Game of Thrones Season 5: Hit or Miss

Ever since this season of Game of Thrones reared its head I was rather uncertain about it because it had clarified in a few articles that it was going to come up with a lot of new material. Which it did rather well in some cases but then again there were some cases that just seemed rather bizarre and rather disappointing scenes.

For me I have been a really big fan of the books and I was looking forward to what the writers of the show were going to include since there was quite a few good stories that they could added and in the entirety of Season 5 they only used roughly five actual story arcs from the book and adapted them to the show. I was rather at a mix when I saw most of the season. I thought that some of the beginning of the season was rather good with having a different take on Tyrion travelling with Varys to go to Daenerys in Meereen which is different to what it is in the books as Tyrion is transported on a boat with two rather good characters Ben Cottington and Aegon Targaryen who is going to Meereen to convince Daenerys to start the taking of the Iron Throne. But instead we have Tyrion and Varys talking inside a small carriage for a few weeks back to back until Jorah Mormont decided to kidnap Tyrion and sail back to Meereen so Jorah can try and pull favour with Daenerys to let him stay by handing over Tyrion. I think that this is rather mixed for me because I liked it in the books better.

The next thing that makes me think that this series is a hit or a miss has to do with the weird Sansa returning to Winterfell story. For the first thing this is another adapted chapter from the book since I think that it was a POV chapter from Reek where it was actually a Jeyne Poole who was being posed as Arya so the Boltons could get support from the North Houses. I think that this was rather well done up to the part with the rape scene, which again people complained about like last season with Cersei and Jamie, and it did feel rather uncomfortable to watch though from a behind the scenes notes and interviews after the episode aired the actors were committed to do the story. Other than that in the last episode of the series there was a rather good scene when Sansa is confronted by Myranda who sort of threatens Sansa but Reek/Theon saves Sansa and throws Myranda off the walkway and then this leads to the more stupid idea of her and Theon jumping off the roof to what seems like a large snow pile unfortunately there fate is undecided since that was the last we saw of their characters.

Now for something that confused me a lot during this season and it revolves around one character, Stannis Baratheon. This characters season has been one that has been rather strange. For instance therein the episode Sons of the Harpy, Stannis is shown as nice caring father and told her the story on how she became afflicted with Greyscale and how he did everything in his power to find a cure for her and then in The Dance of Dragons Stannis then has her burned at the stake. I still can’t believe that happened. Why would you have a character that is nice to his daughter for one whole part of an episode that then becomes a popular meme to then become a despised human being that then ends up also losing his wife after she killed herself.

Another thing that was a hit and a miss for me was the whole story at the Nights Watch where a lot of it did stem from the book. Jon Snow became Lord Commander, he also chopped off Janos Slynt for insubordination, as well as having the Wildlings cross to Westeros to try and live peacefully and also being stabbed by his Brothers all that I was fine with and then in Hardhome I was rather curios and jaw dropped when I watched it with the massive White Walker attack on Hardhome that was basically Episode 9 material in that part. Then thing that I liked about it was the fact that there seemed to be more White Walkers and they seemed to be better organized than they were when at the end of Season 2 when the whole crowd of them were passing through the Fist of the First Men. Also the White Walkers seems to be more powerful than what people thought with their leader being able to raise the dead and add more to his army. I thought damn this is going to be epic next episode but then you don’t see them for the rest of the season, so at least that is something to look forward for next season.

Meanwhile in Bravos, Arya has finally gotten in to the House of Black and White and is on the learning path to become a Faceless Man erm Woman and she starts to learn more and more each episode about what life with the Many Faced God is like. But then one of Arya’s names on her kill list appears in Bravos guiding Mace Tyrell to the Iron Bank where Arya realizes that this would be the opportune time to kill him. So she follows him into a Brothel and finds out that he has a small fetish for young girls so Arya abandons her current mission and focuses on killing Meryn Trant by posing as a young girl and stabs him pretty much everywhere and slits his throat. This ends up with Arya being tricked in some sort of crazy way thinking that Jaqen H’ghar had killed himself and this leads to Arya discovering masks upon masks on his body till she finds her own face and then go’s blind. Now this does happen in the books and she then has to find a way to get her sight back. This for me just seemed to either be really dragging or rather boring. I don’t know if it was just me but it seemed the points that where dragged out could have been shortened.

The only thing that the sort of stuck with mainly was the Margery/Cersei story where they were having a war over Tommen with Cersei not wanting anything to do with Margery and Margery wanting Cersei to be many miles away in Casterly Rock. Now with this I liked it even more because they then brought in the High Sparrow and had them taking people in because people have lost faith in the Capitol and the Sparrows have a majority of ruling as well. But I do hate the fact that the Sparrows aren’t afraid to rough and violent with people. One of the things that I liked was the that Cersei got her just deserts for admitting that she did have relations within her own family behind her relationship when she was married. Then there was the scene that I was looking forward and that was Cersei getting shamed on her way back to the Red Keep with people throwing literally shit at her. But what I want to know is what happened to Margery, we know what happened to Cersei but what happens to Margery wasn’t shown in the show, for all we know she’s still in her cell going crazy.

Overall I do think that this series is a massive hit and miss. Each episode does have it good and bad points that can make or break an episode or can cause praise or have people complaining about scenes that shouldn’t be in the show. Either way I would recommend the series but I would give out key episodes to pay attention to.

7.5/10 Overall Score.


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