WrestleMania 32 Predictions

Well it has been two years since I started doing these predictions for WWE PPV and this could be quite a PPV that could end up going wrong, and possibly a lot of good fan reactions for the next night on Raw.

Pre Show:

8 Diva Tag Team Match: Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Natalia, Paige and Eva Marie v Lana, Cameron, Tamina, Summer Rae and Emma: My god is this a really pointless and filler match that WWE somehow have been scrapped together. I still don’t even know the reason why there is a rivalry between Lana and Brie Bella and I really don’t even care, it just again seems like pointless filler. Faces will go over.

The Usos v The Dudley Boyz: So this didn’t seem that much of a decent rivalry since the fact that this match was originally on the main card and now has been pushed onto the pre show which really does shows how much faith that WWE currently has on this match and second that they need to have more tag teams on the main roster. This just seems to be a complete filler of a match as well as a rivalry and it just seems like another match that I don’t really care about it since that there isn’t much that I think can happen for either team after this match. Dudley Boyz for the win.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: So I think that this could be rather strange match since there is barely anyone left on the roster since most of the roster is either on the card or they are out injured. So in theory I don’t think that this is going to be that much of a good match. I mean you have Big Show, Kane and the Social Outcasts being the ones that have had the rather bigger push on who was in the match. However I believe that there are going to be a few surprise entrance of possible NXT talent, since there is no talent left or maybe even a returning wrestlers like Cesaro. But I think that it could be a member of the Social Outcasts or Kane that wins the match.

Main Card:

AJ Styles v Chris Jericho: So here we go with the another match between Styles and Jericho and I get the feeling, I don’t want to sound negative, I don’t think it could be good as what the previous matches are since the fact that they have been rather back and forth after Royal Rumble and they seem to know more of each other’s moves and I don’t think that it is going to be that special of a match. But there is one thing that I would like to see in this match and that is for Jericho to take a Styles Clash since for the fact that I believe that Jericho is smart enough on how to safely take the move and for it to be a pretty good highlight for AJ Styles who I think is going to get the win and hopefully will be put in a mid-card title picture.

WWE Intercontinental Championship 7 Man Ladder Match: Kevin Owens (C) v Sami Zayn v Dolph Ziggler v Stardust v The Miz v Sin Cara v Zack Ryder:                                  What a way to ruin what could have been a pretty much a good singles rivalry match between Owens and Zayn WWE by putting five other wrestlers into the mix, some of them probably not even deserving of a title shot. I think that there just trying to cash in on what happened after last year’s bout that saw Daniel Bryan win, to the vacate the title, so hopefully this won’t happen this year. This would have been better as a singles match mainly for the fact, like what happened last year fans will be probably be bored with the usual spots that we would expect from a ladder match, someone being put through a ladder after a high risk move, someone close to the belt being pushed off the ladder and possibly this could end up seeing Sin Cara off television again since that he seems to be injured every time that he is put in a ladder match environment. To go out on a limb I am going to say that either Owens is going to retain or that Ziggler is going to win, but I am favouring more to Owens.


4-3 Handicap Match: The New Day (C) v The League of Nations:                                         Well this is sure a surprise to me to see WWE making a match where The New Day are the ones on the other end of the extra man advantage. I think that it is a stroke of genius on the side of creative for them since this now makes New Day seem more like an anti-hero stable for the fans to cheer and boo then it is to have two heel teams face off against each other. Also I think that this also a lot of good creativity done on both the side of New Day since that after Raw on 21/3 they seemed to be pretty much over with the crowed and I really want some Booty-O’s. But I do have one problem and that is on the side of League of Nations and that is I think that they have been rather naff since Royal Rumble. They don’t seem to be getting that over with the crowd and I think that they do seem rather wasted, especially with Wade Barret since that he could be leaving the company possibly after WrestleMania and ever since Rusev got buried by John Cena and possibly punished for the leaks last year with TMZ he hasn’t been well since then. Del Rio seems like he just there and Sheamus is just there to be hated. With what could be going on behind the scenes I think that New Day are going to get the win.


WWE United States Championship Match: Kalisto (C) v Ryback:                                               I really wish that half the roster was back to full health because I think that if it was this match could have been better. Not to say that I think that either wrestler is bad, it because I think that it seems more of an unmatched fight. You have a best way to put it a cruiserweight fighting against a giant ape of a person that seems to flip flop more times than what Big Show does. In a realistic world I really don’t think that Kalisto would have a chance at all against Ryback however I think that WWE would want to see Kalisto keep the belt for a bit of a run until someone healthy could come along.


WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match: Charlotte (C) (w/ Ric Flair) v Sasha Banks v Becky Lynch:                                                                                                                          Well I had a feeling that this match was going to happen at one point when they brought these three up from NXT and I have a feeling that this could be possibly a show stealer if it’s done right and that they don’t fall the for the same spots usual triple threat matches happen where they take out one person and then have one-on-one for a bit since that gets boring rather fast. But I think that there could be a rather good chance that we could see a title change either here and if it does happen I think that Sasha would win at Mania since I think that she is willing to do more to win then what Becky would be. However if Charlotte was to retain the title I think that she is going to lose it on Raw the following night.


Hell in a Cell Match: Shane McMahon v The Undertaker:                                                          So after Fast Lane, I never expected that Shane McMahon would have ever returned to WWE since that he has been making a name for himself in other parts of the world and staying far away from WWE. His shoot during his return was spot on and it is such a fresh change to see a face figure returning to WWE that is more business side than wrestling. Then we got a few big shocks during the segment for the return and then during the episode of Raw on 21/3, the first was that Shane was back to collect on a debt where he wants control of Monday Night Raw, two Vince then issues a challenge to Shane where he would have to face a person of Vince’s choosing which turns out to be The Undertaker, third Vince then says that the match type will be a Hell in a Cell match. This is just freaking insane to arrange a match like this, then on Raw 21/3 Vince had put quite a ultimatum for the Undertaker for this match where if he were to lose to Shane then to quote Vince ‘be the last WrestleMania for the Undertaker’. I get the feeling that there are going to be a rather lot of good spots in this match and I get the feeling that there could be a chance that there will be a large spot for Shane since that he is rather infamous since that he has had numerous matches where he has had a lot of great spots in PPV history such as his Last Man Standing Match at Backlash 2001 or the insane drop he took at Summerslam 2000, Shane is willing to take risks and if anything was to go from the go home episode of Raw when he put the Undertaker through the announce table anything can be possible and I hope that this time we see something that will be nominated for a Slammy this year. For the win I am going to say that Shane will win it since then that way there can be a lot of really good storylines that can spiral off that could then see Triple H using NXT to bring more people up to the main roster or even another brand split.

No Holds Barred Street Fight Match: Dean Ambrose v Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman): So I decided to watch a young Dean Ambrose wrestle in a company before he joined WWE before I wrote this since that there have been a lot of segments that seems to be at least being a call back to what Ambrose used to do and that was some of the most extreme spots that I have seen since ECW (the proper ECW not the mess that WWE was putting out at that time) and I am really curious on how far WWE will let these two go. I mean it is a Street Fight but there are usually limits to it, at best I do see the likely hood of seeing Ambrose and Lesnar being busted open that just seems likely but hopefully they can do it right and less obvious like what had happened with Roman Reigns and Byron Saxton earlier this month. But for this match I do really want to see Ambrose win this match mainly for the fact that this is pretty much a match that does cater more for Ambrose and I don’t really want to see Lesnar win again. I know that his whole gimmick is being a ‘prize fighter’ but it is boring and that it seems like that they can only do matches that can be on main PPV’s , yet I think that what WWE could do and is have Lesnar use to get over other wrestlers cause I think that these two can put on a really good match and we could see Ambrose possibly headlining Payback. But for this match I see Ambrose winning it.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H (C) v Roman Reigns:               Well I already do have a pick on who I think is going to win this match and that is that this could be a interesting match and that the entrance for this can be rather well put together depending if they go on the side where they do another big blockbuster film for entrances (possibly Batman v Superman) and I think that it would be pretty interesting to see. But for the match I think like the previous matches I think that it could be a really well told match since that Triple H can put over people rather well. However I really don’t think that Reigns even has a chance in this match and I think that Triple H is going to win for this theory that I have, Triple H is holding going to be holding the title until a worthy challenger that can get over rather well with Triple H and that can go over well with the crowds since that there has been a lot of problems with Reigns going over with the crowd around pretty much everywhere, which is possibly down to WWE not giving him that much control with how he would control his character, but there have been some segments where the Reigns that people liked came back but I still don’t have that much hope for him winning. I get the feeling that I know who Triple H is going to be holding on that belt for and that is Seth Rollins, since he is on the route to recovery and there could be a chance that we could see him making an appearance at WrestleMania, possibly informing people that he could be returning soon and then we could see Rollins then take place back in the title in a really good match against Triple H down the road since he didn’t lose the title. So Triple H is going to retain but he’s going to put Reigns over in a rather good match.


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