Spider-Man: Homecoming & What Could Follow:

For quite a long time Spider-Man has always been one of my favourite superheroes of all time and it was one of the first comic series that I read when I got into comic books. I’ve also had a lot of fun watching the series since I was a 90’s kid and Spider-Man was a show that was usually on TV on Saturdays. Then fast-forward to last year and the revelation that Marvel managed to get the rights back to Spider-Man and that we were going to be getting him in Civil War as well as a stand-alone film set for Phase-3. These are the things that I have theories about for the film.


1: Will It Be Ultimate?: So since now that Spider-Man is in the Marvel universe I have a small wondering feeling if it will have any links towards the show Ultimate Spider-Man since that it is aired on Disney X-D. The show is currently in its fourth series and I wonder how much could be adapted for the film. For instance Peter in this incarnation is still in High School where I think that is the age that Peter is in Civil War (apologies to any Americans if I have this wrong, your education system is a bit confusing for me). In the show we also have characters such as White Tiger, Nova, Iron Fist and Power Man but there is a slight problem that we could have here and that is Iron Fist and Power Man are already slated (going to be slated) for a Marvel release since they already got their own shows thanks to Netflix. ultimatespiderman01In addition we don’t even have a confirmation for Nova since we have already seen the Nova Corp from Guardians of the Galaxy so there could be a rather slim chance that we could see a member on Earth anytime soon. The only character that I can think of that they can use if they were to go down the Ultimate route is White Tiger since there is going to be a female character in the film that won’t be a love interest according to sources and that is Zendaya.

2: Rise of the Iron Patriot: With the new addition of Tony Stark to the film there could now be a big chance that we could then see a new Norman Osborn using Starks technology to create his own armour of the Iron Patriot, which could then see Marvel then lead down the path to Dark Avengers.Norman-Osborn-unvieled The only character that I can think that may not be a part of this would possibly Daken since he is a mutant but so were Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch but they are in the main universe. But I am getting off topic here Norman Osborn in the past instalments has been rather sub-par. In the first film he was played by Willem Defoe and he did rather well, but he ended up dying which really sucked and then in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Norman was killed off for plot convenience which really pissed me off as a fan of the series. I thought that when Michael Keaton was announced to be in the film over the weekend I thought that he would be a right shoe in for Norman Osborn but after news articles I read he is no longer part of the casting I feel rather disappointed.

3: Shortened Uncle Ben Death: Now since that this is a new reboot of the Spider-Man universe and the news that there is going to be no origins for the character. We are most likely going to get a very shortened version of seeing Uncle Ben die, possibly in a similar way to where we saw Bruce Wayne’s parents die in either Batman Begins or possibly Dawn of Justice, so that were not going to be bogged down with what a lot of people who say Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man had to endure.death-uncle-ben-105940 It would be rather good if they did this in a flashback format since then they could use it more as a reason why Spider-Man does what he does when something comes up in the film where he needs reassurance on what he is doing is the right thing.

4: Better and Different Villains: Throughout the films that we have seen three different Green Goblins, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, The Lizard, Electro and a terrible waste of Rhino. I am really hoping for this series of Spider-Man films to bring in a different range of villains that could be used rather well for Spider-Man through different number of movies, such as Loki has been used in the MCU being a threat not only to Thor but as well as for The Avengers. One of the characters I would like to see would be The Jackal since that he was part of a big story in the Spider-Man arc with The Clone Saga where we are introduced to Ben Reilly and Kaine who are clones of Peter Parker who both have taken up the mantle of Scarlet Spider. This would be a rather interesting villain to have after the second film since there could be some revelations that could make a really interesting film. The second villain I would like to see would be Alistair Smythe also known as the Spider-Slayer (also the Ultimate Spider-Slayer). He has had quite the many encounters in the series of Spider-Man as well as Spider-Man’s supporting cast as well over the past few years especially towards J. Jonah Jameson since that Smyth had killed his wife when Smythe tried to actually kill Jonah. My third pick for a villain would actually be something that has been a major point in the comics from last year and that is Morlun. Morlun_fire_001

For the people who don’t know who he is, Morlun is an entity from Earth-000that hunts all the Spider-Totems (anyone who is a Spider) through Marvel’s own Multiverse where he nearly killed Spider-Man in the story called Spider-Man: The Other. Morlun is a really good villain to have in the MCU and in addition this would be a really good way to bring in different earth Spider-Men as well for instance if they were to do this we could actually see Donald Glover as Miles Morales.

And this is what I have pretty much thought of what I would like to see from the new Spider-Man we now have, I just hope they don’t manage to screw him up somehow.


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