Game of Thrones: Was Season 6 Any Good?

So when it came to the end of season five last year I got to be rather admitting I didn’t really like that season but when this season started I was rather hooked on it.

GoTJSThe first thing that did have me rather hooked was the fact that they lingered a lot on Jon Snow and having him teased if he was going to be alive or dead through the first few episodes. There was a lot of information that came out when filming started that Kit Harrington was spotted on set so that easily started up the rumours that he was going to be alive. This ended up being true. Jon got brought back to life at the end of the second episode and from there a lot of things started to change for him. Sansa ended up travelling to Castle Black and was reunited and they decided to go and take back Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton. This was one of the stories that I did like rather more in this season above the other stories except for one which I will get to later.

GoTWWThe next thing that I did rather like was that we got more contexts on the White Walkers and on how they were created. We also learned a lot more on what they are like since that the main ones like the Night King aren’t affected by one of the main weakness that the grunts have and that is they aren’t weak to fire so I am guessing that their only weakness then could be Valaryian Steel which has killed other White Walkers. I do hope that in the next episodes that are left that that we can see more of the White Walkers and what they could be put up against.

Time to do a switch and there was one thing that I did rather find to be the most boring that the series is done. This is Arya’s arc that she had where pretty much every episode that she was just kept getting beaten up by a girl with a stick. I just thought that this was a boring repetitive sequence and I was glad that she decided to leave Bravos and come back to Westeros and had a really awesome scene where she finally got her revenge on the person that killed her mother and brother. Hopefully for the next thirteen episodes there will be a reunion between Arya, Sansa, Jon and Bran.

GoTDSSo at the end of last season Daenerys being surrounded by a load of Dothraki and we then find out that she is then taken by them for her to then reveal to them that she was married to Khal Drogo and then she was sent to the same place where Khal’s wives are sent to where she would live out her days with the other widows. But Daenerys being the rather awesome person that she was managed to round up all the remaining Khal’s and burned them all alive and preached to the remaining survivors that she is going to take back what is rightfully hers and forms a union of all the different Khalisars to form her own and then she managed to then find Drogon and then return to Mereen where Tyrion did manage to screw things up and had the people from Slavers Bay attacking the city and she was easily able to handle the remaining forces and managed to get peace for the city once and for all. But the best thing that has came from Daenerys this season is when she formed a union with Yara Greyjoy and her fleet of ships as well a Varys who seems to as well as united another two houses with the Targaryens that being House Dorne and Tyrell. With the amount of people, ships and resources at hand I can’t wait to see what Daenerys is going to be doing over the next remaining episodes.

GoTBOTBSo Battle of the Bastards for me was a really enjoyable episode from beginning to end. We finally got a lot of good action and most importantly Ramsey Snow (Bolton) got killed off in the most practical way ever, by his own dogs. But I am getting a head of myself. In this episode we saw something that we really haven’t seen that much of since season two and that was battle tactics. Ramsey’s forces had a really great offensive and defensive strategy which they use when they had Jon’s forces pretty much trapped between a circle of shields and a mound of dead bodies where more forces where coming over the top of the dead bodies. But Jon’s forces were able to be saved thanks to a mysterious message that Sansa had sent to somebody but there wasn’t a clue to who it would be, and since that there was somebody who apparently was able to see what she wrote I decided not to see it and be surprised if something was to happen in the show. It turns out that Sansa wrote a letter to Littlefinger and he and the Knights of the Vale rode up and helped win the battle in Jon’s favour. Ramsey then heads back to Winterfell but that turns out to be a waste of time since the only surviving Giant from the battle at Castle Black broke the door and gave them all a way to get into Winterfell but then got killed by Ramsey. But in one-on-one combat between Jon and Ramsey, Jon could have easily killed him but instead Jon knocked him out and then had him strapped to a chair and was then killed with his own dogs. This was possibly one of the best structured stories for this series alone and I look forward to see, like with Daenerys, what is going to happen in Winterfell with Jon and Sansa.

GoTSoBSo the beginning of episode ten was rather action packed and seemed to be completely different from the majority of episodes even from different seasons. We see the starts of the trial for Loras Tyrell where he confesses all of his sins and wishes to be part of the High Sparrow’s flock but then when it comes to the time where Cersei is supposed to be on trial she isn’t even there yet, however Lancel notices a child running from the Sept and decides to follow him where he then leads him down beneath the Sept and into a area where there appears to be casks of wildfire and a candle burning away in a pool of it. Meanwhile in the Sept, Margery wanted to leave but the Sparrows blocked anyone from leaving and then we cut to where the candle is and it reaches its lowest point and ignites the wildfire and blows the Sept up with everyone in it. The only other person that wasn’t there at the time was Tommen and he witnessed the explosion from his bedroom and realised what was happened jumped out of the window. Thus Cersei’s witch’s premonition came full circle and she then, somehow, became Queen of Westeros. I found this to be rather of a cool thing to see but the once scene that when Jamie returned from the siege at Riverrun and saw the destruction and green flames coming from the city and headed straight to the castle and saw Cersei being crowned. It was a well put together scenes and is a real memorable moment for the series.

GoTToJBut there is one thing that I haven’t talked about yet and it is a rumour that has been circling around for many years and that it R=L=J, R being Rhaegar L being Lyanna and J being Jon Snow. This was brought up in the series with Bran’s vision quest that he has through the series where he can see throughout time. There is one of his visions that take him to see a younger version of his father to a scene where he was facing off against remaining members of the Targaryens soldiers who were told to remain at the Tower of Joy and after fighting is finished Ned hears a woman screaming in the tower and runs off to it. But then we don’t see any resolution to this until the final episode when Bran re-enters the vision and see that Ned was reunited with his sister who was dying because of blood loss during child birth and from that point Bran realises now that Jon is a Stark and is his cousin as well. But that’s not also the confirming part, Lyanna then whispers to Ned the name of the father and promises not to tell Robert the truth and to protect him. Like with Sansa’s letter there was somebody who may have figured out who the father was but the more realistic theory is the fact that the tower is in Dornish territory, who have been a staple in the Targaryens houses for a long time, but the tower was also guarded by some of the best fighters that Rhaegar and Aerys had that weren’t at the Battle of the Trident and there must have been a good reason why they weren’t there and the only reason that I could think of would be the fact that Rhaegar would be Jon’s father.

So that is the end of this series and the fact that it is confirmed that there are only going to be thirteen episodes left of the series I am looking forward to all of them and what wars that are going to be coming since on one side we have a large fleet of ships with thousands and thousands of Dothraki as well as three large Dragons, a House getting back into ruling the North as well as the threat that is slowly coming down to Westeros from beyond the wall… Winter is HERE.


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