YouTube Spotlight: UpUpDownDown

For a very long time as many people who read this blog or know me well I am a big fan of wrestling and also video game fan as well. Around about October or November last year I started watching the channel of UpUpDownDown mainly because I was rather bored and it seemed something rather interesting and from that point I was hooked with the channel from there.

Xavier Woods so far for me has been one of the most entertaining hosts that I have seen on a YouTube channel for a long time and his enthusiasm that he has for videogames is overwhelming. He is a great host and gets along well with all of his guests that he has on and that does make a great point on why he is such a good host. A lot of his greatest banter is when you see any video that has him and Kofi Kingston in Mortal Kombat since they have a lot of fun facing off against each other. Another favourite thing for me that makes me like Woods as a host is that he is willing to have himself be scared by playing horror games, some don’t pay off that well, but all the other times it is hilarious and does make think he is willing to do anything to entertain the audience.

I think that one of the points that rather interested me in this channel was one of the segments known as the Gamer Gauntlet where you have a few wrestlers talking part in a small tournament playing a game, usually Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter and has the loser being subject to a challenge that they have to do such as being having tennis balls being thrown at them or (a favourite of mine) being made to eat things like Ghost Peppers. Another of my favourite Gamer Gauntlet moments was the Madden 2K16 tournament where I think I started to then watch more and more of the channel, keeping up-to-date with who got through and thinking on who was going to win and I was a bit worried at first since about when Seth Rollins got through that he may have been out of the tournament, since he got injured at a house show, but he managed to still play in the series and win it. This for me was quite a good tournament and I hope to see more of this later this year when the Madden 2K17 comes out.

Another favourite segment of mine from this channel is the Superstar Save-Point. This is an excellent part since we find out more about the person that is on the show then just the character that we see each and every week on television. For instance I wouldn’t have picked people like Seth Rollins to be a gamer but he had some pretty interesting things to say. I have always found it that when I’ve went to conventions I have found that stories are always fun but since that I can’t travel to many conventions since where I live this is a good alternative since that there are a lot of interesting stories that the wrestlers do share about their gaming lives and about their childhoods as well so if anyone does like the sorts of road stories that wrestlers talk about they might like this segment.

My final favourite thing about this channel is one of the streams that Mike Murphy, more commonly known on the channel as El Murpho, does and that is the MyCareer Mode on WWE 2K16 and it is so entertaining to watch. Even though I don’t watch the streams for it, mainly because when the stream is on I am usually watching something and completely forget about it, I watch from part to part since that the whole entire stream gets divided into roughly five or six parts and they then get uploaded to the channel before the beginning of the next stream. This I do find really good since there are a lot of people who may not have two or so hours to spare and they can watch up to whatever they want to watch and then resume when the parts get uploaded. Another reason why I do really like this is because it does really want me to go out and by a copy of WWE 2K16 since that it seems to be the closest to actual wrestling that any of the games have came to and that the last WWE game that I have played was Smackdown v Raw 2011. But I may just wait till 2K17 comes out since that the game is probably is going to be a real problem to update.

These are my favourite parts of UpUpDownDown and I do want to wish good luck to Austin and the whole crew and hope to see more great content for the channel and for it to keep on growing, and remember: Keep It Tight!!!


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