Is WWE Going Downhill?

For the past five years I’ve have been getting back into watching wrestling mainly since there was a long period where I didn’t watch it for the fact that I only used to watch PPV’s up till 2002 but then kept up to date-ish with buying PPV’s from retail stores but nothing seemed to be the same. But for the past three years that I’ve been watching WWE I have been thinking that it has started to go downhill. I think that I also have a few theories why they have been going down as well.


1. Roster. For a while the roster has pretty much stayed the same, especially now since there is no more brand expansion and that most of the decent talent that they do have they are either kept off main TV or are on main TV and put in absolutely pointless and boring storylines. For instance there are quite a few good wrestlers that do deserve a chance to wrestle for the World title such as Titus O’Neal who they should have actually pushed for at least a US title or Intercontinental title run when Darren Young was out injured last year since that what he has done for the past few months on his own has been really good. His rivalry with Stardust has been going over rather well and I along with other fans would like to see more of him in singles competition. Another wrestler I would like to see would Dolph Ziggler who hasn’t had a title run for quite a number of months but has been stuck in a number of pointless and stupid storylines that just seemed to go absolutely nowhere and didn’t accomplish anything for either people in those storylines. Another reason why the roster is pretty bad in WWE is because there are better wrestlers currently in their development company NXT. For instance there are wrestlers who have proved themselves throughout the world and have been champions there as well. For instance there are at least five or so wrestlers that are better than the top wrestlers there such as Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayne hell even Apollo Crews is better than some of the wrestlers in WWE. Hopefully WWE will showcase these wrestlers more on TV then they do with their current stars.


2. Storylines. The second problem that I’ve had has been the absolutely pointless and boring storylines that WWE have had at least over the past year. For instance two of the most boring storylines that I have had have been Rusev v John Cena and Rusev v Dolph Ziggler. The problem that these both had was that they went on for way too long and it seemed really unnecessary for them to be going on for four months where they could have been giving those better matches against better opponents. The Cena/Rusev rivalry seemed that it should have just ended after Extreme Rules since usually would make for a best of three rivalry where you see one person win at Fast Lane, then the other wins at WrestleMania and then have the final being decided at Extreme Rules in a pointless and less extreme way that creative can think of. But no they decided to have a pointless fourth match which happed at Over the Limit, where the match ended up being won by Cena after Rusev’s manager said ‘I Quit’ for him and that was that. With the Ziggler/Rusev rivalry it seemed extremely pointless since that the focus around it was Lana who at the time was split from Rusev for really pointless reason and was put into a kayfabe relationship with Ziggler where she was supposed to be his girlfriend. This ended up with them bringing in another Diva to the rivalry for it only to be revealed with the thanks of TMZ that Rusev and Lana were actually engaged in real life and the rivalry was then took off air and was replaced with a worse between Ziggler and newcomer to the main roster of Tyler Breeze.

3. WWE Network. At first I bet whoever created up with the idea of the WWE Network thought that they had the best idea ever and that being giving people the option to join a subscription of $9.99 per month to watch archived matches, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, WCW and so forth as well as airing new shows that are their own shows such as Legends House as well as airing NXT, I believe I don’t actually have the Network, also showing PPV events as well. But then that’s where the only good points that I see since that I have heard that there have been so many complaints with the service such as there was a lot of buffering problems as well as people having problems trying to get the thing to work especially since that in some places they have to get it through their service provider. One major problem that I think that WWE does have with the WWE network is that they have a strange period where they seem like they would be losing a lot of money from the WWE Network for PPV since that $9.99 is a big loss from when people used to pay $40-$60 to watch a 3 hour show like WrestleMania and they also seem to have a lot of problems there as well with them having free month periods where they have probably more new customers but then they could lose them after the free period is over.


4. Injury. One final reason that I have a reason that they are going on a downhill is that pretty much all the good talent that they have are pretty much all out of action for the next few month through to injury. For instance one of the first cases that I thought they were going downhill was when Tyson Kidd got injured since he and Ceasro were doing so well as a tag team that they could have went on to become the champions but no that didn’t end up happening, but Cesaro did end up getting more recognition as a singles competitor until he also ended up in the injured list where he isn’t expected to return till I think before or after this year’s WrestleMania. Another really disappointing injury that recently happened was that John Cena had returned from either filming something or from recovery of a injury to be put back on the injured list after three or so weeks of returning and is out with what I believe is a torn rotator cuff and now won’t be back till after WrestleMania. And the final injury problem that WWE has suffered was with Seth Rollins at a live event on the UK tour where he ended up tearing his ACL, MCL and meniscus after botching a move that he has done for years and is going to be out of action for a number of months. But also there was a real big problem and that was that the WWE title was then vacated and put into a tournament. Hopefully this year there will be fewer injuries that will happen to wrestlers especially ones that deserve to have some gold around their waists.


So far that’s all I can think of on how WWE is going downhill but if anyone else can think of anything add it in the comment section below.



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