Top Five Saiyan Dragon Ball Characters

As with my last post I am going to be covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters and with this one I am going to be covering the Saiyan race.

Gotenks5: Gotenks: One of the coolest ideas that Dragon Ball Z has and I got to say that I do really like Gotenks as a character. But at first when we see him I did find him to be much of a rather annoying character since that he seemed to be rather cocky both times that he appeared and just decided to go off and face Buu. But once he decided to pay attention was when I decided I liked him more as a character. Gotenks is really much a showman compared to either Trunks or Goten but either way Gotenks is pretty much the wild card since that he has some rather good attacks.

Future Trunks4: Future Trunks: I remember when I watched the first episode where Future Trunks appeared and I got to say he had an amazing opening episode. Not only was he a character that was able to turn Super Saiyan but he was able to make Freeza and King Cold look like a minor threat. Also seeing Freeza being cut up was a rather big deal since that it made Trunks look like a character that can be a good ally for the Z-Fighters. Ever since the end of the Cell Games saga I was wondering what had happened in his timeline and I got to say that I am glad that Dragon Ball Super started a saga where it was about the future timeline and it has been really good and has had good episode and we are now seeing a rather different side of Trunks since that he is now against a rival that is even stronger than what he is and this forces him to go back to the past to at least be safe. It is rather sad what happens to him in this arc and I am not going to spoil this to people who haven’t watched it but it is a well written story for Trunks in Super and I do recommend for people to watch it.


This list was originally going to be a Top 5 for just all of them but I changed it to be separate and this was the image I was going to use for Gohan then

3: Gohan: I think that there have to be some people that would agree with me is that Kid Gohan was a rather annoying but I was really glad that he managed to become a better character as each series went by. My most favourite version of Gohan is Teen Gohan during the Cell Games since that Goku had the most faith in him that he would be the person that could beat Perfect Cell and he did manage to do. He even was the first Saiyan that was able to progress to SSJ2 properly. I then do like his progression that he has through the Saiyan-Man arc onwards since that we finally got to see Gohan even start to be in a relationship and it was something that I really liked seeing. The chemistry between Gohan and Videl was well done in my eyes since that Gohan seemed rather clueless at first but I think then during more of the training that he realised something and then he started to have more feelings for her.


Goku2: Goku: Of course with a list that of top five Saiyan characters of course Goku has to be on the list but in my opinion I don’t think that he is the best Saiyan. I never had the chance to watch all the original Dragon Ball anime, but I do plan on rectifying this soon, so I can’t have much say on what he was like during this so I am just going with the Goku that I know from the DBZ series. For me Goku is a really good character but he managed for to be rather boring when we got into the Otherworld tournament and a bit onwards since that I wish that they had progressed more on with Gohan since that the rest of the series should have been more based on around him and his progression, yet it then seemed to be more about Goku as the series progressed. But I then started to realise more that it would have been better if they did then focus on Goku since that he is pretty much the face of Dragon Ball. However there is one thing that I did find rather weird when it came to Goku and that was in the Battle of Gods film and I thought it was rather weird how Goku did seem to complain that he wasn’t able to reach the form of Super Saiyan God, when I saw this I thought that it would seem more of a reason why Vegeta would be complain since that that he would complain that he is more of the person that would want to progress further as a individual than what Goku does.

Vegeta1: Vegeta: Vegeta for me is one of the most developed characters that actually in Dragon Ball Z. He started out as a villain and has progressed to a hero and now a god. Ever since the beginning of the Android saga I have enjoyed since it was where we saw more of his developments towards being more of a hero. But the most that does come with his character is during the Babadi and Majin Buu arc where Vegeta allowed himself to be taken over by Babadi so that he can reach his full potential and reach SSJ2. This was a really well done story and the ending for Vegeta was well done as well. He manages to actually overcome Babadi’s spell and manages to sacrifice himself and admit that Goku was going to be better than him. He did manage to get better after he died and was done in a great way when he was sent back to help the fight against Majin Buu with the help of King Yemma and then when Dende headed to New Namek where he used the dragon balls there and wished for everybody who was good to be brought back to life before the start of the World Martial Arts tournament and then it was shown that Vegeta no longer had a halo above his head. It was a fitting moment during the season. Another good moment that I do like about Vegeta is during the Universal Tournament where they ended up meeting people from another universe and where they found that in that universe was that they also had Saiyan’s. In this Vegeta went up against Cabba who’s race of Saiyan’s didn’t need to progress to Super Saiyan. Vegeta manages to unlock Cabba’s potential and turns him into a Super Saiyan. Hopefully there will be a time later on in the series where they are going to see more of Cabba and hopefully have the Z-Fighters head off into Universe 6 since that Cabba turned Super Saiyan more of them could be turned and then that way there could be a problem for them to solve.


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