Top Five Dragon Ball TV Villians

Following on my lists this one I am going to be covering the villains of Dragon Ball and covering my favourite villains.

Majin Buu5: Majin Buu: When I started watching the Majin Buu arc I got to say that Majin Buu was one of my favourite characters, but less for him being a villain and more of being a misunderstood character. This was really brought more forward when Mr Satan went to go after Majin Buu and it showed that he wasn’t really a bad guy especially when he killed off Babadi and became more of his own person. I think that this could have been easily resolved if they Mr Satan was able to convince that Majin Buu wasn’t that really of a bad person then there could be a chance that Vegeta wouldn’t have died, Dende wouldn’t have had to travel to New Namek to resurrect the Earth and everyone there. But in the end they were able to have the Good Buu be able to stay and live with Mr Satan.

Androids4: Androids: The Androids are some of the strangest parts. For instance when Androids 19 and 20 appeared these were more likely to go with causing mass destruction and creating as much terror as they could do. But when they switched to Androids 16, 17 and 18 things seemed to be a whole lot more different since they weren’t out to create much terror as the previous ones did. I think that this is more to with the fact that they were going after 16’s main target being to go and kill Goku, which they can’t do since the fact that Cell got in their way and absorbed by him to then bring in one of the best arcs in the series. But I am rather glad that after the event we got to see Android 18 being brought back and then later 17 being resurrected but one of my favourite Androids for the series is 16. The fact is that outside of his programming of him wanting to kill Goku is that he seems, like Majin Buu, to be a rather innocent character. But my favourite moment is during the Cell Games where 16 tries to kill Cell by self detonating but he then finds out that his bomb got disabled and I did feel rather sad when Cell killed him. But I am glad that there was at least one Android survivor at the end of this.

Freeza3: Freeza: Freeza was one of the first villains that I can easily remember from when I remember watching the series back when I was a child and he had all these rather amazing transformations. My favourite design is his Final Form and even his third form since Aliens is one of my favourite films. Another reason why that I really like Freeza as a villain is the since that he is able to be rather powerful in all of his forms for instance that he was able to beat a Namekian rather easily in his base form and then he was able to beat Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan when he turned into his next forms and he still was able to stand up to Goku in his Super Saiyan form which I think was a pretty good feat since that Super Saiyan was a built up thing in that arc. I was then rather disappointed when Freeza showed up on Earth during the beginning of the Android Saga when he came back in a rather patched up robot mode and then got slaughtered by Future Trunks. Nevertheless I was happy when they brought him back for the Resurrection F movie but I am going to cover that on a different blog.

Super Buu2: Super Buu: Even though I do have Majin Buu down on the list, I decided to then to add Super Buu to this list as well and higher for one main reason. Evil Buu was a lot more challenging opponent and also had a lot more better fights than what Majin Buu had. Another reason why that I added him to the list is that he was able to absorb Piccolo, Gohan and Gotenks and Majin Buu. He also was able to learn their move sets as well when Super Buu absorbed then made him rather a deadly person to fight against.

Perfect Cell1: Perfect Cell: For me Perfect Cell was one of the best villains that they had faced in the entirety of the series since that he was able to hold himself rather well against pretty much everybody until the end where he gets beat by Gohan with a amazing Kamehameha where even Goku, who sacrificed himself to kill Perfect Cell, was able to destroy him. I think that the reason why I preferred Perfect Cell over the other is that instead of just going around killing people on the planet. He gave the Earth nine days to prepare for his own martial arts tournament where he would challenge anybody who came to his tournament. I really did like this since that it was then when we saw the debut on Mr Satan who went onto say that he saved the Earth against Cell. We also get to see Gohan prove himself more as a fighter since that it was Cell who managed to help Gohan push himself to SSJ2 with the use of Cell Jr’s who went and beat up everyone who was there and caused Gohan to basically snap. There is one thing that I do like about Cell was that he was the first villain to actually know the main attack moves from pretty much every fighter in the galaxy, somehow, as well as even some of the abilities of people as well since that Cell had the ability to regenerate because of the cells of Piccolo. He was pretty much the perfect killing machine that was created in the history of Dragon Ball Z.


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