January – March Update

Hey guys this is a quick update on what I’m planning on doing for the site over the next couple of weeks/month and I’m going to start by revealing that through my Facebook page (Iron Dan 13) that for my 100th blog I’m going to be counting down of my top 5 of my favourite films of all time. I was originally going to do this as one blog post but instead I’ve decided to give each film attention and do five different blogs with the 100th being my #1 film. So far I have been making a short list but I’m going to possibly make some changes to the list I’ve currently made. But I will make a promise that 96-100 will be my top five films.

On to more news, if I haven’t got anything started yet I will be possibly covering either two or three films. If I can do three films for the month  the first film I would be covering will be Dad’s Army and seeing how well this version can be from its predecessor. The second or possibly first in some cases that I’ll cover will be Deadpool since the fact that this one looks like it has more potential than what the version of Deadpool was like in X-Men Origins Wolverine. The wild card film that I would like to cover is a film that is already out in America and that is The Forest and I sort of wanting to go and see this film with some other friends but I don’t know if anyone wants to go see it.

There also will be a blog this month as well with the latest batch of predictions for WWE Fast Lane and hopefully this month I’ll get all my predictions right this time round since at Royal Rumble I only predicted two matches incorrectly. So far the only match that I know that’s taking place is a baffling triple threat number one contenders match between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. In all honesty I don’t think that Brock should have been in this match since, one he wasn’t in a match on Raw and two I don’t think that he deserves a title opportunity since WWE are using him more as a prize fighter than a wrestler. There are so many wrestlers that are on the roster that deserve a chance than Brock. So once that there is a full card I’ll post it either Saturday before the event or Sunday before the event.

And finally I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to go to Newcastle Comic Con in March in a costume or just to go in usual clothes. But I have no idea what to goes as anymore. I did have a idea for a costume that was going too be the Blues Brother since I have a friend who is a fan of the film and that it could be easier to assemble that way. Then I had a crazy idea to actually go with a joke idea that came up when I used to be part of a podcast called Geekpod where we came up with a idea to go dressed as a group of characters from American Dad and my character was going to be Barry, which is going to be also easy to form since that it is a white T-shirt and green shorts which on a budget is easier to get. Well at least I’ve got till the end of February to decide if I want to get dressed and go to the Con.

Well that’s all for this update so catch me again in a few days for the next blog.

That’s all I got say for this.


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