Top Five Dragon Ball Movie Villians

Now for me this is going to be a slightly difficult list for me do since that it is rather hard for me to do since that I haven’t seen a lot of the films, but I have seen a few and I am going to go off the villains that I have seen.

Ressurection F5: Golden Freeza: So for this I am putting this form of Freeza in this list since that it was originally in the film version and then gets adapted for the second arc in Super. I think that having them bringing back a rather popular character and we also get to see what it would have been like if Freeza would have been like if Freeza decided to train. I liked this. Since that it was a throwback to the original series was that he never trained a day in his life and was never previously pushed to go into his Final Form. I was rather amazed when he came back to Earth and manages to beat Gohan in pretty much one move in his base form. That was pretty much a wow moment for me. But in the end there was one problem that Freeza had and that was the same thing that happened to Goku during the time when he faced Beerus in Battle of Gods and that was he couldn’t keep Gold Mode for a long time unlike Goku and Vegeta who managed to stay in SSJSS form for a longer time.

Battle of Gods4: Beerus: Like with Golden Freeza I am putting Beerus down on this list since that he was a movie villain even though he then just becomes a regular character in the show after the Battle of Gods arc in Super. For me Beerus was a really good designed character since that this was a brand new story that they created and he was designed to be really well going of more of an Egyptian theme as well as his domain being similarly based off a pyramid. One of my favourite things about it is that Beerus is that when we first see him he is a rather lazy of a being but he also can have a bit of a short temper which I find to be a rather interesting character that way. Another things that I like about it is after the fight that Beerus has with Goku and that he wasn’t even fighting at full strength when Goku was a Super Saiyan God (Red) and this got me thinking more on what would it be like if Beerus was to fight at full strength against Goku at SSJSS at full strength that would be a match-up I and many fans would like to see.

Cooler3: Cooler: So most recently I have been watching a lot of the Team Four Star videos and I saw both the Cooler films from there and then I was able to find the actual versions of the films on YouTube and comparing Freeza to Cooler I think that Cooler was a lot different and better character than what Freeza was in the show. Cooler seemed to be much more of a stronger character and better designed. But when it came to Revenge of Cooler movie I thought that was where I defiantly thought that he was a lot better character. Coming back after being blasted into the depths of space and reflecting on that it was his fault that Goku was alive since that his ship was in orbit near Planet Vegeta and noticed the pods that left the planet. But when he came back in is metal form he looks way much better designed where as the design when they brought Freeza back for the few minutes that he was back looked rather bad. Cooler just seemed to be a better character than Freeza until he came back in Resurrection ‘F’ where he did look better.

Janemba2: Janemba: Out of the movie villains that I thought were good all I then remembered about Janemba from the Fusion Reborn movie where we got to see the fusion of Goku and Vegeta and a rather weird animated scene on Earth where Gohan obliterate Freeza, Gotenks scared of an adapted Adolf Hitler and Mr Satan faced off against zombies. But the coolest thing about this film was Janemba and the fact that he seemed to be rather similar to Majin Buu. He had a rather child-like innocence in his first form but then when he went to his second form he was really well designed. In a way he almost seemed to in a way look rather like a cross between Perfect Cell and Freeza in a way and I think that from the movies stand point that it was one of the best designed characters that they had made. Another reason why I like this character is that he was able to push Goku to his limit even when he was in SSJ3 form and for that time the only other person that could have done that was Majin Buu. But in the end Janemba was defeated in the end but he put up against a good fight in the end.

Broly1: Broly: Like with many other people Broly is considered to be one of the strongest warriors there is in the Dragon Ball universe and just by looking at an image of him can easily tell you why. He is basically built to destroy things that get in his way. His back story is rather sad. During the same day he and Goku were born and when King Vegeta learned that Broly had one of the strongest power levels ever recorded and he had Broly killed but again on the same day Freeza blew up the planet and Broly’s power was shown when he was able to protect himself and his father from the vacuum of space. From that point on Broly was then just used pretty much as a weapon to destroy sectors of space until the time came where they were able to find Vegeta and start to initiate their plan to get revenge. But something inside Broly snaps and turns him more reckless and into a Super Saiyan and I got to say that I do find Broly’s Super Saiyan form really cool. For instance he does get quite a size boost but there is something different from the regular Saiyans and that is his hair colour seems to be more of a green colour compared to the blond and he has no pupils and his eyes are just white. It does make him quite the unique character. The rather disappointing thing is that I think that he got rather disappointing in the second film that he was in since that he seemed to have such a problem dealing with two children and everybody likes to forget about Bio-Broly. I do sort of hope that sometime during Dragon Ball Super that we may see another Broly somewhere in the universe that maybe even stronger than current Goku which I really would like to see.


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