Why the Popplio Hate?

Ever since the first game I have been a big fan of the Pokemon games and I have enjoyed all the starters no matter on how bad they are when they evolved. In most recent times we have a new Pokemon game being released in November and from what we have seen from them I like the design of them all and am rather curious to see what they will evolve into. But just after the first full game play trailer came out people had a lot to complain about and that was about the water starter being Popplio.


I don’t see why people dislike Popplio since that it doesn’t seem to be badly designed. It seems to be rather of a cute design for a Pokemon since that most starters do tend to look more cute than there evolved forms.

From the history that I have had playing the games and the times that people who said that starters where terrible being Oshawott and Froakie and they actually turn out to be rather good Pokemon to have since that in the games there is a chance to get a Froakie that has an amazing ability. There could be then a big chance that there could be a really good chance that Popplio can learn something rather great and could be good with special attack since that most of the water starters seems to be more stronger towards physical attacks.

Hopefully within the next few months when we find out more information about the games we may see evolutions of the starters, more on the islands or possibly something about the story. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the game and I already know which starter I am going with and that will be Popplio.


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