Power Ranger: My Thoughts So Far

So for the past few months Saban and Entertainment Weekly have been giving us small pieces of what the new characters and designs for the up and coming Power Rangers movie that we will be getting next year and as a fan of the original series I at first was rather worried about it but now I do feel comfortable about the film. Plus I have a rather good theory about the costumes as well as well as possible story.


So to start off I am not 100% sure if this is a reboot of the original series so this could be a shot in the dark theory but in Power Rangers lore Zordon has created past Rangers when evil has came around and maybe that’s what the film is possibly going to be like. The costumes do look really interesting and rather modern, with a lot of people mocking it for looking too much like the Iron Man suit. I think that it does go off this idea for instance in the second series of MMPR Wild West Rangers the Rangers did have some small changes that made them look a bit different to what the original costume had. This could be something that they could be doing since they designs seem to be a more modernised version of the original suits.


So my theory is this a Zordon-like figure is escaping to Earth from a something that has happened with Rita and he decides that it is time to create a team of his own Rangers. Here he picks his five contenders and then grants them power to morph into Rangers. After a battle that the Rangers have against Rita’s minions she comes down to confront them and the way that her costume is designed is that she then morphs into the form of the Green Ranger. With this the Green Ranger manages to beat the Rangers with some ease and Zordon recalls them. He then tells them that Rita was once his pupil and that she was corrupted by a dark force, possibly a Lord Zedd like character and was infused with the Green Power Coin that could transform her Ritainto the Green Ranger. Zordon believes that there is still some good inside of Rita and tries to get her to see the error of her way but she rejects him and stabs him causing him to then be transferred into a power chamber where he becomes the giant floating head that people are more commonly seen. The Rangers then decide that it is time for them to mount up and then Zordon reveals to them the Zords that they will be piloting and if this is based off the MMPR era then most people will know that they are then. We then get a pretty cool robot fight between the Rangers and their Zord facing off against Rita and her Dragonzord. Then this is where it gets interesting, throughout the film Rita has been rather flip-flopping between if what she is doing is actually right and during the fight overpowers the control that the real villain may have on her and he then sends down Goldar for him to finish off the Rangers but Rita sacrifices herself for them in the Dragonzord and destroys Goldar. The Rita is then teleported to the Command Centre with the Rangers and she gives up the power coin saying that they should keep it away from the true evil and then fades away. The Rangers then decide to store the Power Coin away for another time to then lead on to a possible sequel where they can have a new Green Ranger. We then see a post-credit scene where we see a large stone chair with something holding a large Z staff.

And that’s what I think that could possibly happen in the film. If you have any theories leave them in the comments below.



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