NXT: Takeover: Dallas Predictions

So for the past few weeks I have been paying a lot of attention to NXT and I got to say being compared to what Raw and Smackdown have been putting out, this seems to be the better material that they are doing. There is a lot of great talent on this roster and they just keep adding great names every month.

Austin Aries v Baron Corbin:

Now this can be pretty good. You have Baron Corbin who seems to be a person that can do rather well but just lacks something rather good, I don’t know if either his character that just seems to be slightly lazy but I think that if they had a minor title (possibly a TV title) I think that Corbin could do well with it. Then on the other hand you have a established wrestler like Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens coming into a company and pretty much taking it over and I hope that’s not what they’re not going to do Aries. I think that this can be a really good match since that Aries can tell a pretty good story when it comes to wrestling and I say that Aries will win.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match:The Revival v American Alpha:

This is going to be another quick one and that is I think that American Alpha are going to win the titles. The reason that I think that they are going to do this is because I see that The Revival are going to wind up on the main roster since the tag team division there is pretty lack lustre and could do with a lot of fresh faces. But I do think that American Alpha can get the win since they’ve been on a pretty good roll so far.

Sami Zayn v Shinsuke Nakamura:

Well I bet a lot of people, except for the people who where there at Full Sail University didn’t see this coming. This is going to be a really exciting match for the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura since he is going up against a former NXT champion and this is going to be a pretty good send off match for Zayn since he is moving on up to the main roster and currently feuding with Kevin Owens which is a match that I think I’m looking forward for WrestleMania if that’s happening. But back to this, it is going to be a great match for fans to see since that there will be people who a WWE faithful that may have never seen Nakamura wrestle before and I gotta say if you haven’t just go and search videos of his matches and you know why he is going over greatly with the crowds. Nakamura is going to get a win.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Bailey v Asuka:

All I got to say is that I am glad that this match is Bailey facing off against Asuka since that I think that if we saw Eva Marie face her again people would be only behind Bailey all the way through since she is a terrible wrestler that needs more time in the performance centre than on Total Divas. Anyway I think, like what Nia Jacks was like at Takeover: London it is going to be a really good challenge for Bailey. I have seen pretty much all the matches that Asuka has had on NXT and she is an amazing competitor and her time that she’s had wrestling in Japan and other territories shows how well she has done. I think that Bailey is going to win the match but it’s going to be a close match to call.

NXT Championship Match: Finn  Balor v Samoa Joe:

A rematch from Takeover: London, we may end up with a really big change now in NXT, since the fact that WWE and Balor have been pushing the idea around forming the ‘Bulletproof’ faction where Balor could be leading since that former Bullet Club members could be making their way to NXT where I think that they could do rather well and just think of the idea of a large stable on a Takeover PPV would be insane and who have people talking about it. I think that Balor is going to retain here for the fact that he is a really good champion and a goof face of NXT. Samoa Joe on the other hand should have been played like what they did with AJ Style and have him go to the main roster instead since that he was a worldwide known name and that I think that if he was on the main roster we could possibly been in contention or holding a mid-card belt right for WrestleMania season. Never the less I so believe that Balor is going to retain, possibly due to possible interference since sometimes WWE are rather good with keeping plans shut down tight so dirt-sheets can’t get any leaks.


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