Is Ash Ketchum a Terrible Trainer?

AshAs a child I loved watching the Pokemon television series and to this day I still watch it, mainly for the feeling of nostalgia. But my biggest problem with the series as a whole revolves around out main protagonist Ash Ketchum. For this I am going to try and look at all the good points and bad points of Ash as a trainer and see if he is really any good.

His Pokemon: Ash is known for capturing a wide variety of Pokemon through the series. He caught a heard of Tauros in an episode, which was banned in America, a Muk that loves to hug people, a shiny Noctowl and also managed to get all three starter’s for Kanto and Unova where two one was a wild Snivy and a neglected Tepig which was pretty much a rip from how Ash got his Charmander in the first series. Then thought all the series he has evolved quite a number of his Pokemon including a Charizard and Secptile but then here’s a big problem that I also have with Ash. He has a lot of Pokemon that should have already have evolved by then end of at least one or two arcs. My main problems is that in the Johto story he was only able evolve Chikorita into a Bayleef but he was never able to evolve his Cyndaquill in to a Quilava until the Pokemon League in the Diamond and Pearl story and never bothered trying to evolve Totodile. I do wish that they had went and evolved these in at least to be all in the same evolution form and not directly into final stages since that way it doesn’t create an unbalance in his team since that all the other Pokemon that he ended up catching in the series were either regular Pokemon or they were already final form. Another thing that bothered me as a viewer was in the third arc of the Black and White series where Ash was reflecting on two of his old team mates that one being a Charizard, which joins his team in the series, as well as the Caterpie since there was somebody that was having problems with one in the episode but my biggest annoyance since then was that Ash has never once remembered his Pidgeot. He just evolved it after the events of the Indigo League and the final episode of the first series and ever since then and all the times that he has returned home and also for the time that he went back to do the Battle Frontier it was never brought up at all, this does bother me since he was able to recall Caterpie that he released because of love and not the Pidgeot, when it was a Pidgeotto, helped him a lot of times. So for his Pokemon side I have to say I was disappointed.

His Friends: One of the most recognisable moments for any of the series is that it seemed to always have a revolving cast when travelling from series to series. In the original series most people always recognise the Pokemon trinity of Ash, Brock and Misty which carried on all the way to the end of Johto, expect for the arc of the Orange Islands where Brock was replaced by Tracey. Then we see something rather different from the Ruby and Sapphire arc where they decided to something rather different and that was actually using a character design from the games, which they then did for the next series after Battle Frontier and then they did it again for the XY series. There were a few later episodes that I rather did like in the Ruby and Sapphire series when they reintroduced Misty for a few episodes so that fans of the show seem get a more sense of nostalgia and that Ash and co have an extra person to interact with. But there is something that I wish they would have done a few more episodes with returning characters. Even in special episodes like when Brock and Cilan finally met. But what I think would be a really good thing that they could do would be an anniversary movie where we would have all the returning main protagonists of the show where we can find out what they have been up to and then that way we could have a lot of nostalgia. But I do wish that Ash would mention more of his friends that he has been with in the series since that doesn’t even come up that often in the show.

His Accomplishments: So far Ash’s greatest accomplishments in all of the series are winning the Orange Island competition and the first and only Battle Frontier where he was even offered a position as a Frontier Brain but decided to decline the option. But on the other hand he has not yet won a single Pokemon League but came in the final four once in the Sinnoh saga, top 8 in Johto, Hoenn and Unova and the Top 16 in Kanto and lost because of a disobedient Charizard. Since that the XY series is still going there is a chance that he may reach either the top 8 or possibly the top 4 this league then ending it and going to the next region in the next season since there is a new Pokemon game coming out. Even with his Pokemon team I think that he could should have won at least one official league by now, but if there is one thing I would like to see is the return of the Battle Frontier since that there was a Battle Frontier that Ash never faced that many people in the games have played and that being the one in Platinum. They could have him deciding to go there and win the Frontier there discovering some new Pokemon there and developing more on the character even more.

Over all do I think that Ash is a terrible trainer, simple answer is no but still yes. He isn’t a terrible trainer since that through all the seasons there has always been at least one gym that has taken him two attempts to win to become a better trainer. In the Battle Frontier it took him possibly four attempts to beat the Battle Pyramid since the fact that Brandon’s team was made up of legendary Pokemon. But when it came to the Pokemon league, he shouldn’t have had that much of a problem battling trainer, outside of Paul since Ash kept getting beat by him and the B.S trainer that caught a Darkrai and Latios with a Pokeball. Hopefully for the XY Series he will get a lot further and hopefully one day become champion since he has been saying that he wants to become a Pokemon Master but that still hasn’t came to fruition yet.


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