Did Deadpool Deliver?

So as many of my friends know I am a pretty big fan of Deadpool, I’ve read many of the different comics thanks to Comixology who release Deadpool comics in their free section or through their special free comic’s period that they have around the Christmas period, I’ve been collecting the last instalments of the Deadpool series through trade-paper backs and the new Deadpool series that’s currently out now and I’ve been enjoying reading them. I also enjoyed playing the game released by Activision and High Moon Studios, it has funny, good characters and acting. Then when the film was announced I had a lot of feelings that it was going to be rather terrible, but then after many months of trailers and interviews I was able to actually enjoy the film. The film so far has been one of the greatest success for a opening weekend for Marvel and a it has now opened the door for more rated R films to be released from companies like Fox. For instance there is a new Spawn film in the works and it is now confirmed that it will be rated R and also apparently we could see the final Wolverine film being rated R as well. However with such a film being able to create new boundaries for ratings I did think that there were a few things that I did find that there rather disappointing about the film and I’m going to start off with a few things that seem rather minor and a few that did rather bug me a lot.

The first thing that bugged me about the film is that the person who played Colossus in the original X-Men films as well as Days of Future Past apparently according to his Twitter account he was offered the role but turned it down because they were just going to be using him for CGI and stunts but not use his voice. I was actually bummed about this since that he has played Colossus before and I wondered why they didn’t want him for his voice as well instead of replacing him with a completely different actor just seemed to be a total waste.

The second thing that bugged me about the film is the amount of trailers, teasers, posters and advertisements that they use to promote the film. I got really bugged with the whole advertisements for this since that it just seemed like a overkill for the actual film. I mean the trailers for it were okay that actually showed footage, but then when you look at what they done for the previous two months that led up to the film’s release showed a tonne of footage with Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool talking a lot about different topics, the one that springs to mind for me instantly is the Australia Day trailer which just made me think ‘oh God there really trying to make as many people see this film aren’t they.’ Another reason why I think that Fox probably ended up doing it was because if the film did just scrape in their budget back, they would have made a killing just in advertisements.

The third thing that bothered me was the villain for the film and it’s something that has actually bothered me in all the new Marvel movies that have came out since Iron Man and that is that they all had a weak villain in the first movie. For instance Obadiah Stane, Lizard, Sebastian Shaw, hell even Loki seemed to be pretty weak villains for the films they were in . I mean Ed Skrein was a decent casting choice for Francis/Ajax, same as the ones that I previously mentioned but I sort of wish that there was an over arching villain, sort of what like Loki and Thanos are in the main Marvel universe. Also another problem that I have is that in pretty much every first Marvel movie they end up killing off the first villain that they have.

The fourth and final thing that bugged me about the film was that it seemed to end on a rather flat ending in a way and it could have been changed to be at least more interesting than what happened. I would have still had the fight that happened on the decommissioned aircraft carrier, I think that’s what it is (or a helicarrier which could seem unlikely). Instead of having it outside I would have had it inside and to make things more interesting I would have had Francis inject the same serum that he used to make Deadpool into what he is now and inject it into Vanessa to have her start turning into her mutant form of Copycat and then have Deadpool to save her before she could come to the effects of the serum but then it turns out that it is too late then having Deadpool trying to resuscitate her for her to be brought back to her life and bringing out her mutant genes and then brings out her not mutant look. There we then would have the ending that was the same as the film after he kills Francis.

That all the things that bothered me about the Deadpool film but I am looking forward to the sequel and to see the person who is going to be playing Cable.


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