that you can travel to and explore such as what Far Harbour is like.

Fallout 4_20160718190041

The game play for it is okay. It is rather just similar to what they used for Fallout 3 and it just seems to be polished up for the next generation version. There are a few small problems that I do have with the game play are rather small. Sometimes there have been a lot of bugs when it came when trying to talk with some of the companions which with the recent update seems to be rather downhill. My companion is Cait and there were a lot of times where it took me four attempts to just get her into the dialogue options. Then there was another bug where again with a companion had it stuck so all I could do would be telling where or what my companion to do. It did get rather annoying after a time and I am unsure if that got fixed during the latest update. I also do like the fact that you also get to adjust the colour of your Pip-Boy since that the basic green colour that you get at the start of the game is rather bland and rather difficult to find stuff, especially at night.

Over all I have enjoyed playing Fallout 4 and the amount of time that I have put into it was worthwhile yet there are something that did bother me like the DLC content that did feel rather lacklustre at times but being able just to go out and explore a game is still enjoyable. 8/10.


3 thoughts on “Is Fallout 4 A Good Game?

  1. Good to know about the Fallout 4 DLC I was thinking about picking it up! One small thing, if I might, you use the word “rather” a lot. I would reread your work out loud when you’re writing to make sure you’re not over using words. Other than that it was a good read!

    Have you ever thought about sharing your work on other sites? I’d be willing to help you get more views if you’re interested. Email me

  2. I think its just a repetitive thing that ends up happening to me in the same way people use like in a sentence where it doesn’t need to be used. I will make sure that I reread my posts before uploading them from now on. And no I haven’t had any though on sharing my work on other sites.

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