Slammiversary 2015 Results

Tigre Uno v DJ Z v Manik X Division Title Match:

So the first match of the night was a triple threat elimination match, a repeat from the past tv show, where we had the new champ Tigre Uno face off against DJ Z and Manik. I don’t know how it got to that since the challengers haven’t been used that much for matches on tv. So the match does run like a similar X Division triple threat, Uno manages to hit a lot of high flying moves with getting the pin on both Z and Manik with different moves that I think was supposed to be the Sabre-toothed Splash but I could be wrong. One thing I wish that they could have did was something the commentators said and was to have Z and Manik team up to beat down Uno. Nevertheless it was a decent match.

Jessie v Robbie E:

I got to say I wasn’t that much of a fan of the Bromans but once Jessie turned on Robbie I got slightly interested. So the beginning of the match we get a promo from Jessie I got to say it was so boring. This is WRESTLING not the Arnold Classics Jessie. The majority of the match was mainly dominated by Jessie being the power house using moves like the bear hug but Robbie manages to build a comeback but gets looses it for a minute or so. Jessie goes foe a third attempted power bomb and Robbie manages to kick out at two. Jessie then goes for a Boston Crab that the commentary team call the Adonis Lock but Robbie gets to the rope and breaks it. Robbie gets up and hits a reverse DDT and gets the win. Hopefully we may now see something good for Robbie E after winning this match cause I would like to see him at least go back for the X Division title or possibly a World Title shot.

Matt Morgan v Bram:

So this match started as a Street Fight and it seems like that Bram seems was underestimated by Morgan. But Bram was able to get a turnbuckle wrench and start wearing out Morgan using different weapons like a cookie sheet and garbage can. Bram rolls Morgan into the ring and starts to mount a comeback and tries to go for a choke slam and misses. Bram goes to hit him with a garbage can and hits the Carbon Footprint. Bram spent a good minute or two looking for something under the ring but Morgan was able to recuperate and was able to hit the choke slam onto a steel chain and gets a two count. Morgan goes for a power bomb but Bram hits a low blow and then his DDT finisher on the chair and gets the win. Also why did Morgan ask for a Street Fight if he wasn’t going to actually use any weapons?

Austin Aries v Davey Richards

With this match the winner gets to pick the stipulation for Match 5 on the next episode of Impact Wresting. The match did start slow but managed to pick up with a few holds back to back. Davey manages to counter the standing switch into a pin combo but only gets a two. A lot of technical grappling between the two of them and Aries manages tries to set Richards for the Pendulum Elbow but Richards gets in the way. We then have a good back and forward striking but where Aries tried to have Richards miss a drop kick to have Richards do a flip and land on his feet. Aries then gets sent to the outside and Richards goes for a Suicide Dive abd Aries runs off leading to Richards to chase him and lead a good assault. Richards tries to get Aries in the ring and goes for a top rope move but Aries blocks it by going for the top top and hits a double ace handle off the top rope to the outside. Aries then slingshots himself in and then uses the momentum to then do a elbow and Richards gets a One count. Another back and forth we go and Richards manages to build a comeback sending Aries to the outside and hits the Suicide Dive. Richards then sets up for a springboard kick for a two. Aries tries to hit a Discus clothesline and gets hit with a Super kick. Aries manages to get a comeback using a clap technique to then hit a Suicide Dive. Aries hits a Shin Breaker and applies the Last Chancery but Richards gets the rope break, Aries goes for a Brain buster but is blocked and a lot goes down that I then get confused by. Richards managed to get a good combo going hitting a double foot stop for a 2 count then Roode comes out and Edwards takes out Roode for Aries to get a roll up holding the tights for the win. Aries announces the stipulation for the match first jokey saying a bra and panties match but then revealed the real stipulation a 30 minute Iron Man match. This was a rather awesome match to have with two people who have been in tag team matches for the past few months to be back in singles was nice to see and I wonder if that the commentators know that Richards was also a really competitive solo wrestler as well as tag team in ROH.

The Dollhouse v Brooke and Awesome Kong

Another team that I don’t like being the Dollhouse, I think it just seems like another excuse to make a Beautiful People 2.0. Also what the hell is Brooke on she seems to be alot more cheery nowadays. The beginning of the match we see all the competitors in the ring and Kong piles the Dollhouse into the corner and squashes them. Kong then goes on one on one with Jade with Kong just throwing her around. But Jade does have a comeback mounting. Kong hits the splash on Marty Belle and Jade and tags in Brooke where we are a change in the match with the Dollhouse focusing more on Brooke using bear hugs. Marty Belle causes a distraction which causes the ref to ignore the tag from Kong which causes the Dollhouse to mount an attack on Brooke. Brooke manages to tag in Kong and hit a lot of hard hitting moves. Also a small altercation happens with Marty Belle where she accidently hits Taryn and then Jade is left alone for Brooke with her hitting the huricarana from the top rope getting the win. I think that these are the sort of matches that I do like to see in wrestling a near 10 minute Knockouts match that has good points that WWE doesn’t seem to have.

Magnus v James Storm Non-Sanctioned

The match starts on the outside and starts out basically as a brawl with it going around the ringside area going back and forth. They manage to spill through the barricade and lead to a concession stand where Magnus tries to go for a power bomb but Storm reverse it for a back drop. Storm grabs a bottle from under the ring and takes a swig and over hears Josh Matthews saying that he was going to far and threatens him. Magnus capitalises and brings in a table to use but Storm hits a low blow but Magnus recovers quickly and catapults Storm underneath the table face first. They then brawl to the backstage area near the electrical areas causing technical difficulties on the titantron. They brawl to ringside where Magus tries a Axe Handle but misses and hits the guardrail. Storm rolls him into the ring and gets a two. Storm tried to go for the Eye of the Storm but misses and gets countered to a Power bomb by Magnus through the table for only a two. Storm sets a table on the outside and sets Magnus on it. Storm gets another bottle from under the ring but gets unfocused by confronting Earl Hebnor and Magnus sets him on the table and goes for a elbow but misses. Storm goes for a pin and gets a two count and goes for some white powder that Magnus knocks out of his hand and blinds the ref. Storm hits the Last Call and gets a two count and goes for the cow bell and misses. Magus hits a slam and gets a two and the Storm hits him with a cow bell and two Last Calls for another two count. Storm then picks out a load of weapons including a guardrail that Storm position on two chairs. Magus plays defense and superplexs Storm from the top to rope and Magnus gets a two count. Magnus gets a bottle from outside whilst Storm picks up a one from the ring and they both collide with each other and Storm manages to drape his arm over to get the win. This was a rather great match. There could be possibly one last match that we could see in this series and if there is I think that it could be a Death Match after that ending that we had at the end of the match.

During the aftermath there was a lot of technical issues with the audio.

Mr Anderson and Lashley v EC3 and Tyrus

The match starts off slow with Anderson and EC3 with a arm drag and the Anderson tags in Lashley and hit a slam. Lashley and Anderson work on EC3 with frequent tags. But Tyrus makes an interference with the blindest ref who didn’t see it as well as the illegal tag as the ref was held up with Anderson. Tyrus and EC3 wears down Lashley but then gets the hot tag to Anderson and hits a Fireman’s Carry on EC3 and goes for a pin put Tyrus interferes and hits EC3. Anderson tries to hit the same move on Tyrus but EC3 picks Andersons ankle and they start working on Anderson. But Anderson manages to get the hot tag and hits a number of suplexes and tries to hit the Domination but misses and EC3 hits the TKO. Lashley hits a spine buster and Tyrus breaks up the count but gets double teamed by Lashley and Anderson but manages to counter a double suplex. Tyrus tries to hit the Spike but misses and gets hit by a spear and EC3 hits the 1% on Lashley for the win. EC3 gets a lot of motivation for this match going into Bell to Bell on Wednesday

Jeff Jarrett v Matt Hardy v Drew Galloway v Eric Young v Bobby Roode King of the Mountain Match

So the match starts off with Roode squaring off with Hardy and Young with Galloway leaving Jarrett alone in the ring. This then leads Jarrett to then show off his skills after being off TV for years and Roode manages to get a pin on Jarrett becoming the first person eligible for the match. Hardy tries to get advantage over Roode hitting a side effect and only gets a two. Jarrett gets released and is met by Young and ambushes him and gets the pin on Jarrett who again is sent to the penalty box. Hardy plays more defense by taking down Young and Hardy takes out Young and Roode with the ladder. Galloway blocks Hardy’s attack and hits the Futureshock DDT on the ladder and tries to pin Hardy but Roode breaks up the pin. Jarret gets out and then is low blowed by Young. Hardy and Galloway pin Young and Roode and Jarrett knocks Hardy and Galloway off the ladder and hits the Stroke on Galloway for a pin attempt to be broken up by Hardy. Jarrett then tries to hit the the Stroke on Hardy to get broken up again. Roode and Young team up together to take out the other competitors which they then turn on each other. Hardy and Galloway sets each other up from a high risk move and Jarret helps but Roode and Young pin Galloway and Hardy leaving Jarrett dumfounded and they all start brawling. Young grabs Jarrets guitar but Jarret and kicks Young in the crotch and smacks Roode in the head with the guitar. Young and Jarret battle on the ring side and leads Young to Piledrive Jarrett on the ladder. Galloway then climbs on top of the penalty box and dives on Roode, Hardy and Young. Galloway takes the title but is met by Hardy who hits the Twist of Fate and Hardy heads up the ladder. Roode block Hardy and hits a power bomb on Hardy. Roode tries to climb the ladder and is intercepted by Young. Young is then intercepted by Jarrett and hits the Stroke off the ladder. Jarrett then climbs the ladder and hung the title and wins King of the Mountain belt. So what does the future now hold for Jeff Jarrett since he does now hold TNA property, we may see at Bell to Bell who knows.

Overall I think that this was a good PPV from TNA other than the technical difficulties that they had after Storm/Magnus and the booking for the X Division title match other than that it was good and makes me look forward to Wednesday Impact. 8/10


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