Could Scream Queens be the Next American Horror Story?

Scream Queens

One of the latest shows that will be airing this Fall over in America has actually caught my eye from just watching the trailer from the show and I got to say that it does look really well done and it seems really interesting.

I also think that from the first trailer it does seems reminiscent of American Horror Story, mainly for the fact that it is made by the same people that made the series and look how popular that show has gotten with a fifth series already underway as well as a spinoff series in production as well.

The plot of the show centres around a female college fraternity, Kappa Sorority, where the Dean Cathy Munsch, played by Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), stating that anybody can get into Kappa which leads to Grace Gardner, played by Skyler Samuels (Furry Vengeance) and some others including Hester, played by Lea Michele (Glee) and the president of the Kappa Sorority Chanel Oberlin, played by Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) is mad at the Dean for letting this happen so she puts all the new recruits through a Hell Week initiation which leads for somebody to be killed which then leads to the revelation of the show. 20 years ago there was an accident happened where somebody had died and now somebody dressing as the University’s mascot, a Red Devil, which has been targeting people from the sorority. But the thing that also like about the show is that it also reminds me of Scary Movie in a way because it seems like Denise, played by Niecy Nash (Reno 911!), seems really reminiscent of the characters from films like that.

I think that this could be as big as American Horror Story for the fact that it could then have the possibility to go to other places like what AHS did and I would like to see what ways the writers will go with this show. Another thing that I think is going to bring in people to watch the show is the amount of people they have going into the show like Jaime Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele as well as Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande which I think is going to be more interesting for me because I haven’t seen those two act since I grew way past the new wave of Disney plus because I didn’t have Sky at that time. On the other hand I have seen many films and shows with Jamie Lee Curtis in and I know how good of an actress that she is. Emma Roberts on the other hand I do rather like especially in AHS: Coven, she was really good in the show and I haven’t seen all of Freak Show yet but from what I saw from the episodes that I watched I thought she was rather good in that too. So acting wise I am looking forward to what they will be bringing to the show.

So what is it going to be like, I hope by the trailer is going to be and I recently found out that there is going to special premier of the first episode at San Diego Comic Con so I am going to be rather jealous of the people who are going to be able to see it and it looks like that the majority of us will be waiting for September for us to watch it on Fox.


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