WWE Fast Lane Predictions

So after the go home show from Raw I think that this event could seem rather unpredictable. Hopefully this time round that I can actually call this card down the straight and narrow.

Pre-Show: United States Championship Match: Two Out of Three Falls Match:
Kalisto (C) v Alberto Del Rio:
So the pre show for this event I’m rather disappointed with it really. You have two really good wrestlers that go over well with the audience and what do you do you put them on the pre show when you could have put something more lower down in rivalries such as the Becky/Sasha v Naomi/Tamina match here since that it doesn’t seem that it would prove much in the long run when this in fact is the rubber match between Kalisto and Del Rio. Never the less this is covering the match and not how WWE books their shows rather badly. I think that this match will go to the third fall, I think that Del Rio will win the first fall and Kalisto will win the other two falls and retain the title.

Six Man Tag Match:
Ryback, Kane and Big Show v The Wyatt Family:
This match just seemed to come pretty much out of nothing really, I think that there were a few fans that expected that the Wyatts would go on to feud with Brock Lesnar but it doesn’t look that is going to be happening anytime soon. The Wyatts have been pretty much solid for a while and I think that they’ll win.

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Kevin Owens (C) v Dolph Ziggler:
Now WWE did something that I didn’t think they would have done following the outcome of the main event for this event but after Raw I was surprised that they gave Owens the title. Not only was giving Owens the title back a stroke of good writing but it also gave this rivalry something to actually fight over and continue probably Owens over to WrestleMania for him to defend the title against a new rival, who I probably couldn’t really guess at this point but Owens will go over in the match and end this rivalry.

Tag Team Match:
Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks v Naomi and Tamina:
This is something that I think should have been the pre show match since that I don’t think that there is anything that stake in this match. I mean if there was a stipulation in the match that the Authority made that the winner of the match or the person that the gets the cover/submission gets the number one contender spot. I think that Becky and Sasha will get the win and both will apply their finishers at the same time and get the win that way. 

Divas Championship Match:
Charlotte (C) with Ric Flair v Brie Bella:
For the first time since that Nikki Bella was champion I actually do want to see the title change. Charlotte has been doing well with the belt but I would like to see something new since that it does seem to be the same old stuff. Also I would really like to see this idea actually float around. First we have Brie win the title at Fast Lane and then retain the title at WrestleMania 32 to then have her retire on the Raw after, since that there have been rumours going around that Brie may be retiring or leaving from WWE since that way she can spend more time with her husband since that he’s now retired. This way WWE now has a chance to bring back the Women’s title, something that is better designed that the tramp stamp design that it currently is and can then bring up Bailey from NXT to then either have a Fatal Four Way/ Tournament to crown a new champion. Either way I think that Brie will win.

Singles Match:
AJ Styles v Chris Jericho:
So after looking over some spoilers from Smackdown since this is going up before it airs I remembered that this match was on the cards. After seeing the first few matches between these two they have been pretty decent, 3/4 star matches at best but hopefully this match will be something worthwhile, hopefully in AJ case where we may see him then going for a rivalry with Owens for the Intercontinental championship. I think that this match will be pretty close to call but I’m going to say that AJ is going to get the win and hopefully WWE will let AJ actually use the Styles Clash on Jericho since he has only won one match so far once with the Clash against Curtis Axel on a episode of Smackdown and every other match I believe except one has all been submission wins with the Calf Killer/Crusher.

Triple Threat Match: WWE World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Brock Lesnar v Dean Ambrose v Roman Reigns:
Oh boy are we up for quite a match here that could really sketch what matches we may end up seeing at WrestleMania. I don’t think that I can really make a solid prediction for this but if I had to make my solid guess is that it’s going to be a ‘Dusty Finish’ where something is going to happen to Brock and then there is going to be a double count, something that actually ended up happening on NXT the Samoa Joe/Sami Zayne match ended in a double count. So that is something that can happen and seems more likely to happen. But then after this week’s Raw an idea came to me that we see now that the Dudley Boyz are now a Heel team and that they took down Ambrose and Reigns after Raw they could have something do then do with the match since they are also Paul Heyman guys so they could end up interfering on Lesnar’s behalf to take out probably Reigns so that Ambrose can go up against Lesnar one on one.


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