Top 5 Films 3-2

So here we go with the second part of the list and where I did have some problems deciding what to put down but here’s the next batch.


3: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods:

I have always been a fan of Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid but for a long time I just fell out of the loop for long time. But for the past few years I have been getting back in and reliving some really good shows and film and the first new Dragon Ball Z film, which got adapted into the first part of Dragon Ball Super.

The first film introduces a few new characters to the series. One being a God of Destruction called Beerus and the other called Whis who is a person that is Beerus teacher where it is revealed later in the film that Whis is actually stronger than Beerus. Whis informs Beerus that Freeza has been defeated by a Super Saiyan and Beerus recalls that he stated 35 (possibly 39) years ago that he would in fact meet a Super Saiyan God, Whis finds out that a Saiyan is currently on North Kai’s planet and they travel to it. On North Kai’s planet Goku is training when King Kai tells him to go inside since that he can somehow sense Beerus approaching. Beerus is wondering why King Kai hasn’t introduced Goku and then Goku challenges him to a quick spar where Goku shows Beerus all of his different Super Saiyan forms and they begin fighting and Beerus pretty much owns Goku knocking him out of SSJ3, which was the form that he used to take out Majin Buu.

Meanwhile of Earth Bulma is celebrating her birthday along with the different alums from the show. Vegeta is then contacted by King Kai warning him that Beerus is coming and that he was able to take out Goku in SSJ3. In addition to this Pilaf, Mai and Shu have sneaked into the party looking for the Dragon Balls but Trunks walks in on them. He then calls over Goten where Pilaf and co think that it is actually Goku. They escape taking one Dragon Ball, and when Yamcha realises that there are only six and Mai holds Trunks hostage with a gun. Gohan turns into Saiyan-Man and asks Mai to shoot him but then two bullets then hit Videl, Gohan’s wife (I think from this version) and also Beerus. Dende heals Videl’s wound and notices something about her that she wants to keep secret. Beerus does get annoyed by this but then Vegeta manages to calm him down. But when Beerus wants to try some pudding Buu doesn’t share any with him and starts fighting with pretty much everyone there. They all try to do their best but are no match, even Trunks and Goten fusing into Gotenks wasn’t any good. Bulma confronts Beerus yelling at him for disrupting her party and then slaps Beerus and the Beerus slaps her back causing Vegeta to be in a fit of rage, possibly out powering Goku, but he didn’t stand up to Beerus but lasted longer than the others. Goku then appears causing Beerus to stop his rampage and asks Bulma if he can use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenlong to find out about a Super Saiyan God, where in the images that they were showing showed SSJ4 the form used in Dragon Ball GT, and Shenlong said that five Saiyans of pure heart can transfer their power to become a God.

They try this for the first time with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Goten but he was only to gain more strength and had no form change. Piccolo points out that they understood it wrong where they actually needed six Saiyans with the sixth being given the power. Videl then reveals something that was brought up quickly before and that is she is pregnant with Gohan’s child, and that means that the child she is carrying is one quarter Saiyan. They retry the ritual and this time it works with a blue aura essence coming from each person and Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God. Goku tells that he is ready to fight Beerus and they start fighting. The most interesting thing to come from this is something that I have never noticed that much from Goku and that he seems really disappointed with himself for not being able to reach this form on his own and that he needed others to help him. I expected this more from Vegeta than I did Goku and it did make me think more about Goku’s character. But then after about 10 minutes of fighting and the God form drops reducing Goku to a Super Saiyan form where he manages to actually keep up rather well. They then head out into space where Goku realises that he has dropped God form Beerus then unleashed a destruction blast that Goku tries to block but he starts to become weaker. He then has visions that he has a lot of people counting on him and then manages to access God form and manages to destroy the blast. Beerus gets Goku to admit that he is defeated and then reveals that Goku was the second strongest person that he has ever faced noting that Whis is stronger than him and is also is Beerus teacher. When they get back on to Earth Beerus goes ahead with the destruction by blowing up a small rock and they leave.

Bulma’s party continues on and discover that Goku was on Earth when Bulma got slapped. Meanwhile back on Beerus planet he reveals that he was only facing Goku with 70% and then the film pretty much ends there.

It is a really good film and it is a definite recommendation to people who like watching Dragon Ball Z back in the day. Also with the current animation design all the characters look pretty much amazing. I am on the other hand looking forward to when Dragon Ball Super gets an English dub from FUNimation since that there is going to be more content for it.

 2: Aliens:

This is a good case of when a sequel can be better than the original and all in some of the best ways I freaking love watching Aliens. It’s a strong sequel and it was the total opposite of what the original Alien film was but still kept a lot as well from it.

So the film takes place pretty much as how Alien had ended with Ripley being rescued after being drifting through space for what turned out later to be 57 years. She then gets debriefed by Weyland-Yutani Corporation over what had happened with the ship she was on in Alien, where they were all sceptical that a ‘Alien’ had killed the crew can she was forced to destroy the ship. Meanwhile on LV-426 the Alien eggs are then found by the people that are terraforming the planet then loose communication with them afterwards. With this a W-Y representative Carter Burke and a Colonial Marine Lieutenant Gorman asks Ripley to return to the planet with them but she refuse but then starts having nightmares about the ‘Alien’ and then accompanies them to the planet, only for them to go and destroy the ‘Aliens’ and not return them two earth. When they arrive on the planet they discover makeshift barricades and signs of a struggle, but there were no bodies. In a lab that they have set up it is discovered that they have two face-huggers in containment tanks and discover a survivor called Newt. The crew uses the computers and finds out that the colonists are located beneath the Fusion Powered atmosphere processing station where they then discover Alien secretions all over the walls. They discovered the whereabouts of the colonists and they are cocooned, what turns out to be incubating hosts for the Aliens offspring. When the Marines killed one of the offspring the other Aliens that were around ambushed and either killed and captured several of the Marines. Ripley takes over the vehicle that dropped them in, which looks like a really large version of the Batmobile from The Dark Knight Returns, where they manage to save three of the marines. Hicks calls in the drop ship for them to evacuate them, yet a Alien that stowaways and kills the pilots. The survivors then all barricade themselves in the colony.

Ripley then discovers that Burke had deliberately sent the colonists to the planet where the ship had been to harvest the eggs and use them for biological weapons and become wealthy. But then Bishop intervenes and informs them that the power plant was damaged during the battle and it will soon detonate with a force of a 40 megaton thermonuclear device. He then goes on to volunteer himself to go through the piping conduits so that he can remote pilot the final drop ship from the Sulaco. Meanwhile Ripley and Newt fell asleep in the medical lab where they find themselves locked in the room with the two face-huggers that were in containment, Ripley raises a fire alarm where the Marines broke them out and Ripley accuses Burke straight away. He admits his back-up plan that he had in mind that being having the Aliens impregnate Ripley and Newt and getting them past Earths quarantine and then killing the Marines in hyper sleep so that no one can contradict them. Before the Marines can kill Burke the electricity is cut and then the Aliens then make another attack this time killing three more of the Marines and capturing Newt. Ripley and an injured Hicks manage to make their way back to the second dropship but Ripley refuses to leave since she wants to get Newt back. She equips herself with the film’s most infamous weapon, the flamethrower and rescues Newt, where they discover something rather shocking, an Alien Queen in the Egg Chamber. Ripley and Newt manage to get back to the dropship and reach a safe distance and see the colony being enveloped in a nuclear blast.

On the Sulaco the group feels relived that they survived this only for the Queen to make an appearance and tears Bishop in two. The Queen tries and goes after Newt but Ripley manages to stop her in an Exosuit and expels the Queen into space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop into hypersleep and the film ends there.

This, again, is one of the best sequels that I have ever seen from any franchise may that be Star Wars, Marvel, DC and so forth. The connection between Ripley and Newt is so well done since the fact that when Ripley had returned to Earth 57 years had passed and by that she had missed the chance to see her daughter grow up and seeing Ripley go all the way through a Alien infested compound to go rescue a kid that she has know for only a few hours to have a second chance at motherhood. I on the other hand was really devastated what they had then done for the sequel to this and just ruined the whole motive for Ripley for the film and that was killing off Newt, I was so disappointed and I hope that with the Prometheus 2/ Alien Covenant that will be coming out in the next few years will rectify this.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Films 3-2

  1. Awesome, good to see Battle of Gods in there! So that means you liked it more than Resurrection F? F’s currently my second favorite behind Broly, but the DBZ films have all been really great over the years.

    • I did like Resurrection F, but I thought that Beerus was the better villain out of the two. But I am looking forward for the DBS dub and manga when that comes out.

      • Ah, fair enough. Beerus was certainly more of a threat as well since Goku outmatched Frieza the whole time.Absolutely, Super is going to be so much fun! I wish they would hurry up with the dub since I don’t want to be left too far behind the Japanese version. It’s a lot harder to avoid spoilers that way.

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