Could Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Could Have Been Better?

I have been a rather big fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and I got to day the red herring of the series was a decent film but it could have been a lot better if they had focused around one character rather more in the film and that is Tommy.

In the film he is heavily featured since the start showed a flash back of young Tommy finding the grave of Jason and then hiding from two vandals who dig up the very, very shallow grave and Jason kills them up to the point where he gets to Tommy and turns out that it is all a dream. We then find out that Tommy has been having hallucinations of Jason either standing in his room or outside in the ground and that’s pretty much what we see of Jason. Then we see that Tommy also does have a rather bad attitude with the events of the last film and he seems to not liking people touching his things such as Eddie who took one of his masks and Tommy dropped him through a table and pounded him. This would have shown a lot more if Jason was Tommy by having him be more violent towards more than two people.

My thoughts on what they could have done more was to have the film span more than two days have it span over at least a week or so and then have all the reveals happening on the Friday. You first off having Tommy arrive on the Monday at the building and then have it slowly build from there with them showing Tommy’s angry side and build up from there. Then over the next few days you have Tommy going through different stages such as the hallucinations and then have him disappear for a few hours a day, killing off random people like the Greasers that get killed off at the beginning and then have him just appear at random places with him being rather dazed and confused with what’s going on. You then have the other characters intervene that would cause red herring links such as Vic who kills Joey in the film or Raymond, the farmhand at Ethel’s farm. Another interesting twist was to have Vic then escape police custody and have it believe that he could also be the killer.  

Then on the Thursday night have Tommy start to lose his nerve by going after the people that are in the home, believing that they are in fact Jason. After killing three people this then leads Tommy to go and find the grave of Jason and starts to dig it up and then finds out that Jason’s corpse looks rather preserved, then following the events that happen at the beginning of the sixth film Jason gets reanimated and then proceeds to kill Tommy and then leaves the graveyard and bury Tommy in his grave. Jason then continues the killing spree and then ending the film with Jason just disappearing into the woods around Crystal Lake.

It may seem like a boring cop out to the film having Tommy being the killer and then having him bring Jason back to life in the same film but I think that it would have been better since then it does have Jason returning.


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