Did Annabelle Need To Be Made?

Ever since The Conjuring came out there seemed to be a lot of focusing around an item that seemed to be such a red herring about what the focus was going to be and that is the Annabelle doll. Also the cover of the DVD seems to signify that even though the doll only seems to get about 15 or 20 minutes of screen time.

So the film is based around the doll and how it came to be seemingly possessed. It starts off with a recap for the people that seen The Conjuring and then cuts to funny enough a church. Mia and John Form then return home to reveal that John had found a doll that Mia, who is something like 8-9 months pregnant, has been looking for her collection which is the creepy looking Annabelle doll. Mia here’s something that seems to come from the neighbours so John goes outside and investigates to then come out with a bloodied shirt and tells Mia to go inside and call the cops, but when she gets inside she then notices somebody in the baby’s room and is attacked by a woman and a man. The cops arrive in time to kill the man but the woman, who turns out to be Annabelle Higgins the neighbours daughter who disappeared months ago, kills herself and leaves a bloody symbol drawn on the wall and the doll cradled in her arms, this seems rather taken from Child’s Play leading the doll to be possessed. The doll gets thrown out after the incident and then it turns out that the doll/ whatever is going on causes a fire and the doll is found in the house. This then causes Mia to go into labour and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. After a few days they then move to an apartment complex and Mia again finds the doll in a box though it was thrown out. This then leads for a number of paranormal incidents that happens and then finally wraps up with Mia facing off against Annabelle and asks if there is any other way to keep her child safe and that is to offer another soul. John and Evelyn, a bookstore owner who Mia befriends in the movie and knows a bit about the occult, manages to get into the apartment and Evelyn gets the doll and makes the sacrifice so that she can atone for the death of her daughter and she jumps through the window and falls to her death. Then after focusing on the family the camera then cuts back to Evelyn’s body where Annabelle has disappeared only for six months later when the mother of the girls from the opening and then that’s it with then a bit of after text with it saying about the location of the real Annabelle doll and that it gets blessed twice a week.

In all honesty I think that this film is trying to be a few different films. In one way it seems like that it wants to be a homage to Rosemary’s Baby where in that the lead female actress goes through the different mindsets of craziness when it turns out that the residents of the apartment complex conjure up a demon to then impregnate Rosemary thinking that it is her husband. In this film it does seem rather similar but since there was a cult that wanted a vessel to get into the human world as well that it seems in a way that Mia seems to go into some craziness including a scene where she goes in a elevator to the basement and then to go back up to her apartment only for her on each attempt to keep on opening up at the basement level. Also another homage to this from Rosemary’s Baby is the characters name Mia since the lead from Rosemary’s Baby was played by Mia Farrow.

In all honesty I wish that there wasn’t that much of a focus of Annabelle in The Conjuring and then I ended up finding out that there was going to be a sequel in the works as well and I thought that this film was going to be money grabbing film idea. At first I thought I knew what an idea they could have done for the film and that would have been a longer version of the short that was shown at the beginning of the film which in all honesty would be not that much of an interesting film so but to be fair Hollywood wouldn’t care that much. Hopefully there won’t be a sequel because it seems that it would be quite unnecessary since the information about how Ed and Lorraine Warren ended up with the doll. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the sequel to The Conjuring.


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