How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Could Have Been Improved

A few months ago I posted a blog about how Transformers 4 could have been improved and I really liked how I approached that subject and over the past few days and after watching the new Ninja Turtles film and also watching Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerds crossover review of it and thought how they could have made it a better film.

The first idea is the fact that Nickelodeon is showing the new television show they could have at least tried to get the same voice actors for the Turtles since their audience would have probably been watching the show at the time and in all honesty to me I think that it would have been a whole better choice. Mainly for one reason and that is I think that the voice over for Michelangelo was rather terrible and he sounded a lot like a creep, but then if you were to put the voice from the show and it would have been a lot less creepy and a lot better. Greg Cipes has so far being my favourite voice for Mikey in the past few incarnations of the series. Speaking of voice actors when I found out that Johnny Knoxville is the voice of Leonardo. This for me seems a lot weird as for the fact that the audience that has went to see this with their kids would be thinking on what it would have been like if the Turtles would be like if they were the cast of Jackass. Just think of that when seeing the film and I think it would make it more enjoyable.

The second idea that I had would be three changes to the film that would have been a lot easier. The first would have been to change the Foot Clan to the Purple Dragons since what they did to the Foot Clan in this was make them into what looks like a gang. This would have also made it more believable since in the 2003 show that the Purple Dragons were a gang that would use guns to attack the Turtles. The second change would have to kept Eric Sacks but then have say at the third act point have it reveal that he in fact is a Krang, this I think that would have been a good idea, since that in the film it is revealed that Sacks was looking for the mutation so that he can then exploit people to make a rich man even richer. This would also sort of go along with the idea of the show since the Krang were the ones that accidently created the Turtles when a canister came into contact with them and that’s how they mutated. Then the third idea is to have Shredder as a scenery chewer and as maybe even the boss for Sacks. This way you can then build Shredder up for the sequel film. They did have him chew the scenery for a bit in the film showing him challenging the Foot Clan member attacking Shredder where he breaks a guys neck with his shoulder. I think that Shredder for this could have been a lot better and more menacing including a better design for his armour to make him look less than a Transformer.

The third idea that I had would to be to change some of the casting. Will Arnet didn’t seem to be to be that good of an actor for this film, he didn’t even seem that funny with the script that he had and it seemed like a B rated performance. The second casting change is Megan Fox. Though she did give a decent performance in the film she wasn’t the April O’Neil that we would have wanted. She didn’t seem that interested with some certain scenes either that’s her acting ability or the direction that she had either way it did seem to be subpar. If I had to make a good suggestion that I would have for April O’Neil and that would have been Amy Adams mainly because of her performance from the Daily Planet segments from Man of Steel, she wasn’t afraid of what the ramifications were if she was to leak a story and I get the feeling that’s what I think that April should have been like for the film. Bold and confident and in the film she seemed to be a rather push over for the first act and then became more confident afterwards. Hopefully in the sequel she can be a lot better.


One thought on “How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Could Have Been Improved

  1. The movie definitely could have taken more cues from the TV show. I’m current watching the episodes of the classic 2000’s show and it’s great. If the movie had been anything like that, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more!

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