2015: My Review

Well with it being the first official day of 2016 coming to a close I’ve spent most of the day remenissing about all the good parts of my year and so far its been a bit trying to remeber the first actual good moment.

But one of the one that comes instantly off my head happened in March and the second Newcastle Film and TV Comic Con in where I really did have a great day. I got to see some of my favorite wrestlers, Bob Holly and David Hart Smith, and it was great to hear them tell tales when they were on the road. Another person that I got to meet was Robert Maschio who was The Todd in Scrubs and he was hilarious and I got a high five from him as well. Another good thing about the day was being able to hang around a few of my friends, Jake, Ashley, Amie, Gavin and Sarah who were all dressed up in costumes and they all looked really cool and great.

The next good thing I can think of is having the chance to be the Dungeon Master for our games and giving Michael, our usual DM, and gave him the chance to play a character for once. I took me about three or so weeks to come up with the concept for the story where I based it much on The Lost Mines of Phandelver from the new starter set and from the first outing it went rather well. Currently we are up to starting our third act in the story and something wicked this way comes for them.

Next a lot of my memories come from the cinema and the many different films that came out this year and since I’ve seen at least two or so films each month this year and here’s my top 5 films.

5: Avengers Age of Ultron: I got to say there seemed to be a lot going on in this film. You had the Avengers reclaiming Loki’s Sceptre from HYDRA for five minutes then facing off against Ultron for the rest of the film and it just seemed it was missing something special about it. It seemed it took a slight shuffle back from how good the first film was. Hopefully Civil War this year will be better.

4: The Last Witch Hunter: I went to see this film the same day as Spectre and I enjoyed this way more than I did Spectre. Vin Diesel plays a immortal witch hunter after having a curse placed on him. Another thing that I enjoyed was the acting in it, Vin plays his character really well wishing he could have one more day with his family and solve what happend to his friend and liaison with the church, played by Michael Caine who had more of a minor role was really good in it. The twist in this was really well done and not to spoil it much did make more interested in the film.

3: Insidious Chapter 3 & Crimson Peak: I’m doing this as a double mainly because there both horror films and I enjoyed both really well. First I really liked Insidious Chapter 3 for the fact that from the trailers I thought something different was going to happen and it was nice to see the origins of the paranormal investigation team from the first film, quite a few good visuals used throughout and I enjoyed seeing it alone. Crimsom Peak was a film when I went in was going to be horror film similar to Insidious, but In was totally wrong. This is Del Toro back to his routes of Gothic horror and is handled a lot better than say The Woman in Black. Both films are really great with their visuals and story and are both worth a viewing.

2: Ant Man: I didn’t know what to expect going in to this film, like I did with Guardians of the Galaxy. But this seemed better than Avengers. You have Paul Rudd playing a ex-con trying to start his life anew to get to see his daughter more often and is then recruited to do one last score which was actually devised by Michael Douglas wanting help to retrieve a weapon that he helped create and wants back. It has action, comedy, great use of CGI and had many great moments including the Thomas the Tank Engine scene which was a great use of the technologies we have in film today.

1: Star Wars Ep7: Even though this was a revamped version of A New Hope I really enjoyed this film. The characters in this film, the focused ones at least, are really well done and really liked. Rey and Finn had really good chemistry when they were on screen and BB8 is a more enjoyable doid in the film. The story is similar to New Hope where a droid is given a map to help locate where Luke Skywalker is at, this leads to a chase between the Finn, Rey, Han and Chewie to get the droid back to the Rebels and away from The First Order led by Kylo Ren, who turns out to be Han and Leia’s son. Rey gets catptured by the First Order since she knows the map fragment and Kylo Ren tries to get the information out of her only to find out that she to has the force. The film ends with Han Solo dead by Lightsabre, Rey and Kylo fight and the Death Star Mk3 getting destroyed. In all I enjoyed it and it’s going to be now a long wait to see the outcome of it.

There was also one other thing that was really good that happened to me this year. I finally got my first job after many months of different interviews. Even though I started in late November and finished at Christmas Eve, it was the best thing that ever happened to me and I would like to thank the staff and management at Poundworld Durham for the opportunity.

Let’s hope that this year I can get a actual job and possibly something’s even more greater than money.10984269_612871445479231_5033715248242163191_n


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