Top 5 Films: 5-4

So for the past few weeks that I’ve been deciding this list and have kept changing it every time that I write a short list and with this one I am going to stick with it and this also helps me more so I’m not wasting time sitting in front of a screen to write notes about a film and then go to try and write them up after wards.

So let’s get this list on the roll.

5: Spaceballs:

I remember that there was one time when I was young that I remember watching this film and then for a long time I couldn’t think of what it was called. Then years later I got to watch it on Netflix then later on DVD and I got to day I remember why I loved watching the film. Mel Brooks is a comedy genius from the era and is something that I really do miss from the parody films that we have today.

The film is a rather spoof of Star Wars heavily based off A New Hope and I believe Empire Strikes Back. The film begins with a long establishing shot of a Spaceball 1 that takes forever sort of homage to films that have the long establishing shots like Alien. We then see our villain for the film called Dark Helmet (played by Rick Moranis) who is informed that Druidia is in their sights to abduct the princess so that they can suck the air out of the planet and use it for Planet Spaceballs. On the planet we see the princess called Vespa (played by Daphne Zuniga) who is uncertain that she wants to marry the person that her father had arranged and then runs off when she gets down the aisle along with her robot sidekick called Dot Matrix (voiced by Joan Rivers). They escape with Dark Helm in pursuit. The king then contacts our heroes of the film Barf (played by John Candy) who is pretty much the Chewbacca of the film and Lone Star (played by Bill Pullman) who will be our resident Han Solo. The King gives them a reward for them to bring Vespa back being one million Space Bucks so that they can pay off Pizza the Hut. They rescue Vespa from the ship and manage to also block the scanners of the ship by throwing a jam jar at the radar. We then get a really cool scene where Michael Winslow is a Radar Technician where he uses is famous skills where he creates the sounds to seem that the radar is working for. Afterwards Spaceball 1 tries to catch up with Lone Stars Winnebago which goes into light-speed but Dark Helm gets them to go ahead of them by going to ludicrous speed where they end up overtaking them by a long shot which then sets up one of the most popular scenes and makes it something of a good comedy when they break the fourth wall by obtaining a copy of the Spaceballs film where they use to find the location of where Lone Star and Vespa went. Lone Star and company ended up crashing on a desert moon and they walk around the desert before being found by the Dinks (not the clown faction from WWE) who bring them to a small building and are introduced to Yogurt (played by Mel Brooks) where they make a few really good jokes including a Temple of Doom reference as well as a yogurt joke as well. Lone Star is also introduced to ‘Force’ homage of the film that is called the Schwartz where they get powers from magical rings which they then end up abandoning for the end of the film. Dark Helm finds out where Vespa is and tricks her to come out where they take her aboard Spaceballs 1 and takes off. Dark Helm and President Skroob (also Brooks) then transforms Spaceballs 1 into Mega Maid. Lone Star finishes his Schwartz training with Yogurt and manages to reverse Mega Maid’s vacuum and returns the air to the planet. Lone Star rescues Vespa, battle Dark Helm and has Dark Helm to accidently hit the self destruct button causing everyone on Spaceballs 1 to evacuate and to then just have Dark Helm, Skroob and Sanderz who are blasted away in the head of Mega Maid crashing on a planet where Apes are present. Lone Star returns Vespa to Druidia and leaves without taking the reward and heads off to head to a diner and then onwards to new places where there is a really good cameo from John Hurt who reprise his role from Alien where he has a chestburster coming out of his chest and they then leave. Lone Star then gives Barf a fortune cookie where Yogurt appears and tells Lone Star that he infact a prince and can now be with Vespa. He returns to Druidia and interrupts the wedding and he and Vespa get married and the film ends on a happy ending.

I freaking enjoy this film, I am a huge fan of good parody comedy films such as this and I wish there was more films like this nowadays. Then we also have rumours going round that there is a supposed sequel in the works and I really hope that happens because I really do think that we need one more Mel Brooks film in this lifetime to make up for all the terrible comedy’s that we have nowadays.

4: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island:

I remember watching this film when I was a kid on Cartoon Network back in the day when they used to have a really good cartoon block. It was one of the few Scooby Doo films I remember watching from when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it and finally bought it on DVD last year.

The reason why I love this film is that it seems completely different to what the show was where you would find out what the monster was, introduced to characters with one of them probably being the villain and then a resolve with a elaborate trap revealing the bad guy. But with this it shows a lot of that for the first 10 or so minutes where they are filming for a television show where there is nothing but people in costumes. But when they arrive in New Orleans they are given a lead to a place called Moonscar Manor where it is lead to believe that there have been reported sites of paranormal goings on. They arrive on the island they are introduced the owner called Simone Lenoir and through the first part of the films she gives a lot a exposition about the manor such as information about Morgan Moonscar, how his ship was used in the construction of the manor and that it was also used in the America Civil War as a Confederate headquarters. Also in the film Fred starts out pretty much as a sceptic saying that the footage they caught of Moonscar was a hologram and that a zombie that they manage to come in contact with was a fake but when the head comes off he starts thinking that it is more real. Scooby and Shaggy then manage to stumble onto some really big clues when they go into a cave and discover wax dolls of Fred, Daphne and Velma which they play with and cause involuntary actions for a short time. Fred, Daphne, Velma and Beau then head back to the manor where they discover a hidden passage that leads down to a secret voodoo chamber where Lena says that zombies had taken Simone down, however Velma discovers that there are heel prints and that she wasn’t dragged by zombies. Simone then appears and she and Lena use the voodoo dolls to trap them in the chamber where they then turn into werecats. This was freaking awesome for me to see as a child where it turned out that this time it was a human that turned into the villain. They reveal themselves and say that they drain the souls off of their victims who stay on the island every harvest moon. Shaggy and Scooby however find the person that ferried them over where it turns out too that he was a werecat as well. Simone then gives the gang the back story of what had happened to them. They were originally from 1797 where they found themselves and their group of settlers being attacked by Morgan Moonscar and his crew where except for the two were forced and killed by alligators. They had went to the temple where they begged their cat God to put curse on the pirates which killed them but then with all wishes came a price where they were turned into werecats to preserve their immortality. Lena was used to seduce people to come to the island and Jacques were used to ferry them to the manor. It turns out that every year the during the harvest all the zombies of the people they kill over the years are reanimated and that the warnings that they had been getting earlier in the film were trying to prevent what had happened to them. Jacques manages to corner Scooby and Shaggy but then gets attacked by zombies giving them the chance to escape where they end up falling down a whole where the ritual is taking place and distracting the werecats there. After a bit of scuffling and some zombies coming for some revenge, Velma manages to release herself and unties the others. They then create doll versions of Simone and Lena and recreate what Shaggy and Scooby accidently did to them. When the zombies enclose them, the curse they were under turned them to dust after failing to absorb souls. This also gives the zombies the chance to live the rest of their lives with some sort of solace. Daphne then realises that since the camera got trashed there was no way for her to do her show, when Beau then reveals that he is infact a undercover police officer sent to investigate the disappearances. Daphne then gets to use the idea of having Beau as a guest since the he can cohobate the story since he was there.

Then the film ends there and I got to say out of all of the Scooby Doo films that have been direct-to-dvd/video releases this is by far the best one that they have made for the fact that it was one of a few films that did have a rather unknown element to it. Another thing that was great about it like I said before that it had a darker tone than the original series and is something that I wish they did more for these films since when you looks at all the different cultures that you have they could adapt something similar and create a really good story. I would recommend this to anyone who has watched Scooby Doo from any series that they watched it from either the original series or Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, and remember this time, the monsters are real.


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