Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

Well it’s a new year but I’m back with a prediction for this year’s Royal Rumble and this year’s Rumble Match is something that hasn’t been done, sort of, since 1992 where the WWE World Heavyweight Title is going to be on the line and also the defending champion is in the match as well, but I’ll get to that when I go for my predictions for that match but first time to talk the matches before.

Pre-Show: Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match: Dudley Boyz v Darren Young and Damien Sandow v The Ascension v Mark Henry and Jack Swagger:

So I wasn’t actually going to cover this match originally since the fact that this was to go up on Tuesday but I ended up being rather busy with other things that I forgot about it but finding out that it has Royal Rumble implications does make me want to predict this more. This is going to be rather heated but I defiantly think that this will be about a 15-20 minute match since that whichever team wins is doing double duty and they would need to get a long cool down period. It does seem difficult for me to narrow down a team to win but I’m going to cheat and have two picks. The first pick is going to be the Dudley Boyz since that they have been a successful tag team for now nearly 20 years and they have a lot of history in tag team competition. My second pick is going to be Young/Sandow, I would really like to see WWE actually push these two since they are pretty good talent but with the way creative have been with them it would be hard to see it.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day v The Usos: Boy have I had enough of seeing this match being repeated every bloody month. The New Day have been up against The Usos ever since they returned to the WWE last year and I do think that it’s to see a WWE bringing up some new well deserving tag teams from NXT that deserve a shot on the roster. I think that The New Day are going to retain since the fact that they will have that one person advantage so until there’s a team that can figure that out then New Day is here to stay.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Charlotte (with Ric Flair) v Becky Lynch: So here we go with another match that we have seen on pretty much every Raw, I think, since their match at TLC last month and I’ve got to say that I think that this could have been better if there was an additional stipulation to the match so that either of them could have won in a ‘dirty’ way. For instance how cool would it be if we saw these two go in a Strap match such as what Sable and Luna did for their match at the 1999 Royal Rumble, that way they could only get the win by touching the corners and that Flair would have a harder time interfering since that he can’t block or cause rope breaks. But since that this is going to be a single match that Charlotte is going to win, she’s dirtier and WWE are trying to build her reign more over the next few months until either Nikki Bella comes back or even better when Sasha Banks comes back since that she is probably the only decent wrestler along with Charlotte that deserves the title.

WWE United States Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio v Kalisto: Why the hell did WWE decided to give the title to Kalisto for one freaking night was such a freaking waste. Really what was the point of giving him the title if they were going to give it to Del Rio the next night this is what I think is really stupid with WWE when they do foolish decisions like this. Nevertheless since that Kalisto lost the title due to some help that Del Rio got from his League of Nation partner I think that if they were to go one on one Kalisto can pull off an upset and I pick Kalisto for the win.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose v Kevin Owens: Last Man Standing: There are two Royal Rumbles that always stick out to me that have had memorable matches before the Royal Rumble match, that being 1999 The Rock v Mandkind and 2000 Triple H v Cactus Jack, both of these matches did push each competitor to the furthest they could go in the match and both had great stipulations in the form of I Quit and Street Fight. This match has the possibility to be in the same boat as those matches. From what we have seen from Ambrose and Owens is that they would do anything to take out the other. So in this match it will be really hard to narrow down a winner, but I am going to go with Ambrose. He has been in a lot more harder matches than what Owens has had in the WWE and since that I haven’t seen many of his matches that he did when he was on the indy circuit or even in ROH I can’t put anything solid there for Owens. I can probably already guess that the announce table is going to have a major factor with the match since the last few occasions on Raw and I believe Smackdown the announce table has always been a good part in the match and since this is a Last Man Standing I’m expecting it to end there like how Jericho and Triple H ended at Fully Loaded 2000.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Royal Rumble Match: Now this is going to be a pretty unpredictable match but I get the feeling that after the events of Raw that there is going to be a massive screw job going to happen to Roman Reigns, the defending champion since he was force picked the #1 entry for the Rumble Match.

For this match I could see a few people that may either be Alumni that may make a surprise appearance. In a video that WWE posted yesterday they had a list of wrestlers that could make a surprise appearance such as Sting since he’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, but there are some others that they announce that I don’t think will make an appearance and that is Daniel Bryan and Seth Rolling. Both of these wrestler have been on the shelf for a while with serious injuries but I really don’t think that either of them will make an appearance especially for Daniel Bryan since that after last year being sidelined with a neck injuries I rather would see him come back between the Raw after the Rumble and Fast Lane just to make sure that he is in the all clear since that people don’t want to see any repeats from last year. With Seth Rollins I think that in the video WWE just want to try and hype people up instead of giving them a disappointment but I think that Rollins would seem more likely than Bryan at the moment.

Other people that I think that can make an appearance in the Rumble are possibly some NXT stars, you never know since that it would be a pretty good debut for a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. If it is someone from NXT that comes up I would think that it could be Finn Balor or maybe even Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. But with other news coming through from new signings that WWE have got in the past two weeks we could be seeing a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles as well as Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson from the Bullet Club stable where Finn Balor was the first leader of the team. Also with the past week AJ Styles was in the UK on tour with 5Star Wrestling said (adlibbing here) ‘If there is a spot in the Royal Rumble match, put me in it and I will kick some ass for you’. I think that it would be really awesome if AJ Styles was to debut here since that it would be the first time since I think it could have been 2001 or 2002 when the last time Styles had been in a WWE ring. Plus also for the past week Finn Balor has been leading a lot of clues about the former Bullet Club members so there could be a chance that we see them here.

Now to go with the people that are actually in the Royal Rumble match I think that it could be something from here that could win the title. For instance one of the major factors for the match is that you have the entire Wyatt family in the match and they have been rather dominate over the past few weeks on Raw and Smackdown especially since they have Braun Strowman who is pretty much a human wrecking ball and if he get a hold of Reigns and chokes him out with that finisher of his there will defiantly be a new champion. Another wrestler that I think can win this is Brock Lesnar, though he hasn’t appeared in a Royal Rumble match since 2003, which he won, I think that he can throw a lot of people over the top. Then we have Roman Reigns, the number one entry and I got to say that if Roman manages to a) win this match or b) get to the final two it does rather prove that he is a great wrestler. Not that many people have been able to go the distance in the Rumble and since that there is a lot more on the line I see that Romans chances are really slim 1/30 chance that he can retain. But on the plus side since that Roman is starting at number one he can go for a Royal Rumble record by trying to beat his elimination record he set in 2014 so there’s something that he can look forward to try and beat.

But in all honesty I can have a solid one person prediction for this match so I’m going with three predictions for this and that is Reigns, AJ Styles ( if he debuts) and Brock Lesnar.


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