Top Five Dragon Ball Characters

So for the next few posts I am going into a few blogs covering my favourite Dragon Ball characters but each list is going to be different. For this list I am going to be covering my favourite characters that aren’t with Saiyan’s or Villains. They are all going to be in their own lists that will be coming in the near future.

Krillin5: Krillin: For me Krillin was one of the most remembered characters from the series and he has had such many great moments from the show. But one of my most memorable moments from the series is when he ends up falling in love with Android 18. This is something that I really liked when I watched through the Android saga and it was rather amazing that Krillin had such a hard decision in front of him. Does he save the Earth by not giving Cell the chance to absorb her and killing her in the process but then not being able to tell her his feelings or the more difficult choice and not kill her and then let Cell to then absorb her. It is some of the best development during the Android arc for a single character and it all ended really well for Krillin in the end since that he ended up marrying Android 18 and having a child.

Mr Satan

One of my favourite scenes from the Martial Arts Tournament in Series 7

4: Mr Satan: The Saviour of the World who defeated Cell and befriended Majin Buu Mr Satan is quite possibly the only person that people can find rather annoying but he is a really good character. This is really more shown during the Majin Buu arcs where he goes to kill Buu but then comes to the realisation that Buu isn’t really much of a bad guy since that he seems to be rather of a sweet and innocent being. He then comes into his own later in the Kid Buu arc where he finally realised that everything he has seen has been real and there is possibility for people to possess great powers that can destroy worlds and defeat the true evils are possible.


Videl3: Videl: When I got to watching series 7 of DBZ there was one character that I really did like and that was Videl. For the one fact that it that she is Mr Satan’s daughter, yet when it comes to her fighting style, she is a more ample and better fighter than her father since that she seems to take it a lot more seriously. For instant she was one of the first people in the series to find out who Saiyan-Man was and also learned how to fly and started to trust Gohan more and more through the series and started to have feeling for him, which is something that I really like to see in this on how a person can change from thinking that people who use their energy in a fight as a trick to then learning on channel her own energy and learning how to fly in the process.

Piccolo2: Piccolo: From a former villain of the Dragon Ball series in DBZ we saw quite possibly the most change of a character. For instance in the first arc with the arrival of the Saiyan threat Piccolo managed to train Gohan so that he could at least be prepared for anything to happen since that Goku couldn’t teach him as he got killed. He managed to be pretty much a father figure for Gohan which is something that I really liked in a character. But the next time that we do really see Piccolo like this is during the Majin Buu and Fusion arcs where we see that he ends up back training kids again and this time in the form of Gotenks and Trunks and managed to train them in perfecting the fusion technique and managed to train them to face off against Majin Buu, they did then end up being absorbed by Buu but they did put up quite a fight against him and were some pretty good episodes.

Bulma1: Bulma: Throughout the entirety of the Dragon Ball stories Bulma has always been a fixed character who has something to do with pretty much nearly every story. For me the reason why she is at the top of the list is because she is one of the best people that have been around the series. In the Dragon Ball Z arc she did come into her own during the Android Saga when she helped a lot when it came to finding out about the androids and even creating a device to destroy them as well, this then backfires, but still it was good. But the most that I have seen when it comes to progression of her character was during the Battle of Gods film (but I do hope that there is more of her development in DBS during this arc) where she just became a badass and talk down to a God of Destruction and manages then persuade him to not destroy the planet by offering of food which I still find to be hilarious.


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