Gone Home: Great Story in a Short Game

With this month’s free PlayStation Plus games being revealed I originally thought that this was going to be a complete let down since there was only two games for the month’s releases. One being NBA 2K16 and the other being Gone Home, I already knew that I wasn’t going to be getting NBA and I thought that I might as well get Gone Home since that it is free. So I downloaded it and I got to say that this so far has been one of the best indie games that I have currently played on PlayStation 4.

Gone Home1

You start off playing the game as a person called Katie who is returning home after travelling around the world but something seems rather off. Currently a storm is in progress (and playing this game with headphones on is one of the best ways to play it), you arrive home and something doesn’t seem right when you arrive home. Nobody is around to greet you returning and when you enter the house, something just feels rather eerie about the place. It could be for the fact that you are exploring a empty house at around 1am and the storm going on as well.

Gone Home 3

The story of the game is really beautifully told. Exploring the house you are looking for clues that create journal entries that develop the story of the game. The story is that not of Katie but that of Sam, your younger sister. She starts the journal going in about how she is dealing with moving to a new place and then finding out what actually what happened in the house. It then goes on for her to find out that she has met a new person called Lonnie and that they end up becoming close friends. It then delves into a really good plot where it turns out that Sam and Lonnie had gotten really close and that Sam ended up coming out to her parents, since that this game is set in 1995 this does seem like a rather touch subject since that it really wasn’t the normality of it but from what they world is like today it is better handled then what television and films did at that time.


For me there was something that I thought was rather eerie about the game and that was that for me I originally thought it was going to be a game that may have had horror elements to it. For instance the fact that there was nobody in the house and there was no notes outside one from the parents saying that they were going on Gone Home2their anniversary trip that you don’t see for a while when you are exploring through the house. Another reason why I did find it creepy was that I was wearing headphones and that there seemed to be a lot of creaking and I am sure that I even heard footsteps when I wasn’t moving as well but that could just be the setting of the game. The third thing that I found rather creepy is that there does seem to be a lot of hints that there could have easily been something weird happening since there are a lot of nods in that where there are strange things including books on exorcisms and haunting to even finding out that there are a load of secret passage ways and secret compartments around the house, that Sam ends up finding out, to then finding out there is a Ouija board as well. Instantly I really thought that something bad had happened. The ending to this game does give it a lot of great high hopes and that is that love can change anything, even if it is something that you ever wanted to do as a child.

I do really recommend people to play this game since that nowadays there are too many games where there are games that cost too much that have a poor story, this one (will probably have a good price) and a really well told story and would recommend this game to any of my friends and that currently has PlayStation Plus to go and get it while its free.


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