Top Three Television Technology

So throughout the many years of fictitious shows that have been around there have been many pieces of technology that I have wish would really exist in the modern world. To make this rather challenging for me I am going to only pick three pieces of technology from three different television shows so that means I can’t have say the TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver on this list and that I can only have one. This is also going to be in order on what I wish I could have.

3: Bigger on the Inside; Doctor Who: For this I am going with the most famous piece of technology from the television series and that is ‘bigger on the inside’. In the show the TARDIS is the most recognisable technology that uses this feature. From the hole entire arc of Doctor Who it has been seen that there are a whole load different rooms that the TARDIS has from its main control room where most of the scenes of the show are set inside of the TARDIS to even a large swimming pool. If this technology was to exists in this day it could easily be use more for military use since that with the amount of space that can be created could hold up to quite a large amount of soldiers, weapons and vehicles that could be used for either an invasion or as a defensive measure. Another good use for it is that it could also be useful for the ever growing population of the planet. Since that we have over seven billion people on the planet having establishments that can have enough room to house thousands of people could easily help the overpopulation problem.

2: Holo-Deck: Star Trek TNG: Ever since I started watching The Next Generation I have always wondered what I would be like to have a holo-deck. Being able to recreate anything that can be created from forests in the medieval times to even vast seas with ships, anything was possible with the show. For personal use I think that it can be rather useful in many different factors. It could be rather useful for training purposes with either military use or training for anything really. In addition it could also be used as well for plays and shows for college and university productions, giving people a realistic setting that they could use instead of a mediocre looking set that seems rather cheap. Plus with the current technology that the world has had developed over the past few years, especially with current VR this seems to be the most likely of technologies that we could see being made from this list.

1:Capsule Corp; Dragon Ball: Now for me this has been one of my favourite pieces of technology for one major thing, you can take pretty much anything with you on the move. This is also a pretty good idea for people who like to be more on the move since in theory you could take the house that you have and then move it to another part of the world. For me on the best uses I can think of this would be to go camping or even on holiday for the fact that you could just pop a capsule down and then you could easily just have your own building there with everything that you need. In addition to having houses in the capsules there are also different things that can be put into them such as vehicles which also makes it rather useful to have especially if you are a mover and you could easily store your cars and then pop them out when you would need them.

And that’s my list, if you think that there are any other technologies that you think could have made the list leave them in the comments below.


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