Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #0 Review

So for the past five or six months there has been more and more information on a new Power Rangers movie as well as a new comic book series and now the cast of the film have been revealed as well as the first issue of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers comic book series and I got to say for a #0 issue it is really good at starting off a new rebooting of a series.

One of the things that I do like about the series before I get into the analysis portion of the review and that is the covers for the #0 issue and that it comes in roughly eight different covers. All of the different variants had different Rangers on them holding their helmets with the Zords shown in the visors of the helmets which is a really cool concept that they used for the covers.

The issue opens up with Rita Repulsa talking to the Green Ranger and how that he was able to destroy the Power Rangers and that she is ready to remake the world. This turns out to be a day dream that Tommy is havening when Jason snaps him out of it asking what’s wrong. Tommy simply brushes it off saying that he’s just tired and that it feels more like that its first day nerves for him going to high school as a Power Rangers, so theatrically this takes place roughly after the Green with Evil saga but set in more modern times. The whole team meets up in the car park of the high school where they do show more typical high school problems like finding out that had a test today instead of next week. But again for the rest of the page when there’s bit of general chatter going on Tommy looks like that he is in a completely different place. In these scenes we also see that a astral version of Rita appears back in Jason’s car and she talks about how Jason seems to be suspicious and something a little interesting and that is this line “Or a person at ALL, really.” Could this mean that there is more to Tommy such as what a reveal that happened in the Operation Overdrive series, where the Red Ranger turned out to actually be a cyborg/ robot.

We then have a quick cut-away to Rita castle where we see her walking through a door where she goes to see Finster who had made her latest monster known as Bullzer. Then we cut back to the high school where there actually learning something since I barely remember them spending anytime in class in the series. There an alarm goes off as Bullzer starts attacking the city and they evacuate students to the gymnasium except for our heroes who morph, not knowing if in public or somewhere private. We get a pretty cool morph scene where it does resemble the television series where it shows them posing with their morphers with a giant version of the morpher behind them. They then have them in a pose with their costumes and then go straight for the Megazord mode since that the Bullzer is already a large creature, which is something that does make the more sense of what Rita should have been doing instead of releasing the monster in a regular form and then growing into growth mode. We see the Bullzer moving forward to what appears to be the Golden Gate Bridge and then a giant blast to the face of it. Then cuts to the Dragonzord and Megazord posing with what appears to be a pink speech bubble asking what the creature is. The Megazord team decides to come up with a plan on to taking the Bullzer away from the bridge where they try and come up with a plan and then a miscommunication happens when Tommy in the Dragonzord decides to go head on and attack it. The Megazord manages to grab the Bullzer and have the Dragonzord make the attack that way but then something happens to the Dragonzord and that the controls start to freeze. We also get another astral Rita moment where she seems to be badgering Tommy saying that without her he’s not good enough. They manage to destroy the Bullzer but the Dragonzord controls go slightly crazy and its tail smashes the bridge and some of the cars start to fall off when Kim detaches from the Megazord and manages to catch the falling cars with her Zord.

Back at the Command Centre Tommy is explaining to the team on what happened with the Dragonzord but Jason think that Tommy was just being too cocky thinking that he can handle things on his own. Zordon breaks them up by sharing the blame on both of them saying that Jason should have made plan clearer and that Tommy should have asked questions when he’s not clear. Zordon then goes on to say that with Tommy on their side it struck a blow with Rita’s forces but since Rita knows more about the Green Power Coin they do remain concerned by that but in main focus remain on what can happen next. We then cut to night time where Scorpina retrieves something and brings it back to Rita It appears to be a crystal that Rita says is their new beginning.

I got to say I really enjoyed this comic. I’m not going to cover the two sub stories that are in the comic since that it’s not the focus of this but they are decent to read. I would really recommend this comic to people, who are fans of the Mighty Morphing era of Power Rangers since there is a lot of nostalgia going through it, plus the conversion for it to be now set more in current time is pretty good as well and it does work. Character development seemed to focus more about Tommy than the other characters but that was rather typical of the first season after the Green with Evil story line most episodes did focus on Tommy. But since that it was also the first issue of the comic there will be time for development in the later issues. I’m defiantly going to be adding this series to my standing order the next time I’m heading out.



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