SummerSlam 2015 Predictions

So I’m back with another predictions list for this years SummerSlam for two reasons. One it actually does seem rather more interesting than usual and two it finally has moved out of LA were its been playing from for the past five or so years.


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match: The Prime Time Players v The Lucha Dragons v Los Matadores v The New Day

This match seem that it could be a rather rush job of a match because it is on the pre show and usually these matches go on quicker than the main card so I am going to make this quick. I predict that the match is either going to see The Prime Time Players retain their titles in a clean win or The New Day are going to win it due to an interference by which ever member wont be in the match since Fatal Four Ways are usually a mess so something like this could end up happening with this match.

Main Card:

Triple Threat Intercontinetal Championship Match: Ryback v The Big Show v The Miz

For this match I am going to say that it would be rather open ended any anyone would win. But if I had to put some money on it and I would say that Ryback is going to get the win. This match will probably end up having either Ryback and Show taking out Miz or Ryback and Miz taking out Show. Either way as long as Ryback doesn’t go for a Big Splash from the top and either misses it or botchs it since the last time he was out for a few weeks with a staph infection and possibly could have scripted to relinquish the title. BUT if this does happen I could see Miz capitalizing this and applying the Figure Four and winning the title that way.

Tag Team Match: Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper v Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

A match that ended up from a singles feud now ends up in a tag team since The Wyatt Family reunited and I got to say I have found this rivalry to be getting rather boring. Hopefully Reigns/Ambrose will be able to put a end to this because I could do with seeing something new because this match has started to happen more than three times now. Rumours going around that this was originally supposed to be a Six Man Tag where WWE was going to I think find a way for to get Sting into the story but I think those plans got nixed when Eric Rowan suffered an injury and it was made into a tag team match. I can’t state that these were 100% true it would have been cool to see Sting at a second WWE staple show.

Tag Team Match: Stephen Amell & Neville v Stardust and King Barrett

Now as we all know when a Twitter war starts usually it stays on Twitter, but this one between Amell and Stardust decided to exchange more than just words. Amell appeared on a recent episode of Raw as a special guest but after Stardust got up and close with him by shoving him Amell and he then retaliated by jumping over the barricade and springing over the top rope and attacked Stardust. This then led to Triple H going off at Amell for getting into a WWE Ring since he isn’t a wrestler so Amell says that he wants a fight and agreed to sign the paper work so that it was clear for him to wrestle. In all honesty I really want Amell and Neville to win cause I’m a big fan of Arrow as well as being a fan of Neville and the fact that he also comes from Newcastle which is a home away from home to me. Also when I thought about this match it also seems like that it could also be publicity for Arrow season 4 as well since rumour has it that he was going to be wresting in his costume from the show. So for this match I’m going for Amell and Neville.

Kevin Owens v Cesaro

I don’t want this to come off as the wrong end of the stick but I think that Tyson Kidd being injured has done the best for Cesaro for a while. He has had some incredible matches over the past few months on both Raw and Smackdown and I have been looking forward to this match. But there is only one thing that I thought is going to be rather downfall is that Kevin Owens already fought last night at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn since he had a rather intense match with Finn Balor in a Ladder Match so there could be a small chance that Owens wont be at 100% for the match. Nevertheless I think that there could be a really good match since that Owens too has had a lot of good matches this year as well. But for a winner I am going with Cesaro since that it could seem that he might be a number one contender in the next few months depending on the out come of the night.

Three Team Elimination Match: Team Bella v Team B.A.D v PCB

I think that this match could have been done better if they set the elimination up for each person instead of each team and actually put the title on the line for the match instead of it been a permanent attachment to Nikki Bella waist. I think that for this match the winner will either be Team B.A.D or PCB since they have had the upper hand over Team Bella the past few weeks. Another thing that I thought that they could have done differently with the storyline was to have Paige join Naomi and Tamina instead of PCB and have Sasha Banks join Charlotte and Becky to create the Four Horsemen faction with Bailey in NXT.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana v Rusev w/ Summer Rae

This rivalry seem to be a rather pointless feud over a woman that WWE has reused so many freaking times it is getting rather annoying. I predict that Ziggler is going to win with the Zig Zag after Rusev has him in the Accolade and Lana and Summer brawl on the outside costing Rusev the win.

Randy Orton v Sheamus

In the same way that I have hated the rivalry between Orton/Cena this is my second most hated rivalry. These two have been fighting each other pretty much each year for a few months and it gets rather boring to see. I hope that this is the final time that we see this match and I predict that Sheamus is going to get the win with a distraction and a Brogue Kick.

WWE Title & United States Title Match: Seth Rollins v John Cena

This match could seem rather interesting since that John Cena so far for the United States title hasn’t been beaten cleanly so I think that the momentum would be going with Cena. But to be the way that Cena and Rollins crossed words during the Contract Signing could see either Rollins walking away with both titles with the help of the Authority since that Triple H looked a bit pissed when he said that he was going to beat his mentors record for title reigns. But there could be a really good twist to the match. What if they changed the plans with Sting in the Tag Match rumors to have him involved in either against Cena or Rollins either way it would be a nice twist to see. But if I had to guess it would end up with a DQ and both keep their titles.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman v The Undertaker

I got to say that the main event from last months PPV I didn’t see coming, The Undertaker screwing over Lesnar for the WWE Title. Now I got to say that I am on the side of Undertaker for this because I am sick of Paul Heyman shoving down our throats that his client Brock Lesnar broke the Undertakers streak last year. It so annoying. Plus depending on Taker’s condition I think that he could have actually have a chance of beating Lesnar since he has failed at every other time. But there could be a chance, a large chance that Lesnar would dominate Taker since last year Lesnar’s match was won when Cena was thrown into unconsciousness by Lesnar’s suplexes. So if Lesnar does that then there is a chance that Taker will not win. But I think that Taker will win.


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